What Does Ski In Ski Out Mean?

If you’re looking to book a ski vacation you’ve likely seen the term “ski in ski out” referring to some of your rental options. And if you haven’t been on a ski trip before you are likely wondering what this term really means. Do not fret, this guide is going to break exactly what does ski in ski out mean?

What Is Ski In Ski Out

This term simply refers to lodging that offers you the ability to ski right when you exit your building. In short, this is lodging that is on the mountain/ski hill.

This means commuting to the mountain will not be something you have to worry about as you can simply wake up and head out the door to ski.

Though you will find that lodging that offers ski in ski out often comes at a higher price.

Benefits And Cons Of Ski In Ski Out Lodging

Like any other lodging options for your ski trip there are destined to be pros and cons. Though it certainly is a lot more helpful to know them before you book. Here is our full list of pros and cons you will notice when staying at a ski in ski out lodge.


Remove The Hassles Of Travel

One huge pro of ski in ski out lodging is that it rids you of morining travel to the ski hill. There are about a million aspects of this process that skiers and snowboarders would like to avoid if possible.

This style of housing rids you of these hassles as your commutes to the ski hill will simply be the time it takes to open the front door.

First Track Opportunities

Another great positive of this ski in ski out lodging is your chance to get first tracks. For those of you that don’t know first tracks occur when you are the first skier to ski in the new snowfall. This typically occurs right as the ski resort opens.

By waking up on the ski hill you will easily be able to ski that new snow before you even get on the lift.

More Time To Sleep

You will be happy to know that you will be likely to get noticeably more sleep in this type of lodge. This is again because of the time you save from traveling and getting ready. This extra sleep might be much needed especially as you get later into your ski trip.

No More Lugging Around Heavy Gear

One of the toughest parts of the ski day is carrying your ski gear through the village when the day is done. This lugging of equipment is never a fun experience. With the ski-in lodges you’ll find you can simply ski right to your door and take your skis off there.

Opportunities To Take Breaks

These skiing lodges also allow you to take breaks during the day. Sure you can always go to a chalet but some skiers may want a little more privacy.

You will be able to ski to the lodge hop in bed for an hour nap and then head right back out. This can be even more beneficial to those travelling with families.

Entertainment Nearby

The final pro we are going to cover about these lodges is that they tend to be close to the action. If you are looking to dine out or hit some bars these lodges are perfect. They are typically very close to the mountain village.

This means you can easily walk over to for dinner or entertainment.


Higher Price Point

The con that everyone is going to to think about regarding these lodges is the price. It is almost always going to be the case that ski in ski out lodges are more expensive. The reason for this is because they offer you so many benefits.

Whether you want to play a premium for a lodge like this is up to you. But in our opinion it tends to be worth it.

May Come With Some Noise

One factor of these lodges is that they are typically close to the village or other ski in lodges. This is not always true but some times this means there will be some noise.

The snow typically does a decent job quieting the sound but if you are close to a bar or restaurant you may find it an annoyance.

Not Always The Largest

The final con we are going to cover is the size of these lodges. The reality is ski resorts don’t want to build too many or too large accommodations on their ski hills.

This leads ski in ski out lodges to run on the smaller side.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope this guide has taught you everything you need to know about ski in and ski out lodges. If you have any more questions about this topic please be sure to reach out.

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