Best Kids Ski Helmet Review Guide

There is a lot ski gear that you can scrimp on or probably leave out of your ski gear shopping run. But one thing you can’t possibly compromise on proper head protection. This is especially true for your nine-year-old or ten-year-old when you are taking them out skiing. Which is while we’ve compiled this list of the best kids ski helmet.

It is important to keep in mind that kids are really active at a young age and they’ll be getting lots of injuries in their various activities. Head injuries can be particularly debilitating and can have lifelong effects on your kids’ cognitive development.

One way to avoid thisis by buying them top quality ski helmets that will offer them maximum head protection when they are out skiing on the slopes or snowboarding. 

Here is a look at some of the best kids’ ski helmets that you can buy for the junior skiers or snowboarders in your life.

Anon Youth Define Helmet

Amazon ASIN: B013UWOUN2

Price: $128 to $140

The Anon Youth Define Helmet is a parent-friendly ski helmet with goggle integration that is securely built into the helmet. The secure goggle compatibility reduces the risk of these falling off or getting lost on the slopes.

This goggle integration makes it easier for both kids and parents. They not only improve the fit of the helmet but you also won’t have to grapple with the hassle of scouring through the slopes searching for lost gear.

The Anon Define BOA Snow Helmet is kid-proof and is also built with an Endura-Shell construction; this is an injection-molded ABS exterior that gives the ski helmet long-lasting strength and durability and maximum protection for their tiny but delicate noggins.

The 180-degree BOA fit system enables you to have an easy and on-the-go adjustment by sampling turning a dial. This kids’ ski helmet is also well-vented which improves comfort even on an all-day ski.

It also features a Strapper-Keeper technology through which the goggle has been seamlessly fitted into the helmet to create the perfect fit around the face of kids.

Finally, the Anon Youth Define Helmet also comes with a microfleece tote bag that you can use for storage. The Anon Define has both CE EN1077B and ASTM F2040 certifications, assuring you of maximum safety and complete peace of mind.


  • Has the relevant safety certifications for both US and EU usage
  • It ships with a microfleece tote bag
  • Designed with classic fleece on the earpads and the liner
  • Magnet snap helmet buckle can be used even when wearing gloves in freezing weather

Bern Kids Winter Bandito Snow Helmet

Amazon ASIN: B07K6Z6HQS
Price: $70 to $90

Bern makes very good kid-friendly helmets and the Bandito is no exception. Bern headsets come in a wide variety of categories, sizes as well as multi-season uses.

The Bandito is just one of its many cool snow helmets for kids. This helmet is built for pre-teen kids whose noggins have already outgrown a kids’ helmet while still too small for an adult helmet. The Bandito is based on Bern’s original visor shape as well as styling.

While the Bandito is sufficiently burly to offer kids maximum protection, it is still relatively lightweight.

It is also designed with a winter liner that provides maximum protection during snow sports, keeping the head and ears warm.

In the warmer months, this snow liner can be removed to enable the helmet to be put to other uses. It is this versatility that makes the Bern Bandito one of the best ski helmets.

It is a ski helmet that is built for both winter and summer months. It holds various safety certifications including Children’s Product Certificate (CPSC), CE EN1078 and CE EN1077B.


  • The original Bern visor shape along with its styling gives the Bandito its super cool look
  • Provides the perfect fit and comfort
  • The EPS Thinshell technology gives it a burly and lightweight design
  • Thinshell is replaceable and can be used in both winter and warmer months

Sweet Protection Blaster II Jr Helmet

This is a superb quality all-mountain protective helmet for the tiny faced skier or snowboarder. Sweet Protection Blaster’s In-Mold construction uses a thin polycarbonate shell to an EPS foam (made of polystyrene) which gives it incredible strength but without being too heavy.

It also features ABS side-impact panels. The helmet has direct ventilation as well as a moisture-wicking liner that offers great warmth, comfort and safety. It is also very stylish. It has a CE EN1077 safety certification so the safety of your kid is assured.


  • It is built with a rubber-toughened construction that offers added impact resistance.
  • High-performance helmet with a very high safety rating
  • Offers a perfect fit thanks to its low-volume Occigrip turn-dial functionality that enables you to make finely tuned adjustments to get the best fit.
  • Moisture wicking 3D-shaped liner to keep kids comfortable
  • Shock-absorbing EPS liner for maximum protection

Pret Helmets Kid Lid Helmet

The Pret Kid Lid Helmet was fashioned from the feedback collected by some of the top-level athletes. Apart from its cool design and bright colors, it is also a safe helmet with an excellent fit. The parts are easily removable and washable.

It leverages the In-Mold multi-shell construction which makes it one of the safest kids’ ski helmets. Its safety certifications include the ATSM F2040 and the CE EN1077B.


  • In Mold polycarbonate shell material offers excellent head protection
  • EPS foam combines with In Mold protection for a tough multi-shell protection
  • Excellent fit adjustment
  • Pret Helmets is also audio compatible

Smith Optics Scout Jr Helmet


Price: $48 to $100

Smith has always a cut reputation for top quality helmets and that hallmark of quality cuts in its all-season Scout Jr kids’ helmet. It is an innovatively designed helmet with an Airflow climate control along with removable bombshell ear pads.

It also features a goggle lock to securely hold you goggles in place. The fit system is easily adjustable to give your kid the perfect fit. The adjustability and durability also mean that your kid can grow into this helmet.

It scores highly on the safety front with a number of safety certifications including CE EN1077: 2007 Class B, ASTM F2040 and, CPSC the CE EN1078.


  • Superior ventilation technology
  • Stylish design
  • Safety certified ski gear

Bollé V-Line Carbon Ski Helmet

Bollé always make really good helmets. It also has a crowded line of top-quality kids’ ski helmets so you can always find one that suits your needs.

The Bollé V-Line features a metallic and stylish carbon detailing that provides it with a very high-end look. The visor has a tint which will automatically adapt to the shifting light conditions with one lens adapted for those overcast and flat-light days.

The outer surface is made of hard plastic that provides young kids with reliable and tough protection. The ventilation is adjustable so you can easily tailor it to any prevailing temperature for maximum comfort.

It also has a magnetic buckle that can be used easily even when you are wearing gloves, making it easy to fasten in freezing temperatures.

The liner is also removable and washable so you can periodically take it off for cleaning. The V-Line has all the essential bells and whistles and clever design features that make it superbly suited for use by kids for all their snow-bound adventures.


  • This is a technical and ultra-modern ski helmet that is equipped with a visor
  • Highly advanced helmet with top quality ABS shell
  • Photochromic screen that has a mirror coating
  • The V-LINE Carbon has the top quality Bollé finish
  • Stylish high-performance design


  • It is expensive

Giro Jackson MIPS Snow Helmet

Price: $86 to $180

The Giro Jackson is a well-vented and lightweight ski helmet for kids. The light weight is due to a foam core design that is bonded to the helmet’s thin outer shell. The Giro Jackson is built with a MIPS technology that entails a sliding layer beneath the core which helps reduce the effect of potentially brain-damaging rotational impact forces in case of a dangerous fall. 

It has fixed vents whose design has been inspired by that of car and which helps keep the air flowing, including on the warmer and hotter days.

The vents are also situated just above the goggles to prevent the fogging effect on your lens and help kids maintain a clear view of their terrain. The fit adjustment works easily for both your head shape and goggles due to the dial located at the back and its height adjustment.


  • Tough polycarbonate outer shell due to In-Mold Construction plus its impact-absorbing foam liner provide maximum impact protection during falls or collisions.
  • These helmets are better ventilated
  • You can easily dial a custom fit thanks to the In Form 2 Fit System
  • It has a Passive Aggressive Venting System for optimal airflow as well as temperature regulation
  • Seamlessly compatible with the entire line of Giro Goggles
  • Removable earpads and goggle retainers

OutdoorMaster KELVIN Ski Helmet

Amazon ASIN: B074P2JB49

Price: $36 to $38

The OutdoorMaster KELVIN Ski Helmet is no doubt a top selling kids’ helmet in part due to its relative affordability but it is also a well-made ski helmet.

They are ultra-comfortable, adjustable and combine the best in style and safety features. It is easy to get a perfect fit for both for kids and pre-teens.

The helmet features lots of padding to give you maximum comfort. This design enables you to keep your head and ears warm all day long.

This helmet is also well-vented and will keep fresh air flowing to prevent your head from becoming a sweaty mess. The design is very colorful and your kid will no doubt fall in love with it.


  • It is size-adjustable and you simply have to turn the size adjustment dial to get the best fit
  • The inner fleece liner and the ear pads are removable and easy to wash
  • Top-notch ventilation to keep you aerated through several hours of skiing
  • It has a reinforced ABS outer shell along with a shock-absorbing EPS core for maximum protection
  • Get a spectrum of colorful options that will suit all tastes and preferences. You can choose from nine different colors.
  • Offers maximum safety and comfort


Amazon ASIN: B07J5N9GHR

Price:  $40 to $70

The LANOVAGEAR Ski Helmet is a well-made helmet with soft interior cushioning and which comes with a beautiful array of colors.

The back part features a size adjustment dial that you can use for easy adjustment to get the perfect fit, make it more comfortable and improve on its safety.

The edge of the foam inside the helmet has been sealed with a plastic material and is therefore not visible. It is not only comfortable but also stylish with a durable design. It packs all the bells and whistles that make it ultra-functional protective gear.

This is a safe helmet with an EN1077 safety certification thanks to its ABS and EPS construction. The outer shell has been crafted from strong ABS material for tough protection. You get a dual protection thanks to its EPS outer shell.

The LANOVAGEAR Ski Helmet is CE certified and is fully compliant with the EN1077 standards. The goggles loop fixes the snow goggles or skiing in place and secures them to prevent them from falling.


  • Features an adjustment dial to help you obtain the perfect fit.
  • The inner fleece liner and earpads are removable and easy to wash
  • The LANOVAGEAR Ski Helmet is fully compliant with the relevant safety certifications including the EN1077 safety standards.
  • Reinforced ABS shells along with its shock-absorbing EPS offer maximum protection
  • The chin strap is soft and sweat-absorbing
  • Goggle compatibility

GROTTICO Ski-Snow Helmet for Kids

Amazon ASIN: B07Z1X8N48

Price: $37

The GROTTICO Ski-Snow Helmet for Kids is a quality ski helmet with a beautiful matte finish which features some really unique patterns.

Beyond the aesthetics, it is also safety certified and built with a number of functional features that make it the perfect ski helmet for kids, pre-teens and young adults.

It satisfies all the US and EU standards safety certifications including the CE EN1077 and ASTM F2040. The GROTTICO Ski-Snow Helmet also features reinforced ABS shell along with a shock absorbing EPS.


  • It meets all the requisite US safety certifications including the ASTM F2040 and the F1446. 
  • Available for both small kids and young adults with an adjustment dial to give the perfect fit.
  • The inside part is kitted with a cozy liner that keeps your head warm and refreshed
  • Shock-absorbing core and reinforced ABS shell provides maximum protection
  • Helmet is well-vented with a cozy plush liner on the inside
  • Removable ear pads along with ear liner which are also easy to wash

Frequently Asked Questions – Best Kids Ski Helmets

Can My Kid Use Bike Helmets for Skiing?

A bicycle helmet or a skateboarding helmet might give your kid a snug fit but they are not designed for skiing or snowboarding in icy conditions.

The ski helmets and the snowboarding helmets, on the other hand, have been specifically designed for use in skiing and snowboarding and will therefore give you maximum protection in icy or wintry conditions.

For example, ski helmets have excellent insulation from the icy cold weather and are sufficiently vented to enable you to breathe without fogging your goggles.

Ski helmets are also designed with a goggle retainer for easy goggle compatibility. Finally, ski helmets will have better impact protection and coverage than bike and skateboarding helmets.

Will My Kid Get 100% Protection when Using a Ski Helmet?

Ski or snowboard helmets will make a difference in either preventing or reducing injuries but it is also important for skiers to be aware of their limits.

Helmets are most effective at providing head protection at speeds of less than 14mph. However, they are not 100% effective at very high speeds or in a head-on collision.

However, you can make the helmets more effective and safer by buying the right size that fits properly and which is suited for the kid’s age.

What standards should I look at when buying a ski helmet for kids?

In the US, the ski helmet must adhere to the F2040 standard. In Europe, they should meet the CEN 1077 ski helmet standard.

How Can I determine the right helmet size for my kid?

The best way to go about it is by measuring the size of their heads and then running it against the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer to get the precise helmet size.

Are Ski Helmets for Kids Adjustable for Head Size?

Helmets sizes lie within a certain range and they will be adjustable within that particular range. A helmet for kids can be adjusted for older kids but certainly not for adults.

The adjustable part will usually be the chin strap which can be tightened or loosened to give a snug fit so the helmet must be of the right size to fit the head.

Conclusion Best Kids Ski Helmets

We hope you enjoyed our guide to the best kids ski helmets. If you have any questions regarding this guide or any of the products featured on it please be sure to reach out in the comments below.

If you did enjoy this guide please be sure to check out some of our others such as our guide to the best neck gaiters for skiing or the best ski googles for kids.


Best Ski Backpacks Reviewed

Backpacks and rucksacks are a must-have gear when you are out in the snow or backcountry, tackling the terrain. They often come in handy and it is now almost inconceivable going out on the slopes without one. By choosing one of the best ski backpacks you can pack in many of your essentials for some serious backcountry outing such as a drink, light snacks, safety equipment, extra jackets, walkie talkies and much more.

The key is to have the right ski backpack that will serve you on the slopes with some reliability. When it comes to ski backpacks, there are lots of options out there depending on your needs. These range from the smaller 15 to 20-liter capacity backpacks for some light backpacking where you will pack only a few items to the behemoths, the monster backpacks that allow you to pack up pretty much everything under the sun including shovels and probes.

In this article, we look at some of the best ski backpacks that will suit every budget. Whether you are planning to carry only a few essentials or plenty of life-saving tools for some a serious ski adventure, you can be sure that you will find something here that suits your needs.

Dakine Mission Pro 18L Ski Backpack

Best Use: One of the best budget ski packs

Capacity: 18L, 25L

Weight: Just over 1lb

Amazon ASIN: B07SR75Y16

Price: $51 to $92

This is a great choice if you are looking for something lighter and more budget-friendly. If you are going on a light skiing adventure and simply need to pack up some essentials such as water and snacks, then a small backpack like the Dakine Mission Pro 18L might suffice.

For a price of under $100, you are obviously not getting lots of bells and whistles but it is a spacious backpack with lots of clever organization to help you pack smart for your outing on the slopes.

In spite of the fact that this is a low-cost backpack, it still has all the essentials that you would want in a serious ski backpack. For example, it has an insulated drinking tube, padded shoulder straps and hip belt, fleece-lined goggle pockets and a snow-safety panel. It even has an integrated whistle in its chest trap.

Its winning points include its lightweight construction. It is a low-profile backpack with a more streamlined design aspect that you can put into a lot of versatile uses. Also, in spite of its lightweight construction, it still has very powerful suspension.

What we liked

  • Designed is streamlined, best for ounce-counters
  • Affordable ski backpack

What we didn’t like

  • Does not have backpanel access
  • No compression straps

Patagonia Descensionist 40L

Best Use: Day touring and ski mountaineering

Capacity: 32L, 40L

Weight: 2lbs 4.9oz

You would never go wrong with a Patagonia backpack and the Patagonia Descensionist is a robust backpack that combines solid construction with affordable pricing. If you simply need a high-performance and lightweight backpack but without the Protection Airbag for your ski mountaineering outings, then this would be an excellent choice. Descending from Patagonia’s Ascensionist alpine climbing pack, the Descensionist will reliably deliver on the backcountry.

The main section of this ski backpack is huge and is accessible via a generous side zip. It also features external straps, an avy-gear pocket as well as daisy chains that you can use to attach your skis, ice tools, a snowboard, crampons and much more. It is a very light pack that weighs just over 2lbs.

However, such a light design does come with some trade-offs such as a foam backpanel that does not feature any stays. Besides, in spite of this being a 40L backpack, you can’t truly use it for the heavy loads. Also, the design is such that to access critical tools, you will need to unhook a buckle before even unzipping, which can be inconvenient in an emergency and time-sensitive situation.

Finally, this backpack does not feature a dedicated helmet-carry construction as well as a shoulder strap that you can use to secure a hydration tube. You can go for the Patagonia Descensionist if you are looking for a lightweight and large volume backpack that will not carry heavy loads.

What we liked

  • It’s a lightweight design
  • Long side zip provides you with a secondary access to its main compartment

What we didn’t like

  • It’s not fully featured
  • No support for heavy loads
  • Does not have helmet carry

Gregory Targhee 45

Best Use: Ski mountaineering

Capacity: 26L, 32L, 45L

Weight: 3lbs 10.6oz

Amazon ASIN: B0771STHF9

Price: $129 to $210

Gregory Targhee is a huge mid-priced backpack that you can go for if you are looking for great organization. It has an impressive floor-plan with six zippered pockets that even compulsive organizers will be pleased with. The front part of the pack also features a convenient zippered pocket where you can put items such as snacks or your sunglasses.

