How To Fall On Skis The Definitive Guide

Taking a fall on skis is something every skier in the world will have to experience one time or another. And if you are reading this you are likely a little nervous about taking a spill of your own. But don’t worry if you learn how to fall on skis you will find that this isn’t a very painful process and will no longer be something you fear.

Before we get into the specific techniques of how to fall there are just a few tips we want to share. First off falling is normal. In fact, if I head out for a day of skiing and don’t fall once I usually feel like i wasn’t trying hard enough. As you get more comfortable with falling on skis this will likely happen to you as well. Now let’s get into it.

3 Falling Techniques For Skiers

In the section of our article, we are going to breakdown three different techniques for falling. These techniques will likely come naturally to you as you experience more falls. But by reading this guide you may be able to skip over the trial and error process of your first couple of falls.

Landing on your side

This is far and away the most common way to fall on the ski hill. Unless you are doing tricks and getting air off of jumps then this technique should be used in the vast majority of your falls.

The great part about falling on your side is that when done correctly the worst that can happen is a bruise on your hip.

To fall on your side you should keep the arm on your falling side straight along your body. You DO NOT want to attempt to catch the weight of your fall with your arm. Your arm is simply not strong enough and again if you just let yourself fall on your side you will not get injured.

Secondly, you want to keep your legs outstretched. This will likely happen naturally and will ensure you keep your skis are a little further from your body. This point is not as important but if your butt lands on your skis it can be quite uncomfortable so it is beneficial to keep those legs outstretched.

And that is all you have to do to fall on your side. I strongly suggest trying out this process on purpose in order to get more comfortable with it. The easiest way is simply skiing horizontally across the hill and let yourself fall on your side towards the top of the hill. This will be quite an easy fall and will also allow you to practice getting back up in an easy setting.

Landing On Your Back

This technique is less common for falling and is not something you should attempt to do. That being said sometimes the situation may require you to fall this way or you do it by accident. Either way, it’s important to know how you should fall on your back.

The most important factor when landing on your back is to not brace the fall with your arms. Be sure to not put your arms behind you in an attempt to catch your body. Unless you are falling extremely slowly your arms and shoulders will not be strong enough to keep you up. This means you will likely injure your shoulders or wrists.

Instead, keep your arms by your sides and let yourself fall back. The other area you want to protect in this situation is your head. Falling backwards and knocking your head against the ground can be dangerous. The best protection for this is of course a helmet but you should be wearing one of those anyways.

The risk of injuring your head is the main reason in which you should attempt to fall on your side and not your back. If you find yourself falling backwards try your best to keep your head from making hard contact with the snow. Though, if you are like most beginners a fall onto your back typically happens quite slowly so it should not cause any injury.

Landing On Your Front

This is far and away the least common way to fall while skiing. If you think about how skis are situated. As well as how you have fallen while skiing you will realize how uncommon landing on your front is.

The most common way to fall in this manner is if you are hitting jumps or getting air. If you do ever find yourself in the situation in which you are falling onto your front you want to be sure to protect your head and neck area.

Whether this means wrapping your hands around your heading or just making sure you don’t land head first keeping the head and neck safe should be your main priority.

When falling in this direction it is again important to not try and break the fall with your arms. You have likely heard of snowboarders getting wrists injuries from attempting to brace falls with their hands. This is because they often fall forward and attempt to stop it with their arms.

Just like the other falling techniques, if you find yourself falling this way you must accept it and make the smart choice on how you want to go down. That choice will never involve sticking your arms out straight to brace for impact.

How To Get Up When Falling On Skis

Another aspect of falling while skiing is getting back up. And if you are a beginner skier this can be a nerve racking task. But don’t worry once you learn how to properly get back up with skis on you will find that it is quite easy.

The first thing you must do is collect your skis if you do not already have them. If one of your skis is higher up the hill you’ll need someone to grab it for you. Or you will have to take small sideways steps up the hill until you reach it.

Then you must get your skis organized or untangled. If you just fell it’s likely your skis aren’t in the right position. What you need to do is place your skis side by side parallel to the hill. This is done so that they do not slide down.

Try and get your boot into your skis one at a time if there are not currently attached. If you are seated and your boots are in your skis. You want to be seated in a position in which your knees are directly above your boots on the hill.

If your boots are a foot in front of your knees it is going to be awfully hard to stand up. Once your knees are lined up with your feet use your hand and your legs to push yourself back off the hill into a standing position.

At this point you should be upright and standing sideways on the ski hill ready to finish off the run.

Conclusion How To Fall On Skis

We hope you enjoyed our informational article on how to fall on skis. If you have any questions regarding how to fall on skis or getting back up while skiing don’t hesitate to reach out. This can be done on our contact form or in the comments below.

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