How Long Do Ski Boots Last

One piece of equipment skiers often neglect is their boots. Often times skiers will use this same pair of boots for years and years without any real quality checks. In this article, we are going to breakdown how long ski boots last and what you can do to keep them in great shape.

The rule of thumb that many skiers use is that your boots should last between 100-200 ski days. So, instead of thinking about how long you have owned your ski boots try and determine how many times you have used them.

After all, with proper storage it is the use of the ski boot that is causing the damage not the time.

Are 20 Year Old Ski Boots Still Good?

The main issues you want to look out for in a damaged ski boot is cracks in the structure of the plastic and the wear and tear on the sole.

If the structure of your boot is not up to quality wearing these boots out can be a dangerous decision. Often times the toe of the boot can become misshapen causing a lack of security when you boots are clipped into your skis.

If the toe becomes too worn you may find that your boot will come out of your skis much easier. The quality of the sole is important as well due to it’s importance in comfort.

If you boot sole is blown out you may find that the boot no longer fits/feels comfortable on your foot. If it gets to this point it is likely time for a new set of boots.

At the end of the day the best way to check if you can wear these boots is by heading to a local ski shop and getting them checked out in person. This will always give you a much better understanding than trying to find answers online.

How Can I Maintain My Ski Boots

There are several ways in which you can maintain your ski boots in order to have them last a longer time.

One tip is to always re-buckle your boots when you are not wearing them. By re-buckling the boots you will find that they will do a much better job keeping their shape.

You will also find it much easier to close your buckles when the boots are in use. Another tip to maintain boot quality is to store them at room temperature.

Leaving your ski boots in a humid area can cause damage. The humidity breaks down the material within the boot and will ultimately lead to a shorter life span.

It is also helpful to only wear your boots with clean dry socks. Much like the last tip, the humidity that arises with wet dirty socks will cause damage to the boots increasing their need to be replaced.

How To Dispose Of Ski Boots

Okay so you’ve decided that it’s time to get rid of your old pair of boots. But now what do you do with them.

The easiest answer to this question is to send them off to the closest landfill. Though some would prefer to not create more waste so if that’s the case there are a couple more options.

Calling your local recycling centre is your next best bet to get rid of your old ski boots. They may have a program or system that takes in ski boots and recycles them piece by piece.

And finally, you could utilize them for a DIY craft. If you really love skiing and want to show it then having a fun ski boot flower pot. Or even a ski boot vase could always be a fun addition to your house.


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