It’s also good on the safety front thanks to its zippered snow-safety compartment as well as the spacious pocket at the top of the pack. You can access its main compartment via the back panel and this is spacious enough to accommodate a stove, a helmet, a bivy and some extra layers. Even the hip-belt has a zippered pocket on one side that is big enough to fit a smartphone in. The other side of the hip belt features a gear sling.

Other design features include a plastic (HPDE) framesheet with one aluminum stay that reaches the hip belt for smooth load transfer. The straps are well-padded while the back panel features a molded foam with functional geometric patterns that help shed off snow.

Its front diagonal ski carry options and the A-frame are both bombproof. The straps are built with camming buckles which lock in place to prevent slipping while the front part of the backpack features a 1,000-denier CORDURA reinforcement for maximum durability.

What we liked

  • It’s a fully-featured ski backpack
  • It’s very comfortable

What we didn’t like

  • Not streamlined for light day use

PIEPS Summit 30

Best Use: Alpine climbing and ski mountaineering

Capacity: 30L

Weight:  3lbs

PIEPS Summit is a medium-sized backpack that is well suited for ski mountaineering and alpine climbing. It comes with a lot of bells and whistles such as a dedicated axe sleeve that allows you to easily deploy and stow your axe; stowable tool attachment loops situated towards the bottom for the traditional carry uses along with a rubberized garage guard.

There is a convenient waterproof zippered pouch beneath its fixed lid that you can use for your valuables such as a wallet, phone or passport. The front part features a snow-safety compartment that you can access by using two zippers which together form an inverted L shape.

The PIEPS Summit allows you to easily access the compartments of the backpack without much fiddling. There are three points of access that include a backpanel access, the full-length side zipper along with its traditional top-loading mouth which is designed with a snow skirt. 

What we liked

  • Designed with quick access snow-safety zippers

What we didn’t like

  • The hip belt pocket cannot accommodate bigger phones
  • You can’t overstuff it due to the fixed lid

Scott Patrol E1 30

Best Use: Heavy-duty, trauma protection

Capacity: 22L, 30L, 40L

Weight: 5lbs 14.1 oz

The Scott Patrol E1 is a relatively new entrant to the ski backpack palette. It is a premium quality ski backpack with premium features such as its innovative fan-based airbag design.

It features an Alpride E1 airbag which is powered by a supercapacitor that works like a rechargeable battery. This airbag is fully electronic and is rechargeable via an AA battery or USB.

The Scott Patrol E1 has a design advantage over the Mammut airbag whose CO2-powered airbag cannot be deployed without spending the canister, a design that limits skier’s ability to conveniently practice deployment.

The E1 can be inflated and will need only a quick recharge instead of having to refill a canister like in Mammut Protection. This design allows you to easily practice its deployment for better safety preparedness before you go out skiing with this backpack.

Once you deploy the airbag, the E1 fan will also spin continuously to keep the backpack inflated even in instances where it has been punctured by either a tree or a rock. Its fan-based design allows you to travel with this back to various ski destinations without worrying about where to find CO2.

What we liked

  • Fan-powered air bag gives an improved performance over canister-based designs

What we didn’t like

  • Airbag systems ocuupies a lot of internal space

The North Face Forecaster 35

Best Use: Light skiing

Capacity: 35L

Weight: 2lbs 10oz

This is a relatively lightweight backpack that weighs less than 3 pounds but still delivers reliable performance. The backpack is torpedo-shaped and balances nicely between your shoulders. The bottom part of the backpack is bullet-nosed to snugly fit in your lumbar area.

You will need to practice a bit with the tool attachment loops when securing your axe heads but the design cleverly angles the shaft to the right of the backpack. It has a reinforced boot holder as well as covered ‘garages’ where you can put your ice picks. The bottom part of the backpack has extra foam to protect the backpack from tear and wear when you are lugging along some sharp or heavy gear on your skis.

The North Face Forecaster 35 also has a snow-safety compartment accessible through its large 24-inch zipper. In spite of its narrow profile, you will be surprised by the range of heavy gear that you can carry with this pack without straining its zipper.

There is also an A-frame or a diagonal carry. The side compression straps are robust enough that the contents are somehow lightly sucked into its back panel. The pack’s volume can also be slimmed down to about 20L if you will be going to the backcountry with smaller loads. 

If you are carrying heavier loads, you can use the pack’s nylon framesheet to support the load while also protecting your back from injuries by sharp equipment. The framesheet has cut-out holes to keep the weight down and minimize sweatiness on the back panel. The backpack also features a perimeter wire for transferring weight to the hip-belt. 

What we liked

  • Features a streamlined design, a weight saving pack

What we didn’t like

  • Tool attachment points require some practice to master usage

Osprey Kamber 42

Best Use: Highly suited for ski mountaineering

Capacity: 16L, 22L, 32L, 42L

Weight: 4lbs

Osprey is a trusted brand in the backpacking market so we can expect Osprey backpacks to give a reliable performance. That is the case with the Osprey Kamber 42. This is a robust and versatile do-it-all pack with many of the bells and whistles that you’d want in a technical ski pack. There is a hydration sleeve, avy-gear compartment, convenient access to the backpanel as well as glove-friendly zipper pulls.

You can easily carry loads with the Kamber so you won’t have a problem using this backpack for your overnight trips or for carrying heavier loads on your day trips. The build is also customizable, enabling you to remove its top lid for short day trips. You can also use it to strap a rope or ice axe if you are going on multi-day mountaineering outings.  

The Osprey Kamber is a heavy-duty ski backpack weighing 4 pounds and with a volume of 42 liters. If you are a weight-conscious backpacker, you might find its weight and volume a bit cumbersome and even unnecessary.

On the other hand, if you want to pack a lot of stuff for your mountaineering missions, you will have a field day utilizing its many straps, pockets and compartments to store and organize everything you need for your skiing missions.

However, if you need to carry large loads for long day trips or overnights, the Kamber 42 will be a great companion. If you are an ounce-counter, you can check out the many streamlined ski backpacks that we have covered.

What we liked

  • You can easily use it for heavy loads

What we didn’t like

  • The many straps and pockets add quite a bit of weight

Patagonia SnowDrifter 30L

Best Use: Versatile; you can use in light ski mountaineering missions

Capacity: 20-liter and 30-liter options

Weight: 2lbs

Patagonia makes really good backpacks and you can expect nothing less from the Patagonia SnowDrifter 30L. It is a versatile backpack that is also very well-designed, comfortable with lots of very clever and functional organization that you will put into lots of uses in your backcountry missions.

The SnowDrifter also has superb compression that makes it a versatile companion in different use-cases. Its main compartment can be accessed via the back panel or through the top using the U-shaped zipper. Both of these can be super-convenient depending on the particular situation.

The top part of backpack features a fleece-lined dedicated goggle pouch that you can use for skins during transitions. Its hip-belt pockets can accommodate items such as light gloves, beanies or even big phones.

For your ski adventures, there is a snow-safety compartment that gives you sufficient organization to put your everything. This part will come in handy even if you are carrying out some of your bulkier ski gear such as probes and shovels. It also features a deep zipper mesh pocket that is located inside the panel and can be reliably used to safely secure your beacon, probe and skin sacks. Even a headlamp can fit in here.

Other features that you will like about this Patagonia backpack include its helmet-carry capability as well as the pockets on every side where you can throw in your snacks. The SnowDrifter nails a lot of the minor details that make a great backpack such as durable zippers, glove-friendly pull tabs, waistbelt, mesh padding on its shoulder straps and backpanel.  It also features the premium finish that we have come to associate with many Patagonia products. The Patagonia SnowDrifter is undoubtedly one of the best ski backpacks that you can purchase.

What we like

  • Clever and functional organization
  • Easy to use

What we didn’t like

  • You cannot use it for the oversized loads

Mammut Light Protection Airbag 3.0

Best Use: Airbag ski pack; use if you need extra safety on the slopes

Capacity: 30L

Weight: 5lbs

Mammut was a pioneer in building ski backpacks equipped with airbags and the feature is also available in their Light Protection Airbag 3.0. The Protection Airbag is a safety feature that skiers can deploy during an avalanche and will inflate and expand around the skiers neck and head as well as over the cradle of their upper bodies and shoulders to protect some of their most vital organs from potentially life-threatening trauma from the trees, rocks, debris and any other hard obstacles. The Protection Airbag System is also removable and deployable in other ski backpacks including non-Mammut models. This means that if you have other backpacks for light ski uses, you can tap into the Mammut ski protection system to also protect you when you are using these other bags. The Mammut Light Protection Airbag 3.0 also features numerous other technical design features like the ice attachment point, a gear loop on its hip belt as well as the adjustable back length when you can dial in your perfect fit.

This is a heavy-duty ski backpack with an impressive safety system but it is pricey, costing more than $900. It is one of the costliest CO2-inflated systems on the market. There are CO2-inflated backpacks that will cost you slightly less than this. However, if you like skiing in rough terrain and conditions, the impressive trauma protection that it offers cannot be traded for anything. The backpack is also relatively lightweight, easy to use and very comfortable.

What we like

  • Has excellent trauma protection

What we didn’t like

  • For a CO2 canister model, it is quite pricey

Frequently Asked Questions Best Ski Backpacks

What backpack size do I need for skiing?

If you will be skiing with essentials such as a drink, light snacks and some spare layer, then a 15 to 20-liter backpack should suffice. However, if you are going on a day long overnight ski and will pack heavy equipment such as a shovel, probe, extra jacket and more layers, then you will need a backpack as big as 40 liters.

What types of shovels will fit into my ski backpack?

Most commercial avy shovels will fit most ski backpacks. Besides, many of the heavy-duty backpacks have an extra safety compartment or fastenings for safety equipment stored in their main compartments.

How do I know if the backpack fits my back length?

You can measure your back length and take this measurement into account when shopping for your backpack. You can also find sizing and fitting guides for backpacks online that can help you choose the most suitable size.

Do all backpacks have a hydration reservoir?

Most backpacks, particularly the bigger ones, are designed to accept a hydration reservoir. Be sure to determine if it is available before you make a purchase.

Can I take my backpack with me on my international flights?

There are ski backpacks that are carry-on-compatible and which meet the carry-on luggage size and safety restrictions. Certain kinds of backpacks will be checked but with some precautions. If the backpack has suspended mesh backpanel for example, it might be checked with some precautions. If you fly to your ski destinations, it is generally advisable to use ski backpacks that are carry-on-compatible.

Conclusion Best Ski Backpacks

We hope you enjoyed our guide the best ski backpacks. If you have any questions regarding this guide or any of the products featured on it please be sure to reach out in the comments below. If you did enjoy this guy please be sure to check out some of our others such as the best walkie talkie for skiing or the best neck gaiter for skiing.


Best Neck Gaiter for Skiing Reviewed

For those that don’t know a neck gaiter is a little fancy name for a neck warmer. If you are going out skiing, you can’t afford not to have these stylish and versatile pieces of clothing that keep you warm, protect you from UV rays and depending on your choice, add a little bit of style to your ski wear.

The neck gaiters will keep both your lower face and neck warm. Depending on their length, they also provide insulation for your core body temperature and prevents it from escaping from the jacket, thereby helping keep your core body warm on the slopes even in the most punishing subzero temperatures.

In high altitudes, they will protect your skin from UV exposure and sunburns. You will also rely on these versatile pieces of cloth to help protect your face from frostbite and windburn. If you are skiing or snowboarding down the slopes, they will protect your face from the pain of light rains or snow splashing on your face at high speeds.

Planning to go on a skiing or snowboarding adventure? This is one essential piece of ski accessory that you will need to keep yourself warm and comfortable. We have compiled for you a list of some of best neck gaiters for skiing that you can pack up on your next snow-bound adventures.

Condor Thermo Neck Gaiter

Fashioned from a breathable and stretchable microfleece material, the Condor Thermo Neck Gaiter is a neck warmer that offers you excellent neck coverage which goes over your neck and offers you plenty of warmth in chilly and wintry conditions.

It is designed with an elasticated band for ease of wearing and fitting. Once worn, it will fit snugly and comfortably sit on your face above your nose without the risk of falling off even in high-adrenaline ski activities.

It gives you plenty of warmth in very cold weather without being too bulky and cumbersome. You also don’t have to worry about this neck gaiter absorbing too much water and getting wet thereby adding to your discomfort. The fleece material is ultra-soft and lightweight adding to your comfort in freezing temperatures.


  • Gives a snug fit
  • Made from very soft microfleece material
  • Has an elasticated band for easy wearing and fitting
  • It’s not very restrictive


  • It reaches only mid-neck and does not extend lower hence it does not offer you optimal coverage like other long neck gaiters.

Original Turtle Fur Fleece

Amazon ASIN: B00821X2VI

The Original Turtle Fur is often referred to as “The Turtle’s Neck”. It is made from acrylic which has excellent moisture wicking capability. The Turtle’s Neck is a very soft and warm neck gaiter. It looks stylish and is available in an array of cool and bright colors.

The neck gaiter features two layers of decadent fleece that trap the heat in a pocket created from the two walls of the gaiter. The original does an excellent job at keeping you warm on some of your coldest days.

Apart from its very functional design which delivers superbly even on some of your coldest days, there is a stylish and luxurious dimension to these neck gaiters.

The Original keeps you warm and comfortable but it also makes you look good. It is one of the softest neck warmers in the market, a fact that has made it a bestseller over the years.


  • Made from soft and very warm fabric
  • You don’t have to worry about sizing concerns as one size will fit most adults.
  • It is easy to take care of as it is machine-washable.
  • This neck gaiter is super-stretchy so you don’t have to worry about it ruining your hair.
  • It is very long so you can use it cover half your face as well as your entire neck.


  • It can cover your mouth and face which can pose a problem or inconvenience when you are out partaking of snow sports and activities.
  • The fabric strands are extremely fine and some of these might end up on your face.
  • It can get a little tight on the face.

Minus33 Merino Wool 730 Midweight Neck Gaiter

The Midweight Wool Neck Gaiter checks all the right boxes. It has all the ideal qualities that you’d want in your neck gaiter.

It is made from an ultra-soft fabric and it is also warm and comfortable.

This Midweight piece’s ultra-soft Merino wool fabric is super-soft and also very comfortable to wear. The wool is machine-washable and dryable so caring for this should be a breeze.

It also has a snug fit. One size will easily fit most adults and is versatile enough to be put into multiple uses. You can choose to simply wear it around your neck or you can pull it up to cover your nose and mouth.


  • Super-soft and comfortable fabric
  • Machine-washable and dryable making it easier to care for
  • Long enough to cover your face and entire neck
  • You can put a single size of the Minus33 Merino Wool Neck Gaiter into multiple uses.
  • Excellent moisture-wicking capabilities, absorbing moisture from your body which subsequently evaporates.
  • Naturally elastic material
  • Breathable and soft wicking layers.
  • Lightweight
  • The quality is impressive
  • It will really keep you warm


  • It is slightly expensive

Buff Mens Original

Amazon ASIN: B08228HYBY

BUFF Original is a multifunctional headwear made from 100% microfiber polyester material. It dries fast and has excellent moisture wicking capabilities.

You can also wear it in countless ways. The design is seamless and ingenuous which offers you long-term comfort and reduces irritation.

This neck gaiter is very adaptable and offers you optimal performance and protection. The numerous wearing styles enables you to wear it any personalized style to get your best fit. 


  • It is machine washable
  • Made of 100% microfiber polyester
  • You can wear in 12 ways
  • One size fits all
  • Multiple combinations
  • Available in multiple beautiful patterns
  • Good protection from wind
  • Versatile and lightweight material


  • Material is very lightweight and might not work in extreme cold.

AIWOLU Winter Neck Gaiter

The AIWOLU Winter Neck Gaiter is a windproof face mask that will give you great warmth and comfort if you are undertaking some outdoor activity deep in winter.

Beyond skiing, you can also use it for various other snow-based activities including snowboarding, cycling, running in cold weather or shoveling snow.

The AIWOLU Neck Gaiter is a very versatile neck warmer with good elasticity. It is also unisex and will fit both men and women giving you excellent coverage all winter long.

You can pull this neck gaiter over your nose, mouth or even ears to get maximum warmth and comfort. You will also love its softness. You can wash and dry it easily.

There is a lot of extra fabric that will gather around your neck when you wear it with the face section staying down to the chin so you can also use this gaiter to keep your face warm. It can even be worn as a neck scarf.


  • Made from premium fabric material
  • It is stretchy and very skin-friendly
  • Mesh around nose and mouth for breathing
  • The thermal fleece material used in the AIWOLU provides great warmth in the coldest of weather.
  • Very breathable fabric
  • Unique design
  • Will keep you warm at all times
  • A snug fit. You can easily fit this fabric under your goggles.
  • Stylish
  • Great heat retention

GNITEX Winter Face Mask & Neck Gaiter

Amazon ASIN: B07Z55XZ1F

This is a beautiful and coldproof neck gaiter which fits nicely and gives you plenty of warmth in subzero temperatures.

