How To Get Off The Ski Lift – A Beginner Skiers Guide

Are you getting ready to head out for a day on the ski hill but feeling a little nervous about the chairlift? No worries, this is an incredibly common source of anxiety for beginner skiers that are worried about falling. Luckily this is quite an easy process. This article is going to teach you everything you need to know about how to get off the ski lift.

Getting Ready And Raising The Bar

This is the first step to getting off the ski lift is raising the bar. This is something you should be doing about 15-30 seconds before you get off the chair.

To complete this step be sure that you take your skis off of the bar. The bar we are referring to is the one in the picture above. It sits above your waist and offers a place to rest your skis.

You will need to take your skis off in order to raise this bar. Once the bar is raised you will not have anything holding you in the lift so be sure to stay seated.

Getting Your Skis On The Ground

The next step of getting off the lift is getting your skis onto the ground. As you may have noticed ski lifts typically have two areas where you exit them. First is a flat area in which you place your skis on the ground while you are still on the lift.

The other is the small hill that will give you the momentum to move away from the lift. This step refers to the flat area at the top of the lift.

To get your skis on the ground properly make sure your tips of your skis are raised. This will allow the back of your skis to hit the ground first followed by the rest of your ski. Sort of like your heel hitting the ground first followed by the rest of your foot.

Now that you skis are flat on the ground stay seated as you approach the hill.

Riding Off The Chairlift

At this point, your skis are on the ground and you are seated. Though you are still being pushed towards the hill at the end of the lift.

At this point you want to look ahead and determine which direction you are going. If you look ahead and communicate with the other skiers on the lift you will be able to avoid contact with one another.

Now you must stand up straight. Don’t worry about turning or “ploughing” as these actions are not neccessary. Simple stand up straight and let the momentum of the chair lift lead you to the hill.

Keep your head up and ride down the hill. If you find that when you exit the chair you don’t have enough momentum you can simply push off the chair with your arm to get an extra boost.

Mistakes to Avoid Getting Off The Lift

Though getting off the lift is a fairly easy process their still are a few beginner mistakes that can be made. Here are a few you should look to avoid.

Pizza Stance On The Lift Hill

As a beginner skier, you are likely to utilize the pizza or plough method when looking to slow down or stop while skiing. This method spreads your skis quite wide and takes up a lot of room. This isn’t an issue on the ski hill but on the small lift exit, it is a bit too broad.

Putting your skis in this position will not give enough room to the other skiers and can cause them to mix their skies up with yours.

To avoid this allow your skis to point straight as you exit the lift. It may seem daunting but the hill is small and you will not gain too much speed, trust me.

Pushing Poles Into The Flat Ground At The Top Of the Lift

Though using your poles may seem like the obvious way to get off the lift it can be potentially dangerous for the equipment. The reason for this is because placing your poles into the snow here can allow them to get hit by the lift itself.

If your pole is stuck into the snow and you are holding the top the lift will come through and snap the pole in the middle. This only occurs if you allow the lift to seriously hit your poles but it is something you should be aware of.

Concluding Thoughts – How To Get Off The Ski Lift

We hope this guide answered all your questions about getting off the ski lift as a beginner. If you have any more questions be sure to reach out through our contact page.

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