How To Grind A Rail Skiing – Beginners Guide To Park Skiing

Grinding a rail is one trick you need in your bag if you want to become a skilled park skier. Though, this can be a daunting task to attempt for the first time. Luckily this guide is going to breakdown exactly how to grind a rail skiing.

Approaching The Rail

To start head towards the rail with a small amount of speed. You do not want to come in too fast for your first attempt but you do not want to go too slow.

Going too slow will make it harder to balance on the rail as you will not have as much momentum.

You want to approach the rail with your knees bent. As you get to the feature you want to pop up using your legs. This will give you the air necessary to land on the top of the rail.

As you take off you’ll need to rotate your skis 90 degrees. Only do this once you have passed the front of the rail with your skis. You do not want to turn them in front of the rail as you may hit it before you are able to get on top.

As you rotate your skis 90 degrees try to keep your shoulders square to the end of the rail. This will help with your balance.

Landing On The Rail

Landing on the rail is the more difficult part of hitting a rail. Though don’t worry with enough practice it will come.

As you come down onto the rail you want to keep your weight as centered as possible. A good way to think about this is to imagine landing on a skateboard that is sitting on the rail.

Make sure to keep your feet roughly shoulder width apart in order to maintain your balance.

While on the rail focus your sight on the end of the rail. This will help you keep your balance and direction.

It is also worth it to have an exit plan if this is your first time hitting a rail. What we mean by this is know where you want to bail. The most common way to fall on rails is to try and regain your balance after losing it.

Being aware of when you are going to fall and hopping off the rail can be a handy tool.

If you make it to the end of the rail you must simply hop off the rail using your legs. Once in the air rotate ninety degrees so you land facing the bottom of the hill. Congrats you have officially ridden your first rail.

If you find a rail is too difficult we suggest starting with our guide to hitting boxes in skis.

Concluding Thoughts – How To Grind A Rail Skiing

We hope this guide on how to grind a rail skiing taught you everything you needed to know. If you have any questions regarding hitting rails you can reach out through our contact page.

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