Best Time To Buy A Snowboard

Are you looking to grab a new board for the next snowboard season? If so, you may be wondering if you should hold off to find a better deal. Luckily this article is on hand to let you know exactly when is the best time to buy a snowboard.

Searching For Value

If you are reading this your goal is likely to score a quality snowboard for a fair price. We don’t blame you, this is an expensive sport and getting your timing down could save you a couple hundred bucks.

When it comes to timing your snowboard purchase you must understand the reasons for the lower price. This will help you get a better understanding of when you want to buy your snowboard.

As the snowboard season comes to a close many snowboard manufacturers are left with surplus inventory. This means that they have extra snowboards leftover from the current season. Once the next snowboard season starts all their efforts will go to promoting their new boards for that season.

This means they need to get rid of these leftovers, ideally before the next season starts. Since less people are buying snowboards this time a year there is only one way increase the demand. That is by lowering the price.

Timing Your Purchase

As March comes to a close you will start finding snowboards listed for a greater discount than you would see during peak season. This time of year you can expect a discount of roughly 10-20%. Though, it is important ot remember this number varies greatly depending on the snowboard.

At this time of year, there will be tons of snowboards to choose from as most companies will still have plenty of leftovers.

As it gets into April-May you’ll start finding discounts of 20-30% though there will be a more limited supply to choose from. As you can imagine some snowboards will not have a large number of leftovers once the season is done.

This means that by the end of March you will no longer be able to purchase some models for a discount. This time frame should offer you a solid deal and a fair amount of options to choose from.

June-August is when the real bargain hunters come out. It is possible to find savings of 40-70% on a very limited amount of snowboards.

Once it gets to this part of the season the vast majority of overstocked snowboards will already be sold. This means you will be selecting from the small number of snowboards that did not sell. This does not necessarily mean these are bad snowboards, but it is worth noting your selection will be very small.

Making Your Decision

In short, there is no one best time to buy a snowboard but rather the best time for you. As the offseason carries on, the boards will become cheaper and cheaper. But the number of boards to choose from will continually decrease.

To find the best time for you to purchase a snowboard you must find where your interests lie. Are you trying to save the most money possible? If yes the wait right until the dead of summer.

Are you trying to score a solid deal but still want to pick out a specific board? Then you best bet might be to purchase shortly after the season concluded.

We hope the information we have provided has taught you everything you needed to know about the best time for you to buy a snowboard. If you want to learn more about snowboarding check out our guide to go faster on your board.

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