It is nice and comfortable and does fit too tightly which enables you to breathe easily when you are out skiing. The GNITEX Neck Gaiter features a seamless construction that will protect your ears, nose, mouth and neck from the icy winds when you are out skiing.

The GNITEX is a very versatile neck gaiter that you can wear in countless ways including as a neck warmer, face mask or as a headband depending on the desired function.

There is a mesh vent that allows you to breathe easily so there won’t be any fogging on your ski goggles or glasses. The fabric is a stretchy acrylic which gives you the right fit.


  • Seamless and durable construction with excellent workmanship provides maximum protection for nose, neck, mouth and ears.
  • You can use it in multiple ways including as a headband and face mask.
  • Mesh vent to breathe without fogging
  • Extra-long for added protection


  • Might not fit people with small heads

WTACTFUL Soft Fleece Neck Gaiter

The WTACTFUL Soft Fleece Neck Gaiter is an ultra-comfortable multipurpose neck gaiter which is a perfect choice for your next ski adventure.

It is ideal for various winter sports including skiing, hiking, fishing or even running. Made from 100% polyester material, it is an ultra-soft neck warmer which is breathable and with superb moisture wicking qualities.

The fabric is also windproof and anti-static. This is a multipurpose neck gaiter that you can put to other uses beyond just skiing. For example, you can use it for snowboarding, hiking, running, fishing and a slew of other outdoor activities.


  • It is thicker, longer and warm and will give you excellent coverage.
  • Ultra-soft and breathable fabric
  • Unisex
  • Covers your whole neck ensuring your neck is wrapped warm.
  • It’s a one size-fits-most
  • Maintains its original shape even after repeated washing.


  • Might too big for those with small heads

EXIO Winter Neck Warmer Gaiter

Amazon ASIN: B07H3LWJ3L

The EXIO Winter Neck Gaiters are available in various cool designs and different colors to pick from. It is designed with a special air hole that you can breathe through.

You don’t have to worry about your goggles or glasses fogging up when you breathe through these neck gaiters. The design is seamless and ultra-comfortable.

This is a multipurpose and super-comfortable neck gaiter that lends itself easily to a variety of winter sports. It provides good skin protection in the coldest of weather.

The fabric used in the EXIO Gaiter is high-performance and durable and with excellent moisture wicking capabilities. It is guaranteed to keep you warm and comfortable out on the slopes.


  • Cool-looking and stylish designs
  • Mesh front for breathing. This will prevent your goggles from fogging up while keeping you warm.
  • High-performance fabric
  • Comfortable breathable fabric
  • It gives excellent protection from the elements
  • A very comfortable neck gaiter
  • Wicks away sweat and moisture.


  • Some might find material too thin for extreme weather conditions
  • Some reviewers find it too big for smaller heads

WTACTFUL Polar Fleece Neck Warmer

The Polar Fleece is designed for maximum protection in the coldest of winters. The material is soft, comfortable and very warm.

You will also love its simple elastic closure. The workmanship is top-notch so it really looks good and delivers excellent function.

This is also a multifunctional neck gaiter that you can put to other outdoor uses such as snowboarding and cross-country skiing.


  • Super-soft and comfortable polar fleece fabric material provides maximum warmth.
  •  It is made with the highest standard of workmanship that assures you of maximum warmth. The fine needlework also adds to its durability!
  • This is a multifunctional neck gaiter. You can also use it as a face mask or a beanie hat.
  • Slender fit design gives you a very snug fit.
  • It is a warm gaiter that is also nicely made.
  • Comes in a vast spectrum of colors.
  • It is long enough that you can tuck the lower part of this neck gaiter into the jacket.


  • The fabric is lightweight

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Neck Gaiters Comfortable?

Most neck gaiters are made from soft, comfortable and breathable materials.

Will Neck Gaiter Itch When Worn Around the Neck?

Neck gaiters are made from some of the most commonly used fabrics such as wool, polyester or acrylic and are completely safe on the skin.

The fabrics used on neck gaiters are also very soft and comfortable, with an almost swishy feeling and will be completely comfortable on your skin.

Even people with the most sensitive skins rarely report skin irritations from wearing neck gaiters.

Are Neck Gaiters Machine Washable?

Depending on the materials used, some neck gaiters can be machine washable. If this is a priority for you, take time to research the material used in the gaiter.

Most neck gaiters that are machine-washable should be washed with cold water or warm water in gentle cycles.

Avoid using bleach or the fabric softeners. Most fabrics should also not be dry-cleaned. Ideally, the garments should be washed by hand and line-dried after washing.

How Do I Know if a Neck Gaiter Will Fit My Neck?

Most neck gaiters are made in a one-size-fits-all and are stretchable so they should fit most necks. Some neck gaiters are better suited for smaller people.

In any case, if you make a purchase which does not fit, retailers generally offer free shipping on returns.

Are Neck Gaiters Tight to the Face?

Neck gaiters are designed in such a way that they will be sufficiently tight to stay in place once you wear them but they will still allow you lots of breathing space.

Generally, most will offer you a snug and comfortable fit.

Can I Breathe Through a Neck Gaiter?

Neck gaiters are made from materials of varying thickness but they have a convenient breath-through design in the fabric that allows you to breathe easily without feeling discomfort, shortness of breath or a buildup of moisture and ice crusties.

Gaiters made from lightweight merino generally give you the best breathability but each manufacturer has a novel design solution such as air holes, breathing vents or breathing mesh in the neck gaiters that enables you to breathe through with relative ease.

Will this Work if I Have a Beard?

If you have short chin hair, you should be good to go with most neck gaiters for skiing.

However, if you have a long and lush beard, it would be advisable to go for a bigger sized, stretchable and longer gaiter that will accommodate your beard.

Will the gaiter develop ice crusties when I use it for skiing?

Neck gaiters will not freeze up and develop ice crusties when used for skiing. One end of the gaiter will typically be safely tucked to the top of the jacket you are wearing while the top end of gaiter will just be below your chin.

As a result, the ends of the neck gaiter will not be sufficiently exposed to the elements to collect the flakes and develop a buildup of ice to form crusties. Snow will also easily brush off the materials used in making the gaiters such as acrylic and merino wool.

Will the Gaiter Cover the Neck, Mouth, Nose and Ears?

Most should. However, it is important to be cognizant of the size when making a purchase. Some neck gaiters are smaller and may not cover the whole neck.  

Conclusion Best Neck Gaiters Reviewed

We hope you enjoyed our guide to the best neck gators. If you have any questions regarding this review any of the products on it please be sure to reach out in the comments below. If you did enjoy this review please be sure to check out some of our others such as our guide to the best ski masks or the best ski masks or the best thermal underwear.


Best Ski Goggles For Small Faces Reviewed

Finding good ski goggles is quite a task, and for people with small faces it can be nearly impossible. Which is why we’ve put toghether this list of the best ski goggles for small faces.

Though there’s a plethora of Ski Goggles in the market, finding the right one isn’t quite straightforward. It may sound funny, but it is a quite serious issue as it might not only ruin one’s skiing experience but also put them in risk of danger.

Just like sunglasses protect the eyes from the sun and UV rays, ski goggles protect you from everything that can cause an obstruction to your vision or damage your eyes while skiing.

They are modified to help you see clearly, and they come in different varieties that can help you ski in different weather conditions. 
To help you out and make it easier for you, we have picked some of the best skiing goggles that fit perfectly on small-sized faces and have a stylish edge. You can take a look at them and find the perfect one for yourself.  

Best ski goggles for small faces:

Our list contains skiing goggles that have different properties like UV protection, full eye coverage, lightweight, and more. They also vary in terms of price that can range from expensive to affordable. Therefore, you have to consider your requirements carefully while narrowing your options. 

Oakley Men’s Flight Deck:

First on our list of the best ski goggles for small faces is this Oakley Flight deck model. Oakley is one of the leading eyewear manufacturers around the world. The company is revered for creating some of the best skiing goggles that can protect the eyes well. One such product from the company is Oakley Men’s Flight Deck. 

  • Huge field of vision
  • Prizm lenses
  • Comfortable fit
  • Less durable glass

These goggles have a super cool look that will make you look like a pro skier. It also gives you the advantage of exceptional durability due to its plastic frames and lens. The lens is non-polarized and can give you excellent visibility during cloudy weather.
It has the revolutionized Prizm lens technology that adjusts your vision according to light in the environment and enables you to see more clearly. The lenses are created to be optically correct and do not have any rims which make them look modern. 
The goggles can withstand the tough winter weather, which is why the lenses are coated in F-3 anti-fog coating. It reduces the chances of fog formation in the goggles and does not compromise your vision while skiing. 
There are discreet notches at the temples of the goggles that are compatible with most of the prescription eyewear. It has a ridge lock system that enables you to change the lens quickly and also holds them firmly to prevent them from falling off while skiing. 
Key Features: 

  • Smooth, sleek, and modern appearance
  • Excellent protection
  • Convenient airflow

Giro Index OTG Asian Fit:

If you are planning to get a full-fledged skiing experience with ease, then you must consider giving Giro Index OTG skiing goggles a try. These goggles are tough, and the best thing is they fit well with Giro helmets so you can have double protection and double fun. 

  • Enhanced visibility
  • Durable construction
  • Scratch-resistant lens
  • The lenses are not interchangeable

Moreover, these goggles can be an ideal option if you have prescription glasses, as these goggles can be worn directly over them. The goggles come with double-layer face foam with microfleece facing that saves you from the pain of wearing skiing goggles all day. 
It also has anti-fog lenses that keep the fog away from the insides of the lens and gives you a better view. The lens of the goggles is made using the Injection Molded Cylindrical technology that minimizes distortion that can occur in thermo-formed cylindrical lenses and gives you a refined optical view. 
With Giro Index goggles, you don’t have to worry about getting your lenses scratched due to the snow or your gear, as the lens has been protected with a durable and scratch-resistant coating. 
Key Features: 

  • Extra face foam for a tight comfortable fit
  • Medium fit makes it ideal for smaller faces
  • Can be worn over prescription glasses 

Anon WM1:

If you want to get incredibly high-quality goggles without spending too much, you can consider Anon WM1 as an alternative. Just like the other goggles on this list, they also come with many different features that can make your skiing experience a memorable one. 

  • Easy and fast lens changing for quick customization.
  • Able to gently warm them to quickly dry out.
  • Strap fits easily over a helmet.
  • The lenses are easy to switch out for different conditions.
  • Some internal fogging can occur if you store them while still wet.
  • No travel case

To keep the fog from blocking your vision, these goggles come with Fog Management Face Fleece that works as an anti-fog system and controls the moisture in the goggle. For the maximum vision area, the lenses have been designed using the wall-to-wall vision technique.
The goggles are constructed in a way to provide you the closest fit to the face with its 40% thinner face foam. The face foam has triple layers that keep the moisture out and gives you the most comfortable goggle-to-face fit. 
Anon has incorporated an Integral Clarity Technology anti-fog treatment that can provide you crystal clear vision in any condition. The frame is made using the lightweight thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that provides long-lasting durability while its flexible body can fit against any face shape. 
Key Features: 

  • Wall-to-Wall Vision
  • Triple Layer Face Foam
  • Lightweight Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) Frame
  • Magna-Tech® Quick Lens Change Technology
  • Anon Spherical Lens Technology

Smith Optics I/O Goggle:

Smith Optics is quite famous for its numerous innovations such as helmets, sunglasses, and skiing goggles. The skiing goggles from the company are known to offer the best vision and protection among other features. For people with small faces, Smith Optics has created the I/O Goggles. Let’s read more about it.

  • Fits incredibly on small faces
  • 5X Anti-Fog inner Lens
  • Ultra-wide frame
  • Comes with an anti-fogging filter
  • Expensive

The I/O goggles fit the face of the wearer conveniently. This can be attributed to the 3-layer, DriWix face foam. There are 3 different frame sizes that you can choose from while the I/O S is for smaller faces and the I/O is for slightly bigger faces. 
With these goggles, the company introduced the interchangeable lens system in its products. The product comes with 2 performance mirror lenses that can be used by the skiers in different climatic conditions. 
To keep fog formation at a minimum, the company has included a porex filter that aids in faster and effective ventilation. Meanwhile, the lenses are made using premium quality plastic that can withstand a lot of damage before breaking or getting damaged. 
Key Features: 

  • Medium Fit and Helmet Compatible
  • Responsive Fit Frame design
  • Silicone Backed Strap
  • Includes Two Performance Mirror Lenses

Bolle Mojo Snow Goggles:

A mix of classic design and advanced features can be a suitable way to define the Bolle Mojo Snow Goggles. These sunglasses come in all kinds of sizes such as classic, medium, and large. The Bolle Mojo sunglasses provide great optical clarity with excellent fog-free performance. 

  • Anti-fog and anti-scratch protection
  • Can be worn with the helmet too
  • Obstruction free vision
  • Some find the goggles uncomfortable

Owing to the company’s innovative Flow-Tech Venting technology, there are several venting ports in the goggles that can reduce the chances of fogging and also control the airflow from snow and the ice. 
These glasses feature the double lens design which gives you a clear vision and also creates a thermal barrier that seals the goggles preventing any kind of element inside the goggles. It also has a Carbo GLAS or even P80 Plus (anti-fog/anti-scratch) coating that protects the lens from fogging and scratches.
Its over-the-helmet design lets you wear the goggles conveniently with the helmet. It also has UV protection that can help block the harmful UVA/UVB rays up to 400 nanometers.
Key Features:

  • Great optical clarity 
  • Advanced venting system 
  • Double lens glasses
  • UV protection

AKASO OTG Ski Goggles:

Akaso is a tech company that deals with the manufacturing of several electronic items like action cameras, fitness trackers, drones, and also sports accessories. The OTG Ski Goggles is one of the many products of the company that is designed to exceed all your expectations. 

  • Wide peripheral view
  • Distortion-free accuracy
  • Helmet Compatibility

    It has an innovative lens change system that works very differently than any other goggles you might have come across. The lens is secured by 8 magnets and 4 physical anchors. To remove the lens, you have to get the lens out of the anchor and separate it from the frame. This structure prevents you from compromising on things like obstruction-free view, clarity, and stability. 
    The lens offers you an anti-fog and crisp vision due to its double-layer designs and high-performance hydrophilic coating on the inner side. It also has vents on the top and bottom to circulate the air efficiently.  
    There are other additional features in the goggles, that include anti-slip silicone back and a helmet-compatible strap that holds the goggles firmly in place, a triple-layer foam that covers the entire borderline of the goggles, and a strong and durable TPU frame. 
    Key Features: 

    • Easy lens change system
    • Anti-fog And Crisp Vision
    • High-quality baklava 

    Hongdak Ski Goggles, Snowboard Goggles:

    Hongdak Ski Goggles is one of the best ski goggles that you can buy at an affordable price. The goggles are made with some of the finest quality materials and have features that are similar to that of expensive ones.

    • Adjustable helmet band
    • Exceptional clarity
    • UV protection
    • Detachable lenses
    • Has a strong chemical smell
    • Fogging issues

    It has the best lens in the business comprising abilities like 100% UV protection, Anti-fog, and scratch resistance. These features make the goggles highly suitable for skiing and other winter sports. 
    Apart from the lens, it has an advanced lens interchange system. The goggle uses dual lenses that are secured using magnets and can be removed easily for changing. You can change the lens with other lenses that have different colors and features.
    These goggles can be an ideal option for people with prescription glasses, as its construction features the Over-The-Glasses design that lets you wear the goggles without removing the glasses. 
    Keeping the wearer’s safety in mind the company has designed the frame of the goggles to fit helmets of all sizes. It has an adjustable strap that can be used to fasten the goggles to the helmet. 
    Key Features: 

    • Spherical super-wide view
    • Two-way ventilation system
    • Scratch-resistant 

    IV2 Snowboard Goggles:

    It is essential for skiing goggles to have multiple features as multifunctional goggles can be much more helpful while skiing than the ones with single-use. The IV2 snowboard goggles come with a lot of features and fit this criterion perfectly. 

    • Fits helmets
    • Easy to remove lens
    • Sharp and clear vision
    • Sweat absorbent padding
    • Advanced ventilation
    • The tint can be too dark for cloudy environments

    IV2 offers you sharp and clear vision through its ultra-clear lenses along with a wide field of view. These lenses have many more features like scratch resistance and UV protection which is standard in skiing goggles these days. 
    It also comes with the OTG feature making it suitable for people with prescription glasses. The frame of the googles has been designed innovatively too, as it has an advanced venting solution that eliminates all the moisture from the goggles effectively.
    Due to the detachable feature of the goggles, you can remove and replace the lenses easily. It has a silicone anti-slip strap that prevents the goggles from falling off. 
    Key Features: 

    • Mirrored lenses
    • Dual-Layer Anti-Fog Optical Lens
    • Comes with a microfiber carrying bag and carrying cloth
    • Keeps fog outside 

    Wildhorn Roca Snowboard and Ski Goggles:

    There is barely any competition against Wildhorn when it comes to producing skiing goggles. The company is an official supplier to the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Team. The U.S. Ski & Snowboard is America’s National and Olympic governing body. 

