Best Winter Ski Hats Reviewed – Which Is Best For You

There is no worse feeling than showing up to the mountain and realizing you don’t have the proper clothing to let you enjoy the day. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best winter ski hats so you can find the perfect one for you.

Best Ski Hat 2021

Mountain Hardwear Dome Perignon

Our number one selection for the best winter ski hat is this fantastic model from Mountain hardwear. This awesome hat has everything you need to protect your self from the elements all while staying comfortable on your head.

  • 100% Polyester Fleece
  • Helmet Friendly
  • Wind – Proof
  • Full Coverage – Including Ears
  • Less Stylish Look Than Other Styles

100% Polyester Fleece

The first benefit we are going to cover regarding this mountain hardware winter hat is 100% polyester fleece. This winter garment is built with high-quality fleece which is perfect for any cold weather.

The reason fleece is so often used in winter garments is because it raises the body temperature when resting on the skin. This will ensure that your head will stay warm regardless of the elements.

Helmet Friendly

Another one of the major reasons we chose this hat as the number one selection is because it is helmet friendly. If you’re like most skiers and snowboarders you’re going to want to wear a hat underneath your helmet. This is especially true on those extra chilly days.

Many beanies and other bulky hats make it difficult to fit your helmet on properly.

This sleek design with this mountain hardware hat means this is not an issue. This should allow it to fit comfortably underneath your ski or snowboard helmet.

Wind – Proof

Another great factor of this winter hat is that it is entirely windproof. And if you’ve been on the mountain for chilly days before you know wind is the biggest factor. With this windproof hat, you’ll find that all the heat underneath your helmet will be retained keeping you warm and cozy.

Full Coverage – Including Ears

This hat also has the added benefit of full coverage. What we mean by this is that this hat is large enough that it can be pulled down over the ears. Since many helmets do not have sufficient weather protection for your ears this is an incredibly important feature.

This feature will help keep your ears covered and protected throughout your day on the hill.

The only real con we found with this winter hat was that it does not have the stylish appeal of some others like beanies. That being said if you are shopping for the most practical and effective winter hat on the market in this mountain hardware hat is your best option.

The North Face Osito Beanie

Next on our list of the best winter ski hats is this fantastic option from North Face. This Osito beanie is a great option for skiers are looking for a more relaxed fit. This winter hat also offers quality protection from the elements.

  • Highly wind-resistant
  • Comfortable Loose Fit
  • Full Coverage
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Bulkier Fit

Highly wind-resistant

One great feature of this north face beanie is the high wind resistant properties. As we stated earlier if you’re looking for a solid winter hat then wind resistance is something you cannot pass up.

This beanie offers its users great protection from the wind due to its terrible high-quality build.

Comfortable Loose Fit

Another great feature of this Osito beanie is the comfortable loose fit. Often times winter hats can be tight and constricting make them uncomfortable for the user. With this model, you’ll find a relaxed slouchy fit that will be much less tight on the head.

This also makes it much easier to slip this hat off and on. And even easier to find a universal size that will fit easily.

Full Coverage

As we covered with our last model this hat also features full coverage. This means that you will be able to pull this beanie down over your ears. If you’ve been outside in cold winds you understand how tough it can be on your ears. So having a hat with full coverage is a huge benefit.

Lifetime Warranty

Finally this beanie like all of the north face products and features a lifetime warranty. This means that you’ll be able to return this beanie if it does not live up to the standards you expected.

It is important to remember this lifetime warranty is only available if you purchase this beanie from a north face official distributor.

The only real con we came across when reviewing this north face beanie is the larger slouchier or fit.

If you’re trying to fit this beanie underneath your helmet it may be somewhat difficult due to the extra material sitting at the top of the hat. That being said if you have a looser fitting helmet you should still be able to fit this beanie underneath.

If you’re looking for a high-quality winter hat in the beanie style this awesome product from North Face is a great option.

Burton Men’s Kactusbunch Beanie

Next on our list of the best winter ski hats is this awesome cap from Burton. This Burton beanie is the first on our list made by a snowboard and ski brand. This hat is a great option for skiers looking for a quality tight-fitting beanie.

  • 100% fine knit acrylic
  • Trusted Name Brand
  • Tight To Head FIt
  • Fold Up Hem
  • Multiple Colour Options
  • One Year Warranty
  • Less Wind Resistance Than Other Models

100% fine knit acrylic

This Burton ski hats 100% fine knit acrylic build is the first feature we’re going to cover. This build is especially beneficial to those skiers and snowboarders who are looking for a comfortable lightweight fit.

Often times your helmet can do a solid job keeping you warm and just another thin layer is all you need to feel comfortable. If this is your scenario then a lightweight thin beanie like this model from Burton is a great option.

Trusted Name Brand

It is also worth mentioning that this hat comes from a trusted ski and snowboard brand. When purchasing ski gear from Burton you know the quality and the knowledge that this brand has.

This hat can be worn underneath the helmet as it has been designed for this purpose. The hat also features a burton logo that is placed on the tag.

