How To Go Fast On A Snowboard – Tips And Tricks

If you are new to snowboarding you are likely wondering what it is that you can do to go faster on your board. Luckily this guide is on hand with tons of tips on how to go fast on a snowboard. Let’s get started.

Keep Slight Pressure On Your Edge

One great tip for increasing your speed when snowboarding is to keep slight pressure on the edge of your snowboard. It is common for beginner snowboarders to avoid their edges while riding and let the board lie flat.

The issue with this is that the more surface area on the snow the more friction that is generated. Keeping your board flat on the snow is going to cause you to go slower than if you were to keep on an edge.

This tactic does require some skill and may not be something that will click the first time around. But with ample practice, this tip should have you increasing your speed while snowboarding in no time.

Wind Resistance

Wind resistance is another major factor in determining your speed on a snowboard. If you think of any sort of snowboard race you should conjure up an image of a boarder crouched lower to the ground than you are probably comfortable with.

This is because the effect wind has on your speed is massive. Making yourself as small as possible is going to greatly increase your speed on the slopes.

If you want to test this theory stand beside another boarder and a relatively flat slope. Began to bend your knees and make yourself smaller. Notice the speed change that immediately occurs between you and the other snowboarder.

This is a relatively simple tip but one that will likely result in a big change in your boarding speed.

Waxing Your Board

Waxing your board regularly is another great tip for those looking to improve their speed when snowboarding. Adding wax to your board will reduce the friction from the snow and give your board a better slide.

Doing this will make you board faster in just about any situation. Though we must say if you are looking for a large increase in speed you will likely have to do this as well as some other steps in this guide.

Though waxing your board will increase the speed it will not be drastic.

Pumping On Flat Ground

Pumping your board on flat ground is another way you can increase your speed. Though this tip is more specific and can only be used in certain situations. Pumping occurs when you are on relatively flat ground that features a few small bumps in the path.

These sort of bumps are common in glades and off piste. When you see these bumps you will need to pump your knees as you go down the bump. Think of it like a roller coaster, each time you are going downhill you put your weight down allowing you to pickup speed.

Pumping is often used in parks and backyard setups to get a little extra speed when attempting to hit a feature.

This tip isn’t going to improve you speed on regular runs but should help you out when stuck on flat ground.

Concluding Thoughts How To Go Faster When Snowboarding

We hope you enjoyed our guide on how to go faster when snowboarding. If you put these tips into use we believe you will be well on your way to being a faster snowboarder. If you enjoyed this guide and want to learn more check out our guide to understanding tree wells.

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