    • Can be worn with sunglasses
    • Anti-Fog and anti-scratch
    • Triple-layer foam for maximum comfort
    • Tough and durable
    • Swaps lenses easily

      Wildhorn’s Roca snowboard and ski goggles are packed with innumerable features that can make skiing and snowboarding convenient and enjoyable. The company has developed the fastest lens changing system which lets you change the lens in 60 seconds. 
      It has a semi-frameless design that offers commendable performance, comfort, and style for all levels. The goggles have been designed with the help of skiers and snowboarders, due to which it can stand all kinds of challenges that they face. 
      Roca has a WIDE VIEW panoramic spherical dual lens construction with Anti-Fog & Anti-Scratch coating that allows you to see clearly in any terrain and environment. It also protects you from distortion and UV rays.
      The Roca goggle frame is made from super durable Thermoplastic Urethane Polymer that can withstand shocks and pressure. It has a premium soft-touch anti-slip coating that makes the gloves look stylish and chic. 
      Key Features: 

      • Wide view panoramic lens
      • Locking magnetic lens
      • Fully adjustable
      • Durable performance

      Julbo Aerospace Snow Goggles with Photochromic REACTIV Lens:

      Julbo has more than 125 years of creating phenomenal products that are used by people worldwide. The company’s finesse in terms of craftsmanship can be seen in its Aerospace Snow Goggles with Photochromic REACTIV Lens. 

      • High-tech
      • Innovative ventilation
      • Lens adapts to light conditions
      • Looks good
      • Durability issues
      • Comes with only one lens

      It is well-thought in terms of design and comes with features that are rarely found in skiing goggles. The goggle is accentuated with the company’s patented SuperFlow System that allows the lens to push away from the frame making space for air to flow in and out. 
      To make the goggles comfortable for the face, the company has added two layers of cushioning foam to the edges of the frame. It has been designed to fit on helmets with ease with the adjustable Full Silicone Anti-slip Strap.
      The goggles come with the advanced REACTIV Lens that is designed to adjust to the lighting in the surroundings and provide you with the best visibility. These lenses are engineered to reduce glares by an astounding 50%. All of the variants of REACTIV lenses have an anti-fog coating that can be highly beneficial while skiing. 
      Key Features: 

      • Spherical, Double Lens
      • Minimal Frame For a wide field of vision
      • Patented SuperFlow venting & anti-fog lens coating
      • REACTIV VLT: 17% – 75%. 100% UV A, B, C

      How to choose the right Ski Goggles?

      Skiing goggles are close to safety and hence have to be chosen very carefully. It is not necessary that you buy a feature-loaded high-end goggle; getting one with the essential features can be sufficient. 

      Here are some of the important features that you need to look for when choosing a pair of skiing goggles:


      Lenses are the most important part of skiing goggles and there are many factors that have to be considered when choosing the right skiing goggles such as lens type, lens color, and other features like fog prevention to glare protection.

      Types of skiing goggle lenses: 

      There are two types of skiing goggle lenses i.e. cylindrical (flat) and spherical. Cylindrical lenses are known to curve horizontally while maintaining their vertically flat stature. These lenses can offer great performance at a low price point. 
      Spherical goggle lenses, curve both horizontally and vertically around the face which gives them a bubbled look. Keeping the look aside, there are many advantages of the spherical lenses you can benefit from such as peripheral vision, reduced glare, less fogging, and less distortion.

      Lens color and tint: 

      Choosing the wrong tint of goggles can be dangerous, as the color of the lens is engineered to filter the light in your surroundings and formulate a colored vision for you. This means you can be practically blinded by your goggles while skiing, and that does not sound good. 
      There are countless lens color options to choose from and the quality of the color of these lenses can vary from brand to brand. Each color will filter the light differently and make you see the surroundings differently. 

      Skiing Goggle Visual Light Transmission (VLT):

      Visible Light Transmission or VLT is used to denote the amount of light that passes through the lens of a goggle. The amount is measured in percentage and ranges from 0% to 100%. 
      There are lenses that perform better in low light and visibility in weather conditions like snow, foggy, and flat light. Such lenses allow a VLT in higher percentages. The color of these kinds of lenses is yellow, rose, and blue. The ideal skiing goggle will have a VLT range of 60-90% for flat light. 
      Goggles for sunny days focus on providing maximum visibility by keeping the light out. These lenses will have a lower VLT percentage and they mostly come in colors like black grey, and gold, and also mirrored. The goggle lenses with a 5-20% VLT range are considered ideal for bright and sunny days. 
      The best way to choose your goggles is by considering the weather conditions. 

      Skiing Lens Technologies:

      There are some additional features that google manufacturers add to their goggles to make them better and more useful. Here are some of the lens features that you need to look out for. 

      UV protection: 

      These days almost every goggle comes with UV protection of up to 100%. UV protection becomes essential as you go higher on the hills, as it prevents the damage to the retina as well as eye fatigue. 

      Mirrored lenses: 

      A reflective coating on the outer part of the goggle lens that reduces the amount of light that passes through the lens. This can help in making your vision clearer on a bright sunny day but it is recommended that you remove your mirrored goggles in dark surroundings. 

      Double lenses: 

      Double lenses are known for creating a thermal barrier that reduces fogging significantly. These types of lenses are commonly found skiing goggles these days. 
      These are some of the essential skiing lens technologies that you need to look for in skiing goggles. There are other technologies like Polarized Lenses, Anti-Fog Coating, Photochromic Lenses, and Prizm™ Lenses that you can look for to get an additional advantage. 


      All kinds of skiing goggles have vents as they play a significant role in preventing the fog accumulation in the goggles. If you prefer wearing a helmet, you need to check whether the venting system of the goggles is compatible with the shape of your helmet. 

      Skiing Goggle Frames:

      The shape of your skiing google can have a massive impact on your goggle wearing experience. While there are numerous shapes of goggles available in the market a skiing goggle should be able to do these three things: keep your lens in place, prevent the snow from getting in, and keep your face as comfortable as possible. 
      Most of the frames can do the first two parts easily, but it is the fit that matters the most. Therefore, you need to look for frames that fit you well. 

      Commonly asked questions:

      How do I stop my glasses inside skiing goggles from fogging up?

      Fog accumulation is a huge and common problem faced by skiers. Here are some of the things that you can try to reduce fog in your skiing goggles. Choose goggles with bigger vents that don’t get blocked by your helmet. 
      You can use an anti-fog spray on both sides or you can try to keep your goggles dry by hanging them on the helmet when you are not wearing them. Avoid wearing a facemask that covers your nose and mouth, as it pushes the breath directly into the goggles. 

      What kind of ski goggles should I get as a beginner?

      If you have just picked up skiing as a hobby, we recommend you to buy low priced skiing goggles. However, when looking for a low priced goggle, you need to make sure that it does not compromise on quality. Fewer features are acceptable but a low quality can put your life in danger. 

      How to clean ski goggles?

      You don’t need anything special to clean your skiing goggles but you need to avoid using it with things like paper towels, sweatshirts, or any other rug. You can use the goggle bag to gently wipe the dust and fingerprints from the lens. 


      No matter how many features or advancements are incorporated in a skiing goggle, if it does not fit your face they are all futile. You need to look for goggles that cover your face well and stay in the same position all along. 
      I hope the above information has helped you gain substantial information about the best ski goggles for small faces. If you have any queries or suggestions, you can write them in the comments. 

      If you enjoyed this article please check out some of our others such as our guide to the best snow sunglasses or the best ski goggles for kids.


      Best Walkie Talkie for Skiing Reviewed

      Like other snow-bound adventures, skiing needs some investment in the right gear. Having the right gear will increase your performance while also ensuring your safety. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best walkie talkie for skiing so you can find the best one for your next trip to the ski hill.

      One of the most important pieces of skiing gear is actually the walkie talkie for skiing. Walkie talkies come in handy when skiing because they are much easier to use than cellular phones. Phones are disadvantageous in this sense because no matter their sophistication or the cutting-edge tech used in them, there is a lot fiddling involved in using a phone, even if you only wish to make call.

      If you are skiing and you have gloves on you, you have to remove your gloves to begin even swiping and searching for contacts. It can take acwhile to get your gloves off and in an emergency situation in subzero temperatures, a phone might not necessarily be your best friend.

      Walkie talkies are much easier to use in a skiing environment as you simply have to press the PTT (Push-to-Talk) button on your radio even when you still have your gloves on. With walkie talkies, you also don’t have to touch the device to get the incoming messages. Depending on the design of the walkie talkies, you can simply clip them onto your backpacks and you will be able to use them easily without fiddling around.

      If you want to ski and scrimp on the costs, you will obviously love the fact that two-way radios do not cost you any call charges. The savings can be particularly significant if you are skiing in a foreign country with a roaming line and don’t want to incur the exorbitant international calling rates.

      The bottom-line is that mobile phones are simply too much of hassle when you are out here skiing in subzero temperatures and you will better off with a good walkie talkie for skiing. In this article, we look at some of the best walkie talkies for skiing that you can take with you on your next snow-bound outings.

      Midland GXT1000VP4 50 Channel GMRS Two-Way Radio

      Amazon ASIN: B01786WDT4

      Price: $219.95

      • You get up to 50 GMRS channels
      • JIS4 waterproof protection provides you with a splash-proof protection thereby protecting device in extreme conditions.
      • A longer 36-mile (theoretical) communication range is more than adequate in skiing conditions.
      • Features a NOAA weather scan and alerts which scans up to 10 weather band channels, locking into the strongest to deliver weather updates.
      • It is compatible with all GMRS and Midland FRS radios.
      • Get X-TRA talk power.
      • This is a bigger-sized radio and its performance doesn’t necessarily justify the size.
      • Too many settings to pick from might lead to confusion during use.

      The Midland GXT1000VP4 ski walkie talkie is a 50-channel two-way radio of good size and excellent range. It is durable and easy to use and with excellent volume and audio quality.

      It has a convenient water-resistant finish that enables you to use the walkie talkie in the snow without worrying about water damage. It delivers enhanced power and excellent battery life all for a relatively good price.

      It remains one of the best two-way radios for use in various kinds of snow sports and snow-bound adventures. The Midland GXT1000VP4 is a popular choice for top-tier skiers and is kitted with a JIS4 waterproof protection that will give you excellent waterproofing in icy conditions, protecting your device from rainfall drips and splashes. You can take it to extreme weather conditions without worrying about a possible breakdown or malfunction due to water damage.

      The Midland GXT1000VP4 50 Channel GMRS Two-Way Radio features a maximum legally allowed X-TRA talk power that gives extra clear transmissions during your communications.

      It has 3214 channel options assuring you of a free channel of use. Every bit of functionality in the GXT1000VP4 is cleverly designed for ease of operation including its PTT button, the volume knob, built-in speaker and the mic. This skiing walkie talkie also features extra earphone and mic jacks to provide for extra versatility. No matter your skiing environment, you can be sure that the GXT1000VP4 will deliver with top end reliability.


      • 50 channels
      • Delivers a range of up to 36 miles
      • 24-hour battery life with the AAA and 8-hour with NiMH.
      • Waterproof protection

      Verdict: The Midland GXT1000VP4 ski walkie talkie is a large radio with good range. It is not perfect for all situations and the battery life is poor. However, its long range is its biggest selling point. On other fronts, it doesn’t offer a considerable superior advantage over other walkie talkies.

      DEWALT DXFRS800 2-Watt Heavy Duty Walkie Talkies

      Amazon ASIN: B07J2DGCLT

      Price: $127.24

      • It has a tough, rugged and shock-resistant build that will withstand powerful falls of up to 2 meters.
      • Get one of the best communication ranges of up to 300,000 square feet or 25 floors long distance.
      • You won’t grapple with any fees such as setup fees, license frees or monthly fees.
      • Up to 2,662 channel combinations
      • Waterproof and dustproof build. It’s an IP67 standard. Get maximum protection from dust as well as water immersion, light rain and splashes.
      • Features 22-preset channels that have preset codes to reduce any unwanted interference from other radio frequencies.
      • Also features a rugged anti-slip design.
      • Bright colors for high visibility, particularly in snowy conditions.
      • Small number of buttons makes them super-intuitive to use.
      • The belt clips are a problem and keep coming off the walkie talkie

      The DEWALT DXFRS800 is a heavy-duty walkie talkie that comes in sixes and with an impressive range of 300,000 square feet as well as up to 25 floors. If you are out on the slopes with this device, you clearly won’t have a problem communicating with other people.

      It features more than 2,500 channel combinations that enable you to have relative privacy in your conversations. You can use the swivel to position the walkie talkie in numerous ways.

      The build of the DEWALT DXFRS800 is super-premium with plenty of top-quality features. It is a well-built and very durable walkie talkie for skiing. It is dust-proof and most importantly waterproof, enabling you to use it in extreme wintery conditions without the risk of damaging the device.

      It has a rugged and robust design and will withstand up to 2-meter falls. The shock resistance of the DEWALT DXFRS800 is incredible. The device also features a hands-free mode that enable you to communicate with it easily. 


      • 22 preset channels with privacy codes
      • Range of up to 300,000 square feet
      • IP67 standard waterproof and dustproof build guarantees maximum protection.
      • 2W RF Output

      BaoFeng BF-F8HP

      Amazon ASIN: B00MAULSOK

      Price: $69.89

      • You get lots of power within an affordable package
      • The rugged and more solid build. It looks and feels like a two-way radio that can take some punishing usage.
      • Impressive long-lasting battery life of up to 20 hours per charge.
      • Large 2000mAh battery means a complete peace of mind when you are out skiing.
      • Concierge service
      • Comes with an in-depth user guide
      • High-Gain V-85 Antenna
      • Backward compatible with the previous UV-5R generation’s full accessories.
      • Uses the latest firmware thereby guaranteeing topline performance.
      • Ships in an outstanding package with plenty of accessories.
      • While it is a powerful programmable radio, you will need to program it for specific channels before use to avoid falling afoul of FCC regulations. You cannot use it as shipped.

      The BaoFeng BF-F8HP combines raw power with a super rugged design. This is a dual and handheld walkie talkie which is a new generation UV-5R, a considerable improvement over the BaoFeng’s dual band two-way radio. It gives you extra transmission power by deploying a new generation chipset complete with a concierge service.

      The BaoFeng BF-F8HP gives you up to three power levels- 1, 4 and 8 watts. It is equipped with a 2000mAh battery as well as a High-Gain V-85 Antenna. There is an in-depth guide as well as a concierge support.

      In spite of the considerable improvements in the BaoFeng BF-F8HP, the walkie still retains perfect backward compatibility with the earlier BaoFeng UV-5R Dual Band Two-Way Radio. The robust and very rugged design combined with relative affordability makes it one of the best walkie talkies for skiing.  

      It has an impressive and up-to-date N5R-340A firmware which is not found in any other walkie talkie model.


      • 8-watt power output
      • 2000mAh long lasting Li-ion battery
      • 400-520Mhz UHF frequency range

      Motorola 22-Channel Weatherproof Two Way Radio

      Amazon ASIN: B0140A5I1G

      Price: $89.00

      • The emergency alert button feature
      • Realtime NOAA weather alert feature
      • Built-in LED flashlight might come in handy during emergencies
      • A micro USB charging port offers you plenty of charging possibilities
      • Low battery power
      • Receiver quality is wanting as it will easily overload when there is a stronger signal nearby.
      • Many users complain of weak speaker and mic

      The Motorola 22-Channel Weatherproof Two Way radio is another skiing walkie talkie workhorse. Its weatherproof capabilities are excellent. With an IP54 rating you can bet the device will withstand splashes of water and some level of immersion.

      Also known as the Talkabout T460, this is a walkie talkie that you can use in the wide outdoors with a lot of confidence. It will withstand not only snow but also rain and anything out there which the elements can throw it.

      It is also one of the easiest walkie talkies to use. With just a press of the button, you will be good to go. You can use it to connect with the friends and enjoy skiing and communicating with one another within a 35-mile range, theoretically. In practice, the range will be much small but still satisfactory. It also features lots of emergency features as well as hands-free communication.

      With the Motorola 22-Channel walkie talkie, you won’t have to worry about losing one another if you are skiing in a group.

      The range of 35 miles should be adequate for most group skiing activities. Should a white-out warning scatter your group during a ski outing, you can be confident of locating your group members and staying in touch.

      The two-way radio gives you up to 22 channels. The T460 leverages FRS/GMRS channels enabling you to connect to other radios in its range through the same channels.

