What Does First Tracks Mean In Skiing?

If you’re new to the skiing world you may have heard the term “first tracks”. If you didn’t get an explanation of what that word means then you’re in the right place. We are going to breakdown exactly what does first tracks mean in skiing.

First tracks simply means the first one to ski down a hill that has fresh powder or has been freshly groomed. In short, you are going to make the first tracks down the hill.

To get them you don’t necessarily have to be the very first person on the hill. If you are skiing in a group of four and the hill is untouched then all four of you would say you skied first tracks.

Ways To Get First Tracks

If you are looking to ski some first tracks yourself then you are going to have to put in a little effort. The key to achieving this is of course to get there early.

If you are driving to the mountain you are going to want to be sure to build in some extra time depending on weather conditions.

Be sure that you plan to arrive well before the lifts start in the morning. In most cases especially when there is fresh snow you will find a lineup before the lift starts.

To make sure you get first tracks. You want to be sure that you are near the front of the line. There are typically several runs to choose from when you get off the lift. This means you will not necessarily have to be first in line.

One other way to guarantee it is by getting ski in ski out lodging. These lodges sit on the hill meaning you can ski right when you leave your door. This will allow you to get the tracks without even having to get on the lift.

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