How To Stop On Skis Safety Guide

One of the most important aspects of skiing safety is being able to come to a stop safely. Most injuries on the ski hill occur when you are travelling with speed. So having the ability to stop to avoid accidents can be a very important aspect of ski safety. In this article, we are going to explain exactly how to stop on skis.

One thing you should know before learning to stop on skis is that there are two methods that are typically used to stop on skis. If you are learning to ski then it is likely you will use the “pizza” style stopping technique and if you have been skiing several times before you likely want to learn the hockey stop.

How To Stop For Beginners

When learning how to stop as a beginner you are going to want to adopt the “pizza” or “plough” style stop. This means you are going to want to point the tips of your skis towards each other to form a triangle. You will then apply pressure on the inside edges of your skis which will reduce speed until you come to a stop.

Here are the steps on how to stop for beginners using the “pizza” technique

  • First spread your skis a bit more than shoulder width apart.

This will ensure you have a solid base for balance purposes and will also allow you more room to bring your ski tips together.

  • Turn the tips of your skis toward each other until they are almost touching.

This action is what allows your skis to reduce speed as the skis will no longer be facing the bottom of the hill.

  • Keep your head up looking for obstacles

A common issue for beginners is that they began to stare at their skis as they attempt to stop. This style of stopping takes a little longer than the hockey stop. So it is helpful to keep your eyes up to make sure you don’t run into anything.

  • Don’t lean back

Another common issue is that beginners tend to lean back once they get in this position. Once your skis are in the “pizza” formation you will have a lot less support behind you. So leaning back to far can cause you to fall backwards.

How To Hockey Stop On Skis

Learning to hockey stop on skis is something every skier should strive for as it is the most effective way to stop while skiing. Here are the steps you must follow to stop on hockey skis.

  • To began your stop place all your weight on your left ski

This will allow you to more easily place pressure on this leg as you begin your turn.

  • Start your turn of 90 degrees to the right so that you will end perpendicular to the hill

Turning ninety degrees will ensure that you come to a full stop on the hill. Whether it is to the right or left doesn’t matter just be sure to have your weight on your down hill ski.

  • As you complete your turn keep your body facing down the ski hill.

This will allow you to turn more quickly as it is only the legs that need to change direction.

  • As you began to slow lean your upper body towards the hill

This will give you better balance as you complete your hockey stop. And will ensure you don’t catch an edge and fall down the hill.

  • As you finish your stop place your weight back overtop of your skis.

This is to ensure that you don’t fall back once you’ve completed your stop.

Conclusion How To Stop On Skis

We hope you learned something from our article how to stop on skis. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to her contact us page or in the comments below.

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