      This multi-channel support will enable you to reach everyone in your vicinity and get help. It also features 121 privacy codes to provide you with a more secure connection in your radio communications. 

      You can use the rechargeable batteries or AA batteries to operate the device. Even without a charger, you can still use the Talkabout T460 with the alkaline batteries.


      • Get 22 channels each of which has 121 Privacy Codes. It is easy to find a channel with the 2,662 combinations.
      • Range of up to 35 miles (theoretically, in lab-like conditions).
      • IP54 waterproof
      • PTT Power Boost
      • Has iVOX and VOX Handsfree operation

      Motorola MR350R Ski Walkie Talkie

      Amazon ASIN: B001UE6MJ8

      PriceL $87.20

      • The built-in LED flashlight feature which can comes in handy during emergencies
      • Real-time NOAA weather alerts
      • Loaded with plenty of radio features for the extreme outdoors adventures
      • A lightweight and rugged design with large buttons for ease of operation while wearing gloves
      • Dual power with rechargeable and AAA batteries. The alkaline batteries work better and will last you a few days.
      • They come with plastic belt clips that can break easily
      • Low grade aesthetics

      Next on our list of the best walkie talkie for skiing is the Motorolla MR350. Like the Motorola T460, the MR350R is also a 22-channel two-way radio with a 35-mile range. If you are looking for a cheaper Motorola alternative which packs a punch, you can run with this option. Each of its 22 channels has 121 privacy codes so like in the T460, you get a total of 2,662 combinations which simplifies the task for finding a suitable channel.

      It is a two-way walkie talkie with an impressive 35-mile radius in open valleys and mountains which should adequately serve you in case of any emergencies during your snow-bound adventures. In practice, you will get a range of 6 miles in water as well as 2 miles in obstructed areas.

      You get other useful additions such as the NOAA national weather service for up-to-date weather updates. This ski walkie talkie enables you to even set weather alerts. It is equipped with other handy features such as a built-in flashlight for use during emergencies or blackouts.

      You also get some great waterproofing and dust-resistance build thanks to its IP51 rating in its finishes. It is easy to tug along on your skiing adventures. You can easily tack them inside the zippered pockets of your ski pants. The MR350R is widely popular with many skiers thanks to its premium build and affordable cost. 


      • Has 22 channels each of which has 121 Privacy Codes giving you loads of combinations.
      • Two radio pairs with a range of up to 35 miles (in ideal lab-like conditions). The practical range will of course be much lower but still adequate.
      • IP51 rating
      • VOX/iVOX Handsfree Operation

      Motorola T600 H2O Talkabout Radio

      Amazon ASIN: B01DM7AKOI

      Price: $89.99

      • Excellent compatibility with any radio
      • Superb waterproof capabilities (IP67 rating)
      • They float!
      • Very high visibility in the day thanks to its bright color.
      • Equipped with built-in flashlight that has both white and red LEDs
      • The design has plenty of features that make this two-way radio easy to retrieve including a water-activated flashlight.
      • PTT (Push-to-Talk) Power Boost
      • Real-time NOAA weather lights
      • Micro-USB charging function
      • Long battery life: You get up to 23 hours with the alkaline batteries and 9 hours with the NiMH batteries.
      • The volume is low.
      • In practice, they have a low range on land and water.
      • It is easy to inadvertently turn the flashlight on when the walkie talkie is in the pocket thereby draining your battery power.

      The Motorola T600 Talkabout Radio is just the kind of walkie talkie that you can take anywhere with you, including in your wildest skiing adventures. The walkie talkie features a rugged and waterproof design and with plenty of emergency features that make it an indispensable piece of safety gear when you are out skiing in the most extreme weather.

      It packs impressive radio features and has top-line 35-mile range. The radio can even float so should it fall or accidentally drop in water, you can still retrieve it and use it to call for emergency help just in time.

      It is equipped with a water-activated flashlight that will switch on if you drop it in water to enable you to quickly locate it. It also has a bright yellow-green color that enables you to easily locate it in snow. The flashlight in the T600 H2O Talkabout has a red LED to help you retain night vision. The T600 H2O has premium radio features for reliable communications in the wildest of outdoor adventures.

      IP67 rating standard offers you excellent waterproofing, ensuring you stay connected in extreme weather conditions. Each of its 22 channels contains 121 Privacy Codes giving you a total of 2,662 combinations that allow you to easily find an available channel. A NOAA radio service offers you real-time weather updates in advance. There is also a low battery alert that lets you know when you are about to run out of juice so you can quickly recharge before you embark on risky adventures.  


      • It features 22 channels each of which has 121 Privacy Codes
      • IP67 waterproof rating
      • Get up to 23 hours of battery life (alkaline batteries) and 9 hours of battery life for NiMH.

      Midland LXT630VP3 36 Channel FRS Two-Way Radio

      Amazon ASIN: B01NC0O22H


      • Comes in a set of 3 radios
      • Waterproof design
      • The talk button is on the side which makes them very easy to use.
      • Very clear audio
      • Battery life is just ok.
      • NOAA weather scans and alerts
      • Comes with plenty of items/accessories in the box including belt clips, a desktop charger, the rechargeable battery pack, an AC adaptor charging plug as well as an owner’s manual.
      • 30-mile communication range. In practice, the communication range will be much smaller than this even on high power but it will still be good enough.
      • You will need to order extra battery packs as battery life is not impressive enough long usage.

      With the Midland LXT630VP3, you get a set of not two but three walkie talkies all available in bright yellow-black colors. It is a well-kitted two-way radio with 36 channels each of which has 121 Privacy Codes. It also comes with chargers, belt clips and loads of batteries.

      It has excellent waterproofing and the rugged build allows you to use it in the most extreme of weather conditions. You get a superior reception with this 36-channel two-way radio with clear point-to-point communications. It also has excellent quality transmission and sound. With the Midland LXT630VP3, you can get limitless connections to the other GMRS and FRS two-way radios at the same frequencies, a convenient capability that ensures you can always make contact in case of emergencies.

      The faceplate has a bright yellow color for high visibility, particularly in snowy conditions. It has a communication range of up to 30 miles and its 36 channels along with 14 extra channels give you easy button access. Other features include a Dual Power Option which enables you to choose between two different power sources: the rechargeable battery pack or three AAA alkaline batteries.  The rechargeable pack gives you up to 12 hours’ worth of juice. This is an affordable and full-featured two-way radio well suited for long-range communications when you are out there skiing.


      • 36 channels each of which has 121 CTCSS Privacy Codes
      • Has a theoretical range of 30 miles and is therefore suited for long-range communications.

      Retevis RT48 Walkie Talkies

      • 100% dustproof, waterproof and snow-proof design thanks to top IP67 rating
      • Normal use at temperatures of -10 degrees Celsius to -50 degrees Celsius
      • 16 channels with built-in CTCSS/DCS
      • USB charging anywhere including in car and with power banks.
      • Emergency alarm feature enables you to quickly call for help.
      • The audio is crystal clear
      • Battery life allows you to go the whole day
      • The belt clips require screws to install which is cumbersome.
      • The hand straps that they come with aren’t very durable.

      Now here is a walkie talkie that is specially designed for skiing. It is a waterproof and weatherproof two-way radio with 16 channels featuring built-in CTCSS/DCS. You can get a lot of functionalities and capabilities with the RT48 including an emergency alarm, channel scan, power save mode as well as VOX handfree operation. It has multiple features all of which are designed to meet your skiing and hiking excursion radio needs.

      The Retevis RT48 walkie talkie is 100% waterproof with a top rating of IP67. This is a two-way radio that you can literally take with you anywhere during your outdoor adventures. It will give you a stellar performance in wet and extreme snowy weather. It is also a license-free radio that you can use without a certificate. It comes with a rechargeable Li-ion battery with good battery life. You can even charge it with USB enabling you to charge it in your car and even on the on the go with a power bank. Emergency alarm features allow you to easily call for help.


      • IP67 waterproof rating
      • 1200mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery that will last you 10 to 12 hours.
      • VOX and iVOX Delay Handsfree Operation
      • Busy channel lockout


      What is a Two-Way Radio?

      A two-way radio refers to a radio that can both transmit and receive audio. They are available in various formats such as stationary radios and the handheld radios. The stationary radios can be put on a desk or fitted in vehicles. The handheld two-way radios are more commonly known as walkie talkies. Both stationary and handheld radios have a button known as PTT (Push-to-Talk). When you press the PTT button, you can transmit the audio (your voice).

      Are Walkie Talkies Legal?

      The legality of the walkie talkie depends on its power and the jurisdiction. Different kinds of walkie talkie have different legal requirements depending on the country where you plan to use it. In the UK and EU in general, the basic and shorter-range walkie talkies which adhere to the EU-wide “PMR446” standard can be used without licensing. These are usually radios with a power output of just about 0.5 watts and with a much shorter range. The more powerful walkie talkies with a power output of 4-5 watts are licensable in the EU and UK.

      In the US, the licensing for walkie talkies is regulated by the FCC. The FCC has the following classifications for two-way radios:-

      • Family Radio Service (FRS)
      • General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS)
      • Multi-use Radio Service (MURS)

      The FRS radios do not require a license while the GMRS radios need an FCC license. To use a walkie talkie labeled ‘GMRS’, you will need to pay a fee and file in two FCC forms- 159 and 605.

      Can I Use Walkie Talkies Abroad? 

      Walkie talkies work independently and can work anywhere in the world but it is important to understand the legal terrain regulating the use of walkie talkies in each jurisdiction. A license-free walkie talkie in the US may not necessarily be legal in Europe and vice versa. When you are planning to use your walkie abroad, check if your type of walkie talkie can be used license-free in your destination country. The key factor to look out for here is the frequency: determine if your radio’s frequency is unrestricted in the country where you are planning to use it.

      You can use your license-free walkie talkie in most of the EU countries that have implemented the PMR446 standard. This is standard is also used in the UK. The frequencies that have been set by the PMR446 standard ensure that the frequencies of the license-free users do not interfere with those of the licensed users.

      Should I Buy a Digital or Analog Walkie Talkie?

      The type of walkie talkie you choose, whether digital or analog, will depend on your individual requirements. Overall, the digital walkie talkies will give you a superior functionality than analog walkie talkies. The digital two-way radios have clearer audio quality as well as better coverage. The analog walkie talkies aren’t as clear and will give you less coverage than digital walkie talkies.

      Can Other People Hear My Conversations on a Walkie Talkie?

      Your conversations on two-way radios can only be heard by people who have tuned in to the same frequency within the range of the walkie talkie.

      What is the Range of a Walkie Talkie?

      The range of a walkie talkie refers to the maximum distance within which the walkie can communicate with other radios in the vicinity if there are no barriers like landscapes and buildings between them. Short-range low-power walkie talkies will have a range of as low as 4 miles. The majority of walkie talkies will have a range of between 20 and 50 miles. Most of the walkie talkies we have reviewed above have a reasonably good theoretical range of between 30 to 36 miles. However, keep in mind that the listed range of walkie talkie will be attenuated by factors such as the physical and atmospheric obstructions in the location and in practice, the actual range will be much lower.

      What Batteries Do the Walkie Talkies Use?

      Walkie talkies use different kinds of batteries depending on the manufacturer. The lower-end two-way radios use AA or AAA batteries. Most of the latest walkie talkies use rechargeable Lithium-ion, Nickel-Cadmium or Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries. Typical battery life for the rechargeable batteries usually lies in the range of 9 to 12 hours. The AAA batteries have a battery life of up to 24 hours. When going out on your snow-bound activities, it is prudent to estimate the length of time that you will spend outdoors so you can carry spare batteries. 

      What is the Typical Battery Life of Walkie Talkies?

      It ranges from 9 to 12 hours for the rechargeable batteries to 24 hours for the AAA non-rechargeable batteries.

      Are Walkie Talkie Batteries Rechargeable?

      The latest walkie talkies come with rechargeable battery pack of either Lithium-ion, Nickel-Metal Hydride or Nickel-Cadmium batteries that you can insert in the two-way radio. Some even come with a charging station which can hold both walkie talkies

      Can it Work With Non-Rechargeable AAA Batteries?

      Yes. Most walkie talkies are dual charge and  have a provision for use with regular AAA alkaline batteries. However, make sure you verify this before purchase. 

      What is the IP Rating of a Walkie Talkie?

      IP rating stands for Ingress Protection Rating and measures a device’s resistance to liquids and solids. IP rating can be written as IP46 where the first digit, in this case ‘4’ measures the device’s resistance to solids such as its dust resistance and the second digit such as ‘6’ in this instance measures the device’s resistance to liquids. IP ratings of IP65, IP66 and IP67 are almost 100% weatherproof and waterproof.

      Are Walkie Talkies Waterproof?  

      It depends on the IP rating of the walkie talkie. Walkie talkies designed for use in damp environments are generally 100% waterproof and weatherproof. A walkie talkie with low IP rating isn’t 100% waterproof and some water will seep into it and might interfere with its operations if it is immersed in water.

      However, a walkie talkie for skiing usually has a higher IP rating and will be weatherproof and waterproof.  Waterproof walkie talkies can withstand splashes of water and light rain. Some with higher IP rating will withstand even harsher conditions and you can even immerse them in water for a period of time and they will still work.

      Do I Need License to Use the GMRS Frequencies?

      Based on information on the FCC website, you will need a license to use GMRS walkie talkies. Check above on the legality of using licensed and unlicensed walkie talkies in various jurisdictions.

      What Walkie Talkie Channel Can I Use?

      All walkie talkies come with a scanning feature that enables a receiver to hear what is happening in the various frequencies. When a frequency is being used, you will hear what is being broadcast on that frequency. If the frequency is clear, you should hear a hiss. When using a walkie talkie, look out for a frequency and the privacy code that you plan to use and then set the clear frequency for your channel.

      Are the walkie talkie channels universal?

      Theoretically, all two-way radios can communicate with one another when both are operating at the same frequency. The walkie talkie channels are therefore universal irrespective of the model, brand or geographical region.

      Can a Walkie Talkie be Tracked?

      It is very difficult (almost impossible) to trace walkie talkies unless the two-way radio is equipped with a GPS chip. However, there are very advanced technologies that can be used to triangulate the direction of any radio signal.

      Can a Mobile Phone Communicate with a Walkie Talkie?

      There are mobile phone apps that you can use to transform your phone into a walkie talkie or into a two-way radio. However, these only work when you have a network connection and this improvisation will not give you the performance that matches that of a real walkie talkie.

      Which are the Best Walkie Talkie Brands?

      When shopping for a walkie talkie, it is prudent to stick to the major well-known brands with proven two-way products. These include Motorola, Midland, BaoFeng, Cobra and Retevis.

      Conclusion Best Walkie Talkies For Skiing

      We hope you enjoyed our guide the best walkie-talkies for skiing. If you have any questions regarding this article or any of the products featured on it please be sure to reach out in the comments below. If you did enjoy this guide please be sure to check out some of our others such as our guide to the best snow sunglasses or the best snowboard butt pads.


      Best Butt Pads For Snowboarding

      If you’re a beginner snowboarder it’s more than likely that you’ve taken a few spills and landed on your butt. Now, the first fall isn’t that bad but by the time you get to the fifth or sixth of the day they can start to add up. That’s why this review is on hand to break down the best but pads for snowboarding so you can stay pain-free while out on the hill.

      Triple Eight Bumsaver Men’s Padded Shorts

      • Soft, breathable, form-fitting mesh design
      • Shock Absorbing EVA Foam
      • Removeable Pads For Easy Washing
      • Most Protection Of Any Model On Our List
      • Bulkier Than Most Options

      Our number one selection on our list of the best butt pads for snowboarders is this great pair of shorts from Triple Eight. These shorts are a great option for any snowboarder looking for a little more protection went out on the ski hill.

      The first feature we’re going to cover is the soft breathable and formfitting mesh design. Due to the bulky nature of snowboard butt pads it can be difficult to find a pair that fits you comfortably. With this model you’ll find that the material allows you to stay comfortable and cool throughout your day of snowboarding.

      The next feature we’re going to cover is the shock absorbing EVA foam. This foam is what protects you and your body when you take a spill while snowboarding. This foam is incredibly lightweight while also being durable enough to take a solid impact.

      This Eva foam will make any falls on the mountain a whole lot less painful.

      Another benefit of the snowboard butt pads is that they are entirely removable making them easy to wash. Since the shorts will likely sit beneath most of your snowboard clothing it is quite likely that they will build up some sweat and odour after a long day of snowboarding.

      If you purchase a model that does not allow you to remove the pads it will be very difficult to wash them without damaging the short some selves. This is why having easily removable pads is a great feature for this kind of product.

      Of all the snowboard but pads we covered throughout our research we found that this model from triple eight to offer you the most protection.

      The only real negative we came across where our research was at this model is slightly bulkier than others. In order to give you great protection, this model has installed more pads than you will see in any other pair of snowboarding shorts. This will make it a little more difficult to fit the shorts underneath your snow pants and other snow gear.

