How To Not Catch An Edge Snowboarding

Catching an edge can create a nasty fall especially because you don’t typically see it coming. Many beginners struggle with this issue especially as they try to pick up speed. Luckily this guide is on hand to teach you how to not catch an edge snowboarding.

Avoid Leaning Up The Hill

One of the most common reasons for catching an edge for beginners is leaning up the hill. This is another reason why catching an edge is so common while going at a faster speed than usual.

As you pick up speed you will naturally become more concerned with your safety. In order to protect yourself you will notice you will lean further and further back. This causes issues as your weight is meant to be evenly spread between your feet.

Imagine attempting to turn with all of your weight on your back foot. You should be realizing that with all your weight on your back foot will almost guarantee you catch an edge when you turn.

To avoid this put a real focus on spreading your weight evenly. Especially as you start to pickup some speed. Otherwise a fall like this can feel like you’ve been hit by a linebacker.

Try A Rocker / Reverse Camber Snowboard

A “rocker” board also known as a “reverse camber” board is another option for snowboarders looking to catch fewer edges. This style of snowboard features a different shape making it less common for snowboards to catch an edge.

A traditional snowboard has an arch upwards in the middle of the board and flexes down around the feet of the snowboard. The tips of the board are also arch upwards. This forms a sort of flattened “w” shape. This is referred to as a “camber”.

A reverse camber board features one single arch that has the tail and nose of the board in the air while the middle flexes down. What this shape does is offer much less edge contact with the snow than a traditional camber board.

Catching an edge is one of the most common beginner mistakes is catching edges which makes this style of snowboard a great option for beginners.

Focusing On Your Downhill Facing Edge

Another way to not catch an edge snowboarding is to make your downhill edge a focus when riding. As you likely already know, the only edge you will catch is your downhill edge.

This means if you take your time to focus on controlling your downhill facing edge you may be able to avoid catching an edge altogether.

Typically when you catch an edge it seems as though it came out of nowhere. By keeping a focus on your downhill edge you may be able to stop these unwelcome surprises from happening. This can also help you increase your speed when snowboarding.

Gain Experience

Though this sounds like obvious advice gaining experience is actually the number one way to stop catching edges while snowboarding. You probably have noticed that the snowboarders that struggle with catching an edge are typically beginners.

This is because more experienced snowboarders have a better “feel” when snowboarding they are able to avoid this issue. This should go to show you that if you just keep at it and gain more experience as a snowboarder the troubles with edges will go away with time.

Concluding Thoughts

Catching an edge while snowboard is a very common issue amongst beginner snowboarders. But if you stick with the tips we have laid out in our article we have no doubt that you will be able to solve this issue in no time.

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