How To Hit A Box Skiing – 50/50 Tutorial

Hitting a box is typically the first step in learning how to ski park features. This is quite an easy trick to accomplish and best of all it is tons of fun. This article is going to breakdown exactly how to hit a box skiing, let”s get started.

Choosing Your First Box To Hit Skiing

Hitting your first box can be a stressful process. To reduce some of this stress try to pick out a box that feels comfortable. Here are the factors you should consider when picking your first box


Boxes come in many shapes and sizes with the width being one of the most important factors. A wide box is going to give you a ton of room for your skis and will allow you to ride over it in a shoulder-width stance.

This is much easier than a thinner box which requires you to put your skis together.

Ride On Vs Jump On Boxes

The next factor you want to consider when choosing which box to hit is how to get on it. Does the box have a flat ramp than ends at the box? Or does it have a small jump that requires you to land on the box.

Both of these boxes should be relatively easy to ride but for your first box, you may want to pick a ride-on box. This style is going to be a little easier to master. And it will allow you to ski right onto the box your first time around.

Drop Off Height

This factor refers to the height of the drop off once you have completed the box. Some boxes are raised and have a drop of a few feet once you reach the end of the rail. Though, large drops are not common off of rails that you can ride on so this factor should not be too much of a concern.

Hitting Your First Box On Skis

If you have chosen the right box you should find the process of hitting your first box quite easy. Here are the steps to hitting your first box.

Choose the box and approach it

Once you decided which of the boxes you are going to hit start heading towards it. Try and start higher above the box. This will allow you to ski onto the box in a straight line as opposed to hitting it from the side.

Reduce Your Speed

A box is not like a jump in which you need enough speed to make it to the landing. When hitting a box you can go as slow as you desire. We recommend on your first box to really slow it down. This makes it easier to hit the box and makes a fall a lot less daunting.

Ride Right Onto The Box

Yes that’s right all you have to do is ride right onto it. You do not need to jump, spin, or hop to complete this feature. All you have to do is ride over the box like you would any other part of the hill. Though remember to not try to shift your balance to much once your on the box as they can be quite slipper.

Keep your skis straight throughout the box and then ride right off keeping the tips of your skis up as you land.

Congratulations, at this point you have officially completed your first box. This trick is referred to as a “50/50”.

Closing Thoughts

That concludes our guide on how to hit a box skiing. We hope you were able to find out everything you needed to know to successfully hit your first box.

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