      That being said if your main goal when purchasing a pair of snowboard butt pads is to remain safe and protected on the hill then there is no better option than this set from triple eight.

      Bodyprox Protective Padded Shorts for Snowboard

      • EVA foam cushions
      • Advanced heat and collision Resistant
      • Durable and Flexible
      • Ergonomically designed to minimize discomfort
      • Best Selling Model Online
      • Not the same level of quality as the top option

      Next on our list of the best butt pads for snowboarding is this set from body products. This is a another pair of padded shorts that offers you great protection on the ski hill.

      The first feature we are going to cover on this model is the EVA foam cushions. This is the same material you saw used in the last product we featured. This high-quality material is something you can trust to keep you safe while out on the ski hill and will make those spills a lot easier on your body.

      The advanced heat and collision resist another great feature of these snowboard by pets. These protective shorts are built with the material that allows you to stay cool and dry throughout the day.

      As sweat builds up on your lower body you will find that these protective shorts will be able to wick that sweat away keeping you dry and comfortable.

      Durability and flexibility and benefits of the snowboard butt pads. You’ll find the dude that elastic material used in the shorts that they will be quite flexible as you make your way down the hill. This is incredibly important as tight constricting ski gear is going to make you uncomfortable and unable to perform effectively.

      The durability of these protective snowboard shorts will also ensure that you will be able to use them for years to come.

      If you’re worried about the comfort of these shorts you’ll be happy to know that this model has been specifically designed for a comfortable fit.

      One the main pain points of wearing these protective pads is that they can be uncomfortable for the snowboarder. This is why body products built these shorts specifically with comfort in mind.

      Protection Hip,3D Padded Shorts

      • High-grade multi-stage impact protection
      • Quality skin-friendly fabric
      • Full-Elastic Waist with Drawstring
      • Breathable And Lightweight

        Next on our list of the best butt pads for snowboarding is this set of hip protection 3-D padded shorts. There’s another fantastic option for those snowboarders looking for some protective gear without trying to break the bank.

        The high-grade multi state impact protection is the most important feature of this model. This pair of shorts also utilize that same EVA foam material in their padding.

        You can see in the image above the padding on the shorts is ergonomically designed to fit the bends and curves of the body. This will allow for the highest level of protection as it will ensure that the pads are resting on the proper spot of the body.

        When worn properly this pair of protective snowboard shorts should have padding to protect your hips buttocks thighs and tailbone.

        This great design should offer you more than enough protection to feel confident and safe on the ski hill.

        Another beneficial feature is that this model is made out of quality skin friendly fabric. Since often times the shorts will be worn in replacement of underwear it is likely that the material will be resting on your skin. This makes it important that this material is comfortable and does not have any negative reactions to your skin.

        The full elastic waist drawstring of these protective snowboard shorts or another handy feature. This ensures you can tie the shorts up tightly in order to make sure they will not move throughout the day.

        As we stated earlier it is essential that the pads are resting in the right place your body in order to protect you properly. This drawstring feature is just another benefit to make sure that these pairs stay in their proper location.

        It is also worth mentioning that these protective snowboard shorts are lightweight and breathable. As you already know snowboarding requires quite a lot of gear and by the end of it you’re going to be under more than a few layers.

        It helps to have this base layer of snowboard shorts as breathable and lightweight so that you can still feel comfortable and mobile throughout the day.

        All in all, we found these snowboard butt pads to be another fantastic option for anyone looking for quality protection out on the hill while still not going over budget.

        3D Padded Hip Protective Shorts Kids Men Women Butt Pad Shorts

        • Fits Underneath snowpants Easily
        • Easily Adjustable
        • Breathable Lightweight
        • Fits Women, Children, And Men
        • Less Overall Protection for quads and hips

        Next on the list of the best butt pads for snowboarding is this great option available for women children and men.

        The most important feature of this model is that it fits differently than our other options. All of the others snowboard butt pads we’ve included on our list sit within a style of protective shorts. While this model is simply a tailbone/butt pad that you can slide on underneath your snow pants.

        Though, this is going to be much more comfortable and mobile than wearing the protective snowboard shorts. This is because there will be less padding on your quads and hips allowing you more movement while snowboarding.

        That being said the main protective purposes of this model is for your tailbone and your butt. The other models offer more protection on your hips” so if that is an important factor to you you may want to choose one of our previous models featured in our list.

        Another great benefit of this model is that is easily adjustable. Since the pads are securely located within a pair of shorts you’re much more easily be able to adjust and move these pads around underneath your snow pants.

        Since this model is significantly smaller and lighter than the protective snowboard shorts we’ve mentioned earlier in our list you’re going to find it is much more lightweight and breathable. These bug pads simply rest underneath your snow pants in or tied around your waist via a strap.

        This will allow a significantly more breathability as these pads will not be tightly attached to your body.

        The last benefit we’re gonna cover is that this model fits kids women and men. This is a great feature as the majority of the shorts we mentioned earlier are typically ordered for a specific size.

        The style of these snowboard butt pads allow you to wear these share these pads even if you are significantly different sizes.

        Overall we found the snowboard butt pads to be a fantastic option for anyone looking to purchase a pair of snowboard butt pads that are less constricting and easy to take on and off.

        Frequently Asked Questions Best Snowboard Butt Pads

        Do These Snowboard Protective shorts have room for a cup?

        So snowboarders and skiers tend to wonder if these protective snowboard shorts come with a spot to place a cup or jock. Unfortunately, the shorts are not built for that purpose.

        Typically when skiing or snowboarding it is very unlikely you’re going to fall in a manner in which she would need a jock to protect you. For that reason most of these shorts only have padding and pockets for padding in the legs and butt area.

        Can I wear these snowboard Butt Pads for other purposes?

        Yes in fact these sorts of paths can work for many different sports. Other common uses for these but pads is skateboarding and skiing.

        Since these shorts have padding that you can wear for your lower body there are many other activities that typically involve physical contact with that same area. Because of that, these shorts can work as a great alternative.

        There is no specific build of this model that has to do with snowboard so using these shorts as padding for other activities to protect your hips thighs in but it’s a great option.

        Can I Wear these protective shorts for summer activities?

        Yes, you can, in fact, wear the snowboard shorts for other winter activities but you must keep in mind how warm they will be. The shorts are built typically to be worn in colder weather so if you were planning to wear them for a hot day you’re going to need to keep a few things in mind.

        First you must consider breathability. Many of these snowboard protective shorts offer breathability features that allow you more airflow into the short some selves. Looking for this feature will make the shorts much more accessible to summer use.

        Where Should I Buy Snowboard Butt Pads?

        If you’re looking to buy any snowboard butt pads you would likely be able to find one at your local snowboard shop. Though if you’re looking to pick a specific model or you’re looking to find a good bargain your best bet is to shop online.

        Shopping online stores will give you a much larger number of brands and prices to choose from. This will more likely result in you receiving one of best butt pads for snowboarding as well as the best bang for your buck.

        Do These Snowboard Butt Pads Really Work?

        The snowboard butt pads do certainly improve the process of falling while snowboarding. That we cannot say for sure if they work to prevent injury we can certainly say that they made the action of falling much more comfortable. Often times nobody’s using these pads are doing so to avoid the pain reform down these but pads are quite effective in doing that.

        Conclusion Best Butt Pads For Snowboarding

        We hope you enjoyed our guide the best butt pads for snowboarding. If you have any questions regarding this guide or any of the products featured on it please be sure to reach out in the comments below.

        If you did enjoy this list please be sure to check out some of your others such as our guide to the best walkie talkie for skiing or our guide to the best snowboard gloves.


        Best Snowboard Wrist Guards Reviewed

        As a beginner snowboarder it’s safe to say you’re going to take a few falls throughout the day. Many of those times you’re going to brace your arms out for impact in order to soften the blow. Unfortunately this leaves your wrists in harms way, that’s why this review of the best snowboard wrist guards is on hand to keep you in top shape while out on the ski hill.

        Burton Adult Wrist Guards

        • Sleek Low Profile Design
        • Fits Under Jacket
        • Easily Adjustable Hook And Loop Straps
        • Flexible Velcro Adjustment
        • Soft Palm Padding
        • Less Structured Build

        Our number one selection on our list of the best snowboard wrist guards is this fantastic pair from Burton. For those looking for a low profile set of wrist guards that you can fit underneath your jacket these are a fantastic option.

        The first feature we’re going to cover is the sleek low profile design. Now as we stated earlier this allows you to tuck these wrist guards underneath your jacket sleeves as well as your gloves. For those of you that do not want to show off that you were wearing wrist guards this is an incredibly handy feature.

        The sleek low profile design also makes these wrist guards significantly less bulky. Many snowboard wrist guards in the market are made up of hard structured plastic. This will limit the movement you can have with your hands and wrists as well as make it significantly harder to place these wrist guards underneath your snow gear.

        The hook and loop straps used in these wrist scars from Burton make it incredibly easy to adjust. This is incredibly important as for your wrist guards to work affectively they need to be fitted to your wrist properly. If your hand or wrist can slip out of the guards they will no longer be able to perform properly.

        The flexible Velcro adjustable strap that is featured on his wrist guards is another great feature that ensure your wrist stays in place. Using these two features together you’ll find you’re able to securely fit your wrist into the guards ensuring that they will be protected.

        The soft palm padding feature on these wrist guards is a feature that increases the comfort. Often times when making a fall on a snowboard your palms are going to be the first part of your body to make contact with the ground. Having a soft padding will lessen that glow in overall offer you a more comfortable feel.

        All in all we found these Burton wrist guards to be a fantastic option for any snowboarder looking for a low profile wrist guard. Though this model is not as bulky and sturdy as some other options the high-quality build in affective features from Burton make these wrist guards a fantastic choice.

        Demon Flexmeter Wrist Guards

        • Absorbs impact Instead of transfering to other joints
        • Two-sided thermoplastic Hytrel panels
        • Hook-and-loop closures
        • Created By Wrist Surgeon In France
        • Bulkier Must Be Paired With Larger Gloves

        Next door list of the best snowboard wrist guards is this pair from demon flex meter. These wrist guards are the bulkiest and strongest on our list. Making them the best option for those looking for the highest level of protection.

        One of the best features of these wrist guards is that instead of transferring the impact from your wrist to other joints discard instead absorbs the impact itself.

        Typically wrist guards are put in place and are able to lock the rest from moving in a way that would create an injury. They do this by holding the wrist still in transferring that impact to your elbow or shoulder. Though this is typically fine it is even better that these wrist guards are able to absorb the blow themselves.

        The thermal plastic Hydro panels that you will see on the front of these wrist guards are sturdy you’re flexible enough to absorb the blow. This means if you fall heavily onto your wrists you’ll find that the panels of this wrist guard will flex slightly keeping your wrist safe without transferring the impact to the rest of your body.

        These racecars also future hook and loop closure so you can affectively adjust them to fit your wrist properly. This also allows you to remove and put on these wrist guards with relative ease.

        If you are still doubting the quality of these restarts it is helpful to know that they were designed by a professional wrist surgeon. He built these racecars in order to reduce the number of injuries that are seen amount snowboarders that fall onto their hands.

        These wrist guards have been studied in their effectiveness and have been proven to reduce injuries by using the risk guard itself to absorb the blow.

        The only real negative of these wrist guards is that they are slightly bulkier than other models. This means you may need a larger set of mittens or gloves in order to effectively fit these wrist guards underneath.

        All in all, we found these wrist guards to be the number one option for those looking for safety. If you’re only concern when purchasing your snowboarding wrist guards is keeping your body safe than these should be your top option.

        Triple Eight Wristsaver

        • Slide-On Design for easy on and off
        • 4-way stretch nylon mesh provides a snug fit
        • Shock absorbing EVA foam secured between support splints
        • Four Different Size Options
        • Slightly Lower quality Build Than Top Picks

        next on our list of the best snowboard wrist guards is this great set from triple eight. This model is another great option to choose if you’re looking for a quality pair of wrist guards for the upcoming ski season.

        The first feature we’re gonna cover is there easy on and off design. With this Triple Eight wrist guard you were able to slide the wrist guard on and off at any time.

        This is a handy feature as you would likely be putting on and removing your wrist guards several times throughout the day. If convenience is on the top of your list then this is a very helpful feature.

        The four way stretch nylon mesh is another great feature of this pair of wrist guards. This provides you with a snug fit and ensures that your wrist guard is not going to move out of position at any point throughout the day. This also allows the risk her to be a little more low profile making it easier to tuck under your jacket and gloves.

        The next future we’re gonna cover is the shock absorbing EVA foam. This is fitted between the splints of these wrist guards and ensures that you have a softer impact. Regardless of if you’re wearing wrist guards are not your hands are going to still come in to hard contact with the snow. With this shock absorbing EVA foam you will find that this impact will be noticeably less painful.

        It is also worth mentioning that this wrist guard comes in for different size options. This is important because you want to be sure that the fit of your wrist guard is correct in order for it to work properly.

        The only real negative we came across thread or researchers that this model does not quite up to the level of quality as our top options.

        With that being said this wrist guard is still a fantastic option to choose from when compared to the rest of the market. That one is not quite as high-quality as our topics we can still certainly get the job done and offer you some great features that will benefit its performance.

        Dakine Wristguard

        • Low profile design for use inside gloves
        • Neoprene stretch body for maximum comfort
        • Adjustable hook and loop wrist cinch
        • Lowest Price
        • Less Sturdy Build

        last on her list of the best snowboard wrist guards is this model from the car. Similar to our first option from Burton is the kind wrist guard is another low profile model that you can easily tuck away underneath your snow gear

        The low profile design offers you as a snowboarder much more flexibility in mobility while wearing these wrist guards. No it does not offer the level of protection as those bulky and hard structured bottles it will still keep your wrist safe while allowing you to move freely.

        The neoprene stretch body offers you another level of comfort while wearing these wrist guards. Often times wrist guards can feel a little constricting on your hands and forearms with this neoprene material you’ll find these wrist guards will fit you quite snuggly and comfortably.

        The adjustable hook and loop rest cinch ensures that your fit will be tight and secure. As we stated several times read this article the fit of these wrist guards is extremely important as your guard needs to be applied properly in order for it to work effectively.

        Probably the biggest benefit of this model is that it is offered at the lowest price point of any on our list. This isn’t to say this is the cheapest model out there but this model comes at a much lower price point will still be in quality enough to keep your wrists safe.

        All in all if you’re looking for a snowboard risk or they can get the job done but don’t wanna break the bank in this model is a great option.

        Frequently Asked Questions – Best Snowboard Wrist Guards

        Do snowboard wrist guards work?

        Yes, this is especially important for beginner snowboarders the 10 to fall forward onto their hands. Wrist and Reese are one of the most common ways to become hurt while snowboarding.

        The wearing wrist guards does not make you immune to rest injuries while snowboarding it significantly reduces the threats.

        In fact, a study by physio room estimated that snowboard wrist guard reduce wrist injuries by up to 85%. I don’t know about you but to us a bonfire snowboarding this seems like a pretty helpful piece of equipment.

        Do all snowboarders Wear Snowboard Wrist Guards?

        Though there are many snowboarders that wear wrist guards at all times they typically are worn by beginner snowboarders. This is due to the fact that beginner snowboarders are much more likely to fall especially onto their hands.

        Since so many beginners fall into their hands it is quite common for wrist injuries to occur. But wearing these wrist guards you will find that not only will you reduce the injury risk but you were also significantly reduce the amount of pain that occurs when you do fall over.

        Typically snowboarder stop wearing wrist guards when they become much more experienced in their falls typically don’t result in them sticking their hands out to brace for impact.

        Do wrist guards go over or under gloves?

        Wrist guards are able to be worn over and under the gloves but the vast majority tend to wear their’s underneath. This is where a low profile style of wrist guard comes into play.

        Often times snowboarders choose slicker and lower profile wrist guards in order to more easily fit them underneath her jacket sleeves and gloves. If you do decide to go with a bulky racecar you’re going to need a larger pair of mittens that can fit the wrist guard underneath.

        Do you need wrist guards for skiing?

        No you’re still able to wear wrist guards for skiing they are much less common. This is due to the way that skiers fall. If your snowboarding is much more common that you fall forwards or backwards either onto your butt or onto your stomach with your hands propped out in front.

        While skiing it is much more common to fall onto your sites. These files typically occur with your hip making first impact. Though you can still plant your hand and put pressure on your rest it is much less likely to occur than it is with snowboarding.

        So, yes you can wear wrist guards by skin but due to the way the skiers typically fall this sort of safety equipment is much less common place.

        Conclusion Best Snowboard Wrist Guards

        We hope you enjoyed our god did the best snowboard wrist guards. If you have any questions regarding this guide or any of the products featured on it please be sure to reach out in the comments below. If you did enjoy this guide please be sure to check out some more others such as our guide to the best ski goggles for kids or the best snow sunglasses.


