How To Stop On Skis Safety Guide

How To Stop On Skis

One of the most important aspects of skiing safety is being able to come to a stop safely. Most injuries on the ski hill occur when you are travelling with speed. So having the ability to stop to avoid accidents can be a very important aspect of ski safety. In this article, we are going … Read more

Best Snowboard Gloves With Wrist Guard Reviewed

Prevention is better than cure! People who are in the process of learning snowboarding, need to imbibe this ideology to stay safe. Snowboarding is among the few sports that have high chances of injuries. Thus, naturally, one needs to be very careful while snowboarding, especially, during the learning phase.  Image Source: Amazon.comSnowboarders are prone to all … Read more

Best Snowboard Stomp Pad Reviewed

Stomp pads have a very defined purpose of providing traction to your rear foot which makes them a vital addition to a snowboard. They are made from several different materials such as PVC, foam, rubber, metal, etc. and based on their composition their level of traction varies too.¬†For this reason, we have broken down this … Read more