Mittens Vs Gloves Snowboarding

Most snowboarders know their fingers and hands are one of the most common places to get cold while out on the hill. This means choosing the right snow gear to protect your hands should be a high priority. That’s why we’ve created this article on mittens vs gloves snowboarding. So you can determine what is best for you.

The Case For Gloves When Snowboarding

From what I’ve personally noticed I found that gloves were the less common of the two options for snowboarding. Most boarders tend to go with mitts but that does not necessarily mean they are the right option.

Gloves offer you the option of dexterity when you are on the mountain. This means you will be able to use your fingers and hands much easier.

Whether it is some ice build on your goggles. Or a vent zipper you need to open, having gloves while snowboarding makes this much easier.

Snowboarding gloves are solid from many quality brands. If you purchase a pair with a quality build and brand name behind it you will likely be happy with your purchase.

The Case For Mitts When Snowboarding

Mittens have one clear advantage over gloves when snowboarding and that is their warmth. Though many snowboarding gloves can offer you quality warmth it is mittens that are warmer across the board.

Warmth in your hands is incredibly important. Because as we stated earlier this is one of the most common places that a chill will set in.

If you main goal is warmth on your hands that choosing mittens is likely the safer choice.

Making A Decision

At the end of the day, we found that breaking this decision down between gloves and mittens is somewhat silly. Though there are some differences between these two types of winter gear. The performance is much more dependent on the quality of glove or mitten you buy.

What we mean by this is you can choose gloves or mittens and receive a quality pair that is going to keep your hands warm and dry.

Unless you have a specific reason for choosing one or the other. We suggest starting your search with an open mind. Look at both gloves and mittens, compare prices, styles, and quality and then make your buying decision.

The materials that go into the build, waterproofing, and warranties are in our opinion more important factors you should look at in the buying decision.

Concluding Thoughts

Though we were not able to settle this debate with a clear winner. We hope that this article has helped you in some way. If you have any more questions regarding mittens vs gloves snowboarding feel free to reach out.

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