        Best Ski Goggles For Kids

        If you’re looking to get your child into skiing in a comfortable and clear pair of goggles is an essential piece of equipment. With hundreds of different brands and models it can be tough to determine which pair it’s gonna be best for your kid. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best ski goggles for kids so you can find the perfect pair.

        OutdoorMaster Kids Ski Goggles

        • Tons Of Design Options
        • 100% UV PROTECTION
        • Compatible With Any Ski Helmet
        • Over Glasses Design
        • Soft TPU Frame
        • Includes Carrying Pouch 6-Month Warranty
        • Non Brand Name

        Our number one selection on our list of the best kids ski goggles is this great pair from outdoor master. These great ski goggles for kids are fantastic option for any parent looking for a durable and trustworthy pair of goggles.

        The first feature we’re going to cover is the huge number of design options that are available with these goggles. These design options come with many different colours and styles allowing you to pick a design that matches your child’s personality.

        Whether you want to match these goggles with the rest of their ski gear or just use their favourite colour the ski goggles design options are going to be a hit with your kid.

        In terms of performance features these goggles offer 100% UV protection. People often underestimate the strength of the sun during the winter months. We recommend that if you decide to purchase any ski goggles for your child that they are 100% UV protected.

        It is also worth mentioning that the ski goggles are compatible with any helmet. Regardless of what helmet your child owns you’ll be able to secure these goggles and have them comfortably fit on your child’s face.

        The design of these goggles also allows for OTG. This stands for over the glasses. For skiers that have to wear glasses at all times you’ll be happy to know that these goggles are built to facilitate for those skiers allowing them to place the goggles over top of the glasses and still remain comfortable.

        The soft TPU frame refers to the flexibility of the frame of these goggles. At some point while wearing these goggles your kid is going to have a spill. You’re going to want softer more flexible frames on your child’s goggles so that first off your child’s head will not be injured and second the goggles themselves will not break.

        If you’re worried about the quality of these kids ski goggles you’ll be happy to find that they come with a six month warranty. This means that if any point in the six months after purchasing you these goggles you finally are not up to your standard you will be able to return them for a full refund.

        It is also worth mentioning that they come with a carrying pouch. This helps you transport these goggles to and from the ski hill safely.

        The only real negative we came across that our roofs research was that this model does not come from a trusted brandy. The majority of adults gears or snowboarders you will find the most your goggles are going to come from big ski brands. Unfortunately this is not the case for kids ski goggles so you’ll have to purchase from a company you may not recognize.

        All in all, we found these kids ski goggles from outdoor mass or to be a fantastic option. If you’re looking for a quality pair of ski goggles built specifically for kids then you’re going to be extremely happy with this purchase.

        Findway Kids Ski Goggles

        • Built Specifically For Kids Aged 3-8
        • Anti-fog, Anti-scratch
        • 100% UV Protection
        • Elastic Non-slipping Strap/Adjustable Buckle
        • Soft TPU Frame
        • Only Meant For Children

        next-door list of the best kids ski goggles is this great pair from find way. This pair of goggles offers you all the performance features you could want to keep your kid safe and happy went out on the ski hill.

        The ski goggles are built specifically for kids age 3 to 8. This is important because the majority of ski goggles you will find are either marked as one size fits all or in the age range from toddlers all the way to mid teens. It is somewhat rare to find a pair of ski goggles with an age range that specific.

        This means that these goggles will likely be more tailored to the size of your child’s head and more likely to match up well with their helmet size.

        These goggles also feature anti-fog and anti-scratch features. The anti-fogging is incredibly important. For those of you that don’t know often times face gaiters, facemasks or fully zipped up jackets can lead to hot air coming out of your mouth up into your goggles.

        This hot air typically fogs up and inhibit your ability to see clearly. With these anti-fog features you’ll find there’s more room for ventilation allowing your goggles to stay clear and transparent as you spend your day skiing.

        The anti-scratch features especially necessary for younger skiers. It safe to say there’s gonna be a few wipe outs, not to mention the scratches that would likely occur when taking off or caring these goggles throughout the day. Though the scratch feature doesn’t necessarily mean scratches will never occur it will certainly increase the odds that these goggles stay scratch free.

        The elastic non-slipping strap with adjustable buckle is another fantastic feature of these kids ski goggles. The nonslip strap will sit securely on the back of your helmet in order to ensure your goggles are not have to be adjusted throughout the day. The adjustability of the strap is another fantastic feature.

        This adjustability allows you to keep the goggles securely fit to your head. It also gives you the option to tighten the goggles up and wear them underneath your helmet or keep them looser and wrap them around the exterior of your helmet. Though this may not seem important to you some kids certainly prefer one style over the other.

        Just like we mentioned on our previous model these kids ski goggles also feature a soft TPU frame. As we stated earlier this means there’s gonna be a little more given the frame and making it a softer impact if your child happens to fall and make contact with the goggles as well as more durability to the goggles themselves.

        The only real con we came across these goggles is that they are not able to be used by adults. The only reason we consider this negative is because many of the youth models on our list can also be shared by the parents. But if these goggles are only intended for child use than this negative actually becomes a positive as these goggles will fit your child much better.

        All in all we consider these goggles from from find a way to be a fantastic option. If you’re looking to buy a set of ski goggles for your child or any young skier in your life then you cannot go wrong with this high-quality model.

        Akaso Kids Ski And Snowboard Goggles

        • Crisp Vision
        • Anti Fog
        • Anti-slip silicone backed and helmet compatible strap
        • Goggle Bag
        • Multiple Design And VLT Options
        • Only Meant For Ages 3-13

        The next addition to our list of the best ski and snowboard goggles for kids is this pair from a castle. These goggles offer incredible vision and a ton of great performance features that put them near the top of the list for the best kids ski goggles.

        One of the best features of this set of kids ski goggles is the crisp vision. The spherical lense that is the same used in adult ski goggles is loaded with features to give you more clarity while out on the ski hill.

        This land offers use peripheral view and distortion clarity. These features may be the difference in noting noticing another skier passing you bye. Having this clear vision on the hill will increase the level of safety your child will feel while skiing.

        The mirror coating on this lens also works to remove glare. This paired with the UV protection to keep you safe and seeing clear even on those bright blue sky days.

        The anti-fog feature is similar to the ones we covered in previous models. The ventilation works to allow the hot air to move out of your goggles to avoid fogginess. If you happen to wear a facemask or neck gator while skiing this will be an especially helpful feature.

        The anti-slip strap that is compatible with all of them it is another feature we’ve covered in previous models. This allows you to slide the strap through the back of your helmet ensuring it remains secure.

        This is compatible with virtually any ski or snowboard helmet meaning you won’t have to worry about ring you’re just in your goggles as they will likely be locked in place via the helmet strap.

        This model Also comes with a goggle bag. As you mentioned earlier this essential for those looking to keep your goggles in tiptop shape. The cycle bags are typically used when packing all your ski gear up for your day on the hill. The bag will ensure it does not come in the other contact like ski boots or poles in which the goggles can easily be scraped.

        On top of all these great features this pair of skin ski goggles is also offered in many different designs and VLT ratings. The designs are purely aesthetic and will allow you to choose from any different colour options.

        The VLT ratings refers to the amount of tent on the goggles. Goggles with higher VLT rating are best meant for dark conditions. So if it is often cloudy on your ski hill these will come in handy.

        The lower VLT rating goggles are meant for sunny areas and will allow you to see clearer even when the sun is very bright.

        All in all, we found these kids ski goggles to be a fantastic option for those looking to purchase a pair with the most clarity. If your mango in ski goggles is their vision then this pair from find away is a great choice.

        ZIONOR Lagopus Ski Snowboard Goggles

        • Tons Of Design Options
        • Anti Fog And 100% UV Protection
        • anti-wind features
        • Helmet Compatible & OTG
        • Not Built Specifically For Children

        These Zionor Lagopus ski and snowboard goggles are the fourth addition to our list of Beske goggles for kids. This model is actually the top selling kids ski goggles on all of Amazon.

        First off these kids ski goggles offer tons of different design options. What are you looking to match with the rest of your ski gear or you just wanna pick up your child’s favourite colour these design options make sure these goggles are loved by your kid.

        The anti-fog and 100% UV protection or a few features we have covered several times throughout this list. As we stated earlier the anti-fog features ensure that hot air and moisture is not buildup on the goggles therefore impairing your vision. The ventilation in these goggles allows that hot air and moisture to escape giving you clear optics.

        100% UV rating of these ski goggles is a Nother crucial feature. This ensures your eye stays safe and protected as the sun shines down and reflects off the snow around you.

        The anti-wind features are an interesting aspect of these Paris kids ski goggles. For anyone that skied many times you were aware of how cold those chilly winter winds can be if they’re sneaking through the crack between your helmet and goggles.

        These anti-wind features ensure that when does not get through and get to your bare skin resting underneath the goggles. This is especially helpful if you ski in the area that can experience highwinds.

        Finally these kids ski goggles are 100% helmet compatible and offer OTG. This is something we covered early interview but essentially means these goggles can be paired with any helmet and sit comfortably on your child’s head.

        The OTG features that any child or kid that uses glasses will be able to keep them on underneath the ski goggles and still fit comfortably.

        As one of the best selling ski goggles online we found this pair to be a fantastic option for anyone looking to purchase a pair of seagulls for their child at a fair price.

        Rngeo Ski Goggles, Pack of 2

        • Best For Budgets
        • Functional Air Vents & Detachable Head Strap
        • UV 400 PROTECTION
        • Elastic ABS Frame
        • Includes Two Pairs of Goggles
        • 12 Month Warranty
        • Slightly Lower Quality Build

        The final vision to our list of the best ski and snowboard goggles for children is this fantastic budget option. Not only is this cheapest options are less but it comes in a tube so it is affectively less than half the price of any other model on our list.

        The first feature gonna cover is the incredibly low price of the ski goggles. As we stated earlier the price tag on this model is the cheapest on our list by far and one broken and a per unit is less than half the price of any other model.

        The functional air vent in detachable head strap are two interesting features of this model. First off the functional air vents allow air to cycle through the goggles in order to keep your face cool and avoid fog. This sort of ventilation is something that is very necessary in all ski goggles and will make your all-around experience more comfortable.

        This model also features a detachable head strap. The strap can be removed from the goggles making it easier to store them when you’re transporting them to or from the ski resort.

        Just like the other models on this list these goggles offer 100% UV protection. Despite the low price when you can still rest assured that the struggle for keep your ice safe from harmful rays.

        These goggles also feature in elastic EBS frame. This is similar to the other frames you mentioned earlier on in the review which offer some give in a fall occurs. This ensures the goggles will last longer and also cause last image if you happen to fall face first.

        It is also workman today mentioning that these goggles come with a 12 month warranty. If you are concerned whatsoever about the quality of these goggles to the low price you’ll be happy to see that no matter what happens to these goggles within 12 months of the purchase date you will be able to return them for a full refund.

        In conclusion we found these goggles to be great for anyone looking to purchase a pair of childrens ski goggles on a budget.

        Now this price will still be seen in the quality of the model though we want to be sure to get the point across at these goggles still get the job done. No, they will not have the same level of clarity and quality as some other options but they are still a great choice for anyone looking for a pair of kids ski goggles to keep their kids eyes safe while on the hill.

        Frequently Asked Questions Best Ski Goggles

        Is It Important for Ski Goggles To Be UV Proof?

        Yes, as we stated several times throughout this review we find it incredibly important that your ski goggles have UV protection. This is especially important for your children. Often times the winter months skiers and snowboarders may discredit the strength of the sun.

        When in actuality often times the sun is actually more dangerous in the winter months do the reflective nature of the snow you’ll find many harmful UV rays will be making your way up towards your eyes on any given winter day. That is why we find it incredibly important that you purchase a pair of kids ski goggles to feature UV protection.

        What are the differences between adult ski goggles and kids?

        Dog generally kids and adults goggles are typically the same there are few small differences that makes the two. The first most obvious difference will be the size. Obviously as you would expect sky was built for kids and children are significantly smaller both in their strap size as well as their total goggle size when compared to adults goggles.

        Another difference comes in the quality of goggles them selves. You’ll find across-the-board you ski goggles are cheaper and slightly lower quality than most dog goggles. This is most likely due to the fact that parents realize their children are growing and purchasing an expensive high-quality pair of ski goggles for someone that will outgrow them in a few years does not always seem worth it. This results in adult ski goggles having a slower overall higher quality.

        Where To Buy Ski Goggles?

        If you’re looking to buy any pair of ski goggles you can likely head your local sports retailer and find a pair there. Though if you’re looking to find the largest variety in prices and styles ski goggles your best bet is to shop online. Shopping online on a large retailer like Amazon and give you a much broader opportunity to compare different styles ski goggles as well as their prices.

        Do I Need My Ski Goggles to Be Windproof?

        No it is not 100% necessary to get your ski goggles improve it can be an incredibly helpful factor went out on the hill. All skiers know the coldest of days when the wind is blowing strong. One of those cold feelings come from the air getting underneath your goggles and onto your face. If you happen to purchase a pair that improve you will not have to deal with this issue. So if you’re looking for the warmest possible set of ski gear than windproof goggles are a must have.

        Conclusion Best Kids Ski Goggles Reviewed

        We hope you enjoyed our guide the best kids ski goggles. If you have any questions regarding this guide or any of the products on it please be sure to reach out in the comments below. If you didn’t joy this guide please be sure to check out some of our others such as our guide to the best ski boot bags are the best foot warmers.


        Best Ski And Snowboard Locks

        Skis and snowboards can be expensive, leaving them unattended sitting on a ski rack with no practice protection just doesn’t make too much sense. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best ski and snowboard locks so you can keep your gear safe while you’re enjoying some food in the chalet.

        Ski and Snowboard-Fat Ski Key

        • Cannot Be Cut
        • Small And Easily Transportable
        • Built For Skis And Snowboards
        • Lifetime Warranty
        • Cannot Be Used To Lock Other Belongings Such As Bikes

        Our number one selection on our list of the best ski and snowboard loss is this fantastic product called the ski keys. Deslok built specifically for ski and snowboard racks is a fantastic option for any skier or snowboarder looking to keep their equipment safe.

        First off this is the only lock on our list that cannot be cut. Due to its design it fits within the rack itself keeping your skis or snowboard secure.

        This lock works by closing the bar on the ski rack through the small circular hole. It is at this point you turn the key in the lock to put it in the locked position. This will not allow anyone to remove the clothes ski rack bar therefore keeping your ski equipment in place.

        Since there is no wire or cord holding your ski gear down there’s no way to cut this lock even with the thickest of bolt cutters. This is a great benefit of this product and it’s one of the reasons it was our top selection.

        Another great benefit of this law is it’s small and easily transportable size. With many of the other ski and snowboard loss you’ll find that they have a bulkier heavier belt.

        Since you’re gonna be carrying your ski equipment around all day it is incredibly helpful to have a small lock like this. This model is small enough to keep in one of your pockets without feeling too heavy or cumbersome.

        Another benefit of this lock is that it was built specifically for protecting skis and snowboards. Many of the other locks on our list are able to be used for schemes no more protection but we’re not dealt with that in mind. When purchasing this law you can be sure that his entire purpose was to be used on a ski hill.

        Define a benefit we’re going to cover is the lifetime warranty. If you are nervous about the quality of this law since you’re purchasing it online you can rest assured that this model has a lifetime warranty. I’m reaching out to the manufacturer you can receive a new Skiba if yours falters or breaks in anyway.

        The only real negative we came across when researching the scaler was that it is not able to be used for other products. Some of our other locks will also be quite handy in the summer time tying up bikes or scooters. Well this lot since it is only built for skis and snowboards cannot be helpful for any other purposes.

        All in all we found this lock to be a fantastic option for any skier or snowboarder looking for the safest bet to protect your ski equipment.

        Safeman Multifunction Quick Lock

        • Tensile Strength
        • 100% Rust Proof
        • Two Loops For More Locking Options
        • Only 129 Grams
        • Could Potentially Be Cut

        Next on her list of the best ski and snowboard locks is this high-quality lock from safe man. This wired lock is another great option for skiers or snowboarders looking to protect their gear while they are away.

        This safe man lock features a wired cord which is used to keep your belongings this makes the tensile strength of the cord very important. Luckily this cord can handle tensile strength up to 2460 pounds.

        This means that if you were looking to break through this ski lock you would need a serious amount of force.

        Another added benefit of this lock is that it is 100% rust proof. If you have ever used ski locks before you likely have seen the rust build that occurs due to the lock being left outside often times in wet conditions.

        This rust proof feature will ensure the longevity of this ski lock allowing you to use it for many ski seasons to come.

        The two loops that emerge out of this lock allow you a ton of locking options. Whether you want to rap it around two bars or lock to items with a single lock the two loops allow both of these possibilities.

        This is a great feature as it makes this lock useful in many more sitautions than your other standard locks which only feature a single coord.

        Another benefit of this lock is that it only weighs 129 grams this is more than the first option on our list but still a relatively small amount of weight to carry in your pocket. Odds are between your snow pants and ski jacket you’ll likey have a pocket that can comfortably fit a lock of this size.

