How To Parallel Ski – Understanding Skiing

Learning how to parallel ski is one of the most important lessons when becoming a quality skier. The transition from “pizza” or “ploughing” to parallel is one of the biggest changes you are going to make on the hill. In this article, we are going to breakdown how to parallel ski and everything you need to know about this topic.

What Is Parallel Skiing?

Parallel skiing is simply skiing while keeping your skis parallel to eachother instead of in a wedge formation. This is the style any non-beginner skier uses to get down the hill.

This type of skiing is also used in ski racing and can be imagined by thinking of a skier travelling in an s pattern down the hill while their two skis remain parallel to eachother.

How To Parallel Ski

Learning to parallel ski is very helpful skill to have on the mountain so without further adieu here are the steps you need to take to parallel ski.

Get Into Position

For this first step you must ensure you position your body properly to began parallel skiing.To do this you must stand upwards and lean forwards to allow your skis to sit parallel to each other. This should get you out of the “pizza” stance and should result in your weight being evenly spread between your two skis.

Start The Turn

To start the turning process you must be sure to guide your skis in the direction you intend to go. Once you’ve done this you must be sure to put your weight on the downhill ski. Putting this weight on your downhill foot will allow you to carve into the snow. This will make the turning process much easier.

You then want to rotate your shoulders so that they are pointing slightly down hill. This will allow you to utilize some stronger muscles when making your turn and should help keep your balance.

Let Your Skis Slide To Control Speed

Since you can no longer go to the “pizza” stance to slowdown. You are going to need a way to reduce your speed. The way to do this is to allow your skis to slide a little bit. Think of how you perform a hockey stop. This is the same idea except you don’t have to come to a full stop.

Use the sides of your skis while turning to control your speed. You will feel much more in control while parallel skiing.

Create Consistent Turns

When you start to get the hang of parallel skiing you will find you began to make consistent turns. By that I mean you will get into a rhythm of turning every couple seconds and it will began to feel natural. While doing this be sure to rotate the weight on your skis so that the weight is always on the downhill ski.

Benefits Of Parallel Skiing

Every one knows it looks a lot cooler when you are parallel skiing down the hill versus a pizza but you be wondering what are the real benefits of skiing this way.

First off you will find that when using this style of skiing you will be able to handle much more difficult terrain. By that we mean you will find that you are able to handle hills which are considerably more advanced that where you could ski previously.

This is because skiing parallel offers you significantly more control over your skis.

You will also find this style of skiing much less tiring. When skiing in “pizza” your inside ski edges are typically reduce your speed as you come down the hill. This is making it more tiring on your legs as you are working against the hill to a degree.

You will also find that this style of skiing is much less awkward. In a sense skiing “pizza” is like having training wheels on your bike. It can be helpful at first but as you outgrow them they start to hinder your experience.

Conclusion How To Parallel Ski

We hope you enjoyed our guide to parallel skiing. And you were able to find all the information you needed to start skiing down the slopes effectively. If you have any questions or concerns about this article please reach out. You can do this through our contact us page or in the comments below.

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