Tight To Head FIt

Another benefit of this Burton hat is that its design is meant to fit tight to the head. This is especially beneficial for those that plan to put this beanie underneath their ski or snowboard helmet. This tight slim fit will allow you to comfortably wear the hat while still ensuring your helmet sits comfortably on your head.

Fold Up Hem

This hat also features a fold-up hem. This is great because it allows you to alter the length of the hats that will fit you comfortably. This means you can roll the hat up further if you want it to sit higher up your forehead or lower down if you’d like it to cover your ears. This will come in handy if you’re hoping to have your ears covered underneath your helmet.

On top of all these great features regarding the build of the hat it is also worth mentioning that it comes in multiple colour options.

Whether you want to pick your favourite colour or find a hat that matches the rest of your ski gear. These multiple colour options allow you to have a little more flair went out on the mountain.

One Year Warranty

Finally, this hat also comes with a one-year warranty. If you receive the hat and you do not like how it fits or how it performs out on the mountain you can simply return it for a full refund. If you’re nervous about the quality of this happened this one year warranty should give you some peace of mind.

The only con we came across is that this model does not have the same level of wind resistance as we saw with some of our previous hats. This is due to the lightweight build of this hat.

If you’re looking to find a lightweight slim fitting hat to place underneath your helmet then this beanie from burton is a fantastic option.

Carhartt Mens Woodside Acrylic Hat Beanie Hat

The final addition to our list of the best winter ski hats is this durable option from Carhartt. This is an incredibly popular style of winter hat. And is perfect for those looking to find a hat that will stand the test of time.

  • Thinsulate Lining + Acrylic Waffle Exterior
  • Quality Name Brand
  • Two Colour Options
  • Carrhart Logo Sewn On
  • Thicker Build

Thinsulate Lining + Acrylic Waffle Exterior

The first feature we’re going to cover is the incredible high-quality build of this winter ski hat. Thinsulate lining as well as an acrylic waffle exterior make up the build of this hat.

These two layers work together to retain the body heat coming off of your head. As well as keep out the elements via the waffle exterior.

This results in a slightly thicker build, though it is entirely necessary to have this thickness. It is needed in order to create the level of warmth this winter hat has to offer.

Quality Name Brand

Another great benefit of this hat is its quality name brand. Carhartt is known for the durability and ruggedness of their gear. This brand is incredibly popular amongst blue-collar workers especially those that work in tough outdoor climates.

This should give you confidence that this durable winter hat will be able to last for years to come.

On top of all these great features of this hat it also comes in two colour options. No this is not much, but it is still worth noting that you’ll have some choices to pick from.

Carrhart Logo Sewn On

On top of that this hat also features the car heart logo sewn on the head itself. This gives it a little extra flair and gives a hat a more noticeable look.

All in all, we found this Carhartt hat to be an incredible option if you’re looking for an extremely durable and quality winter hat. This is a great option that will keep you warm regardless of the elements outside.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Winter Ski Hats

Which style of hat will fit best under a helmet?

If you’re looking for a winter ski hat that is going to fit under your helmet you’re going to want to purchase a hat that is referred to as low profile, thin, or lightweight.

Typically the styles of hats are more likely to fit underneath your helmet comfortably. That being said the easiest way to determine if the hair would likely fit under your ski helmet is by looking at images of the hat itself.

But looking at images you would likely be able to determine if the hat itself can comfortably fit under the helmet.

A hat like a large beanie that has excess material at the top will not likely be as comfortable. This excess material will sit between your head and helmet and not offer you a comfortable fit.

Any slimmer fit or lightweight hat that seems it will fit snug to your head will likely fit comfortably underneath your helmet and will make sure to keep you warm.

What does full coverage mean in a ski hat?

When winter ski hats refer to full coverage they simply mean that this hat can be pulled down. This means they can cover not only the top of your head but your ears as well.

You’ll notice that full coverage is a common feature with hats as it is important that your ears are covered. Often times the only part of your head that gets cold in those windy chilly days is your ears. So having a hat with full coverage can be quite beneficial.

What material is best for extra cold days?

One of the most effective types of materials when it comes to extra cold days is nylon fleece. This type of material keeps heat within an actually increases the temperature of the skin when lying against it.

This is the type of material that will keep you extremely warm while out on the mountain. Though the bulky material is something you will have to deal. So if you’re looking for a slim fitting hat to place in your helmet you may want to choose a lighter weight material midnight life lease.

Is It Important to buy a winter hat from a name brand?

It is not necessary to purchase your winter ski hat from a name brand. Though it can be quite helpful in establishing the quality you’re going to receive.

When purchasing from name brands like Northface or Burton you know exactly what you were getting. You are also likely to receive a warranty on your product.

Are you apprehensive about the fit or the quality of your the hat that you’re getting? It can often be the safe bet to purchase from a well-known name brand.

Conclusion Best Winter Ski Hats

I hope you enjoyed our guide to the best winter ski hats. If you have any questions regarding this guide or any of the hats we have included on our list please be sure to reach out in the comments below.

If you did enjoy this guide please be sure to check out some of our others. Such as our guide to the best ski masks or the best footwarmers.

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