        The only real negative we came across with this lock is that it is possible it can be cut. Since it has quite a strong tensile strenght it would take some serious bolt cutters to get through this lock but it is possible.

        Though this isn’t something that would likely happen at a ski hill especially while other people are around so this shouldn’t be much of a concern.

        All in all, we found this lock to be great option for any skier or snowboarder looking for a high quality lock to secure their ski gear while they are away.

        Bosvision Ultra-Secure 4-Digit Combination Lock

        • Cut-Resistant
        • Easy To Use
        • 3 Feet Retractable Cable
        • Multiple Uses
        • Could Be Cut With Heavy Duty Equipment

        The third addition to our list of the best ski and snowboard locks this this Bosvision Ultra secure 4 digit combination lock. This lock is inexpensive option you can use to protect your belongings.

        Like the other wired locks on our list this ski lock is cut resistant. This means if you try to cut this lock in order to steal what it is protecting you will have some trouble getting through.

        That being said if you had a high quality pair of bolt cutters you will still likely to be able to get through the majority of wired locks.

        This is an extremely unlikley sitaution especially at a ski resort during the day but we found it was still important to mention.

        Another benefit of this lock is that it is easy to use. This lock features a simple four digit combination locking system. This is something nearly everyone has used before and should be easy to use for any skier or snowboarder.

        An additional benefit of the four digit locking system is that more than one person has the ability to open this lock. Instead of having to carry a key around you are able to let anyone know the lock combo and have them open it even if you are not there.

        It is also worth mentioning that the cable on this lock is a total of three feet long. This is more than enough needed for a ski rack lock and should give the ability to lock up multiples sets of skis or snowboards.

        Due to it’s wire style locking this ski rack lock can be used in many different situations. This includes locking up bikes, scooters or anything else that needs securing while you’re away.

        In conclusion this wired snowboard lock is another great option for this looking to keep their ski gear secured to the rack without paying a large price tag for the lock itself.

        Lewis N. Clark Cable Lock

        • 30 Inch Retractable Coord
        • Easy To Reset Combo
        • Durable Construction
        • Lightweight Build
        • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
        • Could Potentially Be Cut

        The fourth addition to our list of the best snowboard and ski rack locks is this Lewis And Clarke Cable lock. This easy to use cable lock is built for durability and convenience making it easy to protect your gear when out on the hill.

        The 30-inch retractable coord is what ensures your gear stays locked into the rack itself. The coord is easy to access and easy to manuever around the rack in order to attach your gear.

        Again as is the possibility with any cable lock there is the possibility of it being cut. As we states earlier this is unlikely and doesn’t happen often on ski hills but it is still a possibility.

        One benefit of this lock is that it features a easy to reset combo. This is something that will likely come up when using the lock as it is quite easy to forget your combo at one point in time.

        This reset feature will make it easy to reset your combo and have you using your lock again.

        Another benefit of this lock is the durable construction. The thermoplastic rubber used on the exterior of this ski lock ensure that this lock will stand the test of time even in the worst elements.

        The lightweight build comes in handy if you plan on carrying this lock around while you ski. The relatively sleek design and lightweight build make it much easier to keep this lock comfortably stored in a pocket.

        The final feature we’re going to cover of this model is the 30 day guarantee. If at any point during the first month of owning this lock, you are not satisfied with it’s performance you can return this product for a full refund.

        All in all, this lightweight ski lock is another great options for skiers and snowboarders looking to keep their equipment safe with a sleek and easy to carry rack lock.

        Master Lock Cable Lock

        • 3 dial combination
        • Push Button Recoil
        • 3 Foot Cable
        • Most Inexpensive
        • Multiple Colour Options
        • Could Potentially Be Cut

        The final addition to our list of the best locks for skiers and snowboarders is this master lock cable lock. This model is most least expensive option on our list making it great for anyone shopping on a budget.

        One awesome benefit of this model is that it features a 3 dial combination. Though it doesn’t sound like much of a difference having a 3-dial combination is a much easier and faster option than a 4 dial.

        Only having to input three numbers is going to save some serious time over the ski season as you will notice how much quicker it is to open a lock of this style.

        The push button recoil is another feature that is built for convenience. This button works by recoil in the cable wire as you would on a tape measurer.

        This makes the process of putting your lock away much faster.

        One factor we have to cover about this model is that it is the cheapest on our list. Though many of the locks we have covered sit around the same price range there are none cheaper than this model.

        We believe that this lock will protect you ski gear just as well as the other so if you are looking to save a little money it may be worth it to purchase this model.

        Finally this model is also offered in several different colour options. Whether you just want to buy your favourite colour or you want to match you lock to the rest of your ski gear these colour options allow you to customize this lock to your liking.

        If you’re looking for a convenient affordable option for a ski lock then the master lock cable lock is a fantastic option.

        Frequently Asked Questions Best Ski And Snowboard Locks

        How do I lock a ski lock?

        Depending on which style of ski like you go for there will be different ways to make sure the lock is holding your belongings in place. The most popular style of lock is a cable lock.

        In order to lock a cable lock you will simply wrap the cable around the skis tightly and then wrap that cable around the ski rack as well. This way the skis cannot be removed from the lock nor the rack unless you’re able to unlock the lock itself.

        Other styles of locks secure their belongings in different ways. You can see for example with this Kiki which was our top selection on this list it is simply locked by sliding the ski rack bar through a circular hole in the lock. If you’re curious how do use your ski lock look it up by name or contact the manufacturer for more details.

        Are ski locks worth it?

        Is it likely that without a ski lock your skis or snowboard will be stolen on the hill? No, though is this something that still happens from time to time and could be easily prevented, yes.

        reality is stolen skis or snowboard won’t likely happen to you but for only slightly more than $10 you can purchase one of the ski locks and ensure that you will not lose your skis or snowboard at any time and will not have to worry about leaving them unattended. This in our opinion makes ski locks worth their low price.

        How Do I lock Junior Skis?

        Junior skis are a bit tougher to lock because it is usually the tips of the skis that reach the ski rack bar in which most locks are fixed. The easiest way to login Junior skis is to lift them up so that the two pieces of bindings sit above and below the ski rack bar.

        You then attach the lock between the two ski bindings where your ski boot typically rest, you then must fix it to the ski rack itself.

        What Kind of ski locks are the best?

        The style of skill like you go for is based on personal preference, in our opinion there is not one bill that is better than the rest. If you’re specifically worried about security then you’re going to wanna get a life that cannot be cut or detach from the rack.

        On our list that would be our top option this Kiki. But if you’re looking for a lock that you can use for other purposes a cable lock like you would see in the other models is more helpful. There is no one type of ski lock that is the best but rather several different styles that can be the best depending on what you plan to use them for.

        Conclusion Best Ski And Snowboard Locks Reviewed

        We hope you enjoyed our guide to the best ski and snowboard locks. If you have any questions regarding our guide or any of the ski locks we featured on it please be sure to reach out in the comments below.

        If you did enjoy this article please be sure to check out some of our others such as the best ski boot bags or the best winter hats.


        Best Snowboard Gloves Reviewed

        every snowboarder knows there’s nothing worse than cold fingers went out on the hill. Luckily for you we have scoured the Internet decree best guide of the best snowboard gloves on the market so you can find the perfect pair for the next ski season.

        Burton Gore-Tex Gloves

        • Hidden Heater / Vent Pocket
        • Removable, 4-Way Stretch DRYRIDE Thermex Liner
        • Touchscreen Capabilities
        • Trusted Name Brand
        • Ergonomic Pre-Curved Fit
        • Guaranteed To Keep You Dry
        • Tons Of Colour Options
        • High End Price Point

        Are top selection on our list of the best snowboard gloves with this fantastic pair from Burton. These high-quality gloves are packed with tons of features that make them the best set of snowboard gloves on the market.

        The first feature we’re gonna cover is the hidden heater/vent pocket. This handy little pocket allows you to place handwarmers inside the glove itself in order to keep you warm on those chilly days.

        And if it’s a some spring skiing that you’re doing and you find yourself a little hot you’re also able to leave this pocket open in order to allow it to work as a vent. This will ensure your hands won’t sweat too much and allow for some air flow keeping them dry and avoiding odours.

        Next future we’re going to cover is the removable four way stretch liner. This liner is essentially a thinner glove that sits underneath the outer shell. If it is a specifically hot day or you’re looking for more mobility from your gloves you can takeoff the outer shell and just use the liner itself. This works great for more hands-on activities like shovelling or making a snow fort.

        It’s also worth mentioning that these gloves feature touchscreen capabilities. That means you’ll be able to use your smart phone even when you’re out on the mountain. Just makes it extremely easy to snap a quick pic without having to remove all your winter gear.

        The ergonomic all pre-curved fit of these gloves make them much more comfortable in natural fitting. Many gloves have a resting position of a straight palm which when you think of it is not typically how your hands rest. The ergonomic fit fits your hands in their natural stance making them easier to wear for a full day.

        Is also worth mentioning that these gloves are 100% waterproof. Even if it’s a slushy wet spring day you’ll find that no water will make it through the durable outer layer of these Burton Gore-Tex gloves.

        The final benefit we’re going to cover are the multiple colour options that are available with these gloves. Whether you just wanna rock your favourite colour or match the rest your ski gear these colour options if your lawn more customization of your gloves.

        The only real negative we came across throughout our research was that this glove comes at a slightly higher price point. That being said we found to be worth every penny.

        If you’re looking for the highest quality snowboard gloves on the market there is no better option than these Burton Gore-Tex gloves.

        VELAZZIO Waterproof Breathable Snowboard Gloves

        • powerful 3M Thinsulate insulation
        • Waterproof And Breathable
        • palms are equipped with rubber dots for maximum grip
        • Two Colour Options
        • No Touch Screen Capabilities

        Next to a list of the best snowboard gloves is this pair from Villaggio. These waterproof and breathable snowboard gloves are another fantastic option for snowboarders looking to stay warm out on the hill.

        The first benefit we’re going to cover these gloves is there a powerful 3M insulate insulation. This incredible technology works to keep your body with in the glove keeping your fingers warm.

        Everybody knows that the first place you’re going to get called on the ski hill is your fingers. That’s why this feature is so important. This high-quality technology separates this glove from others in his price range.

        Another pro of this set of snow boarding gloves is that they are waterproof and breathable. The 100% waterproof outer shell will ensure that no water will reach your hands throughout the day. This is an essential feature as a white glove is never going to keep you warm.

        The breathability is another great feature as this will ensure sweat or not buildup on your hands. Even if the gloves are waterproof and sweat buildup can make the inside there and therefore not perform quite as effectively.

        You will notice in the pictures that the palms are clipped with rubber dots in order to give you a more effective grip though you may be thinking you don’t use your hands too much we are snowboarding this is still quite handy feature.

        Even just getting a solid grip of your board the end of the day as you carry it to your car can make quite the difference. Not to mention if you end up using his gloves for other outdoor winter activities.

        It is also worth mentioning that you have two colour options to choose from in purchasing these gloves. No that is not a ton of selection still give him more customization to match with the rest your snowboard gear.

        The only real negative and came across read a research of this product was that it did not have touchscreen capabilities. This means you’ll be unable to use these gloves on your phone and you must remove them in order to operate your touchscreen.

        All in all we found these gloves to be a great option for any snowboarder looking to stay warm out on the hill. If you’re looking for a quality set of gloves offer a fair price and this is a fantastic option.

        MCTi Waterproof Mens Gloves

        • 3M Thinsulate Insulation
        • Waterproof and Windproof Function
        • Zipper Pocket and Custom Fit
        • Nose Wipe Thumb
        • Not Many Colour Options

        These MCTI waterproof men’s snowboard gloves are another great option for any snowboarder looking for a quality pair of gloves at a fair price.

        These gloves feature the same Thinsulate insulation that we covered in our last model. This high-tech insulation ensures that your body heat is kept securely with in the glove keeping your fingers warm throughout the day.

        This pair of gloves is also entirely waterproof and windproof. This means regardless of Highwinds or a wet slushy day you’ll find your hands will stay dry and warm regardless of the elements.

        The zipper pocket is another fantastic feature of this pair of snowboard gloves. As you can see in the image above the zipper pocket sits on the back of your hand. This can be used for many things but is most often used for handwarmers and see passes.

        If you belong to a ski resort that uses ski passes to get on the left you can be extremely handy to have a pocket in your glove. If this is the case you can simply tap your glove to the gate with your ski pass inside and it will let you onto the left. This eliminates the hassle of trying to retrieve your ski pass from deep in your jacket pockets.

        The custom-fit future refers to the wrist strap and drawstring closure that is built in to the snowboard gloves. Both of these features allow you to customize the tailor these gloves to the fit of your hands and wrist for a more comfortable feel. This will also help you make sure no snow gear gloves as you take your innevitable fall into the powder.

        The only real negative we came across to the research of the snowboard gloves that they are not offered in any colour options aside from black or gray. This office is not a big deal but may be important for some snowboarders looking for brighter colour options in their gloves.

        All in all we found this pair to be another great option for snowboarders looking to find a quality pair of gloves that will keep them warm without going over budget.

        Tough Outdoors Waterproof & Windproof Winter Snowboard Gloves

        • Nylon Outer Shell
        • Thermal Insulation
        • Thumb Nose Whipe
        • Synthetic Leather Palm
        • Low Price Point
        • No Touch Screen Capabilities

        Final addition to our list of the best snowboard gloves is this pair from tough outdoors. These waterproof and windproof winter snowboard gloves are another great option for any snowboarder.

        The nylon outer shell of these gloves is what protects you from the wind as well as injures your hand stays dry. This high-quality outer shell is everything you’re going to need to make sure that your hands stay protected from the winter elements.

        The thermal insulation works hand-in-hand with the outer shell to keep the heat inside. Think of the outer shell as the walls of your house and thermal insulation as the insulation between your walls. These two features work together to keep your hands warm and toasty throughout the day.

        The thumb nose wipe is a handy little feature seen on quite a few snowboard gloves. Everybody knows one of the most common issues when snowboarding or skiing is a runny nose. Having the ability to wipe this on a specific spot of your glove is much better than it running down into the top of your jacket and freezing or being wiped off on your jacket sleeves in which it will be noticeable.

        Synthetic leather palm is another fantastic feature of these winter snowboard gloves. This palm allows you to grip things much more securely then you would find with a traditional glove. This will make it easier to carry things or grab objects while keeping the gloves on.

        And finally the most important benefit is that these gloves have an extremely low price point if you’re shopping on a budget or just looking to see if a couple bucks you will find that this price tag is lower than the vast majority of gloves of this quality.

        The only real issue we came across with these gloves that they do not have touchscreen capabilities. As we stated earlier this means you’ll have to remove the gloves and use your fingers if you wanna operate any of your devices that use a touchscreen.

        All in all, we found that due to this set of gloves extremely low price point that it was a great value by. This pair of gloves is perfect for any snowboarder looking to purchase a pair of gloves I can get the job done all while keeping the cost low.

        Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Snowboard Gloves

        Where To Buy Snowboard gloves?

        If you’re looking to buy any pair of snowboard gloves you can likely head to Local outdoor sports retailer and find a pair there. But if you’re looking to find the best set of snowboard gloves for your price your best bet is to be shopping online.

        Through shopping online you’ll be able to compare a much larger variety of snowboard gloves as well as prices in order to find the perfect pair at the perfect price for you.

        Can I Snowboard In Gloves Insead Of Mittens?

        Though a lot of snowboarders use gloves over mittens it is perfectly OK to snowboard wearing gloves. Whether you like the mobility and dexterity that gloves offer or you already just have a pair at home snowboarding in gloves makes little to no difference when compared to snowboarding in mitts. As long as the pair of gloves are using and keep your hands warm then they were going to work just fine.

        How To Dry Snowboard Gloves?

        If you’re looking to dry snowboard gloves you’re going to want to avoid placing them on hot surfaces. So this may seem like the obvious option this can actually damage the glove some cells. Your best bet is to set the gloves in a warm and dry area and let them rest for several hours until all the moisture is gone.

        How Should Snowboard Gloves Fit?

        There’s no one way that snowboard gloves should fit but you’re a few helpful tips that may have your snowboard gloves fitting properly. First off you’re going to want to make sure that you can move all the fingers properly. At the end of the day if you’re wearing gloves you’re going to want to be able to use each of your fingers.

        You’re also going to want to make sure that these gloves sit tightly on your wrist and bottom of your hands. These are the most important parts that fit as it is with insurers your gloves stay snug to your body and do not allow snow to fall in to the glove itself.

        Conclusion Best Snowboard Gloves Reviewed

        We hope you enjoyed our guide to the best snowboard gloves. If you have any questions regarding this guide or any of the gloves included on it please be sure to reach out in the comments below if you didn’t joy this guy please be sure to check out some of our others such as our guide to the best ski boot bags or the best thermal underwear.