Best Snowboards For Heavy Riders Reviewed

Extra pounds and bigger feet do not equal lesser fun at snowboarding! Heavy riders must not step back from having the time of their lives at the slopes but rather find the right board for doing it. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best snowboards for heavy riders.

Your height-and-weight proportion also plays a crucial role in determining your board. So here are a few points that you need to consider : 

Things to Consider when buying one of the best snowboards for heavy riders


Width is the surface area of a snowboard. For heavier and taller people with bigger foot size, a wider board is recommended to keep your boots on the surface.

If your boots extend the edges or hang out, you will lose control and encounter a dangerous situation. Thus, a wider board is better for higher performance.


Flex rating tells how soft or stiff the snowboard is.  A softer board will be more playful and a stiffer board will be more stable. This fact cannot be overlooked, for a person weighing more than an average rider a medium to heavy flex is appropriated.

A soft board can turn into no fun and too hard to control if used by a heavy rider. Depending on how your weight ranges, you can pick a stiffer board, for greater performance.


Under more weight, extra stress is laid unto the board. To avoid any damage, look for a strengthened board that reinforces the best quality materials in wood cores, laminate, and carbon elements.


Weight is the most important factor for the flex to function as desired and to determine the length of the board. The flex of the board is majorly influenced by the weight, making it even more important than the rider’s height.

All sorts of boards are designed keeping in mind the rider’s weight. 
It is essential to be in the weight range of the board for performance accountability.

If you are overweight for the board, the board will run short and it will flex more than it should, creating complications.

If you are lighter than the board’s capacity, it will run longer for you resulting in minimum flex.

Thus, determining the length of the board is another factor to achieve maximum accuracy. Many brands release a weight range chart for the buyer’s consideration that is quite helpful.

Take into notice your weight when you are packed with your gear, as the weight may vary.

A traditional way to recognize your board length is by standing the board on a base, usually snow, and checking where it reaches your body. 

Generally, the neck-touching length is accepted. This is just a prevalent guideline, to optimize your choice there are further factors to look into.


A rider’s stance and height are necessary as well. A taller person will naturally weigh more and have a wider stance due to a bigger foot size. 

The ratio of the rider’s stance and the board’s surface area is vital. A shortboard will not allow the rider a required stance and a longer board will leave too much surface remaining. In both cases, it is troubling for the rider while pivoting or engaging in aggressive sport.

Waist Width

The simplest definition of waist width is the measurement of a board in centimeters across the thinnest part. 

Narrow boards are faster, quicker at pivoting and initiating turns, and easy to maneuver. On the other hand, wide boards are more stable at stance and function especially well in deeper snow. 

Waist width is useful additionally, in acknowledging your foot size. The bindings must span edge to edge to achieve a balanced weight distribution and completely avoid toe or heel drag.


The shape of a snowboard is defined in terms of its nose and tail measurements. The design changes according to varying riding conditions. 
There are mainly four shapes that may slightly get enhanced or subtle depending on different brands and specific products.

Directional: These boards have the same width for the nose and tail and a clear front and back. It is favourable for a directional ride that is in the same direction. The flex is softer at the nose and stiffer at the tail. Good for speedy rides at backcountry terrain.

True Twin: The board is called a twin as the nose and tail measurements mirror each other. They have the same size, shape, and flex. There is a centered stance enabling switch riding and suitable for the park or freestyle riders.

Directional Twin: It is quite similar to a true twin except there are some asymmetric things, making it a versatile hybrid. The tail may have a stiffer flex than the nose, the nose might be slightly uplifted for powder riding, and the stance might set back. The combinations can vary.

Tapered: Here the tail has a smaller width than the nose; the nose is quite bigger. Almost all characteristics of the tail and tip do not match. The stance is a setback one. 

After understanding the technical factors involved in a snowboard, make your purchase more of an investment by studying the major shapes and types of snowboards available for purchase, to further narrow your list countdown. 

Types of snowboards

  • Freestyle: A good choice for beginners. Generally has a twin shape, forgiving board, and a medium flex that is responsive.
  • Freeride: This has a stiffer flex and longer surface than the freestyle. As mentioned above, stiffness enables stability. The directional shape gets better for deeper and soft snow terrain and gaining pace.
  • All-Mountain: Good for a variety of terrains and conditions, the board is all-purpose and has a balanced flex.
  • Park and Jib: Shaped like freestyle, it is twin shaped but has more flex making it better for hitting the rails.
  • Powder: As the name suggests, perfect for those who love powder, the directional boards have upturned noses and wider surfaces for floating. Good for backcountry terrain.

Take into consideration your ability of riding, your style, and where you are going to ride most of the time. Looking into all the above facets involving a snowboard for heavy riders, here are enlisted best eight products, out of which the most worthy for you picks will surely end up in your upcoming slope rides.

Top 8 Best Snowboards for heavy riders

Nitro Magnum Snowboard

The Nitro Magnum with its wide width and directional shape is completely enabled for managing heavier weight and riders with bigger foot size. The cam out camber in it, along with powder pods make it perfect for all-mountain rides and any severe conditions. Its 7/10 flex ranges from medium to heavy providing control and stability for heavier riders. 

best snowboards for heavy riders
  • Wide waist width
  • lightweight
  • Medium-heavy flex
  • Hybrid camber profile
  • Directional shape not good for riding switch

There is a sintered speed formula HD base for an increased wax absorption, toughness, and faster speed.

The material employed is high quality, Bi-Lite Laminates and the reflex core profile allows easy steering throughout the turn. 

Nitro Magnum is suitable for both beginners and experienced, aggressive riders. Essentially, the wide waist width provides enough boot space.

The power light core of the board keeps it lightweight even though it is strengthened to handle the extra pounds.

GNU Asym Carbon Credit Snowboard

GNU Carbon credit snowboard is the magic wand for skiers and snowboards. The newly launched snowboard is available in both regular and wide sizes, making it perfect for heavy riders. 

Particularly the banana shape technology is highly commendable among riders. The softer flex enables a playful and easy ride, while the steel provides the required strength and stability. 

Labelled as a perfect asymmetric twin, the board has all paulownia core making it light and strong. Materials used are trusted and easy to maintain, such as the Bi-Ax glass, eco sublimated poly top and base. 

  • Wide waist
  • Great freestyle option for heavy riders
  • Responsive
  • Banana shape technology
  • Softer flex

The asymmetries are balanced with serrated edges for effortless edge hold. GNU carbon credit boasts its craftsmanship through its ultimate performance.  

The board qualifies as a worthy investment through its versatile riding style. It is easy to maneuver all over the mountain and on ice, gliding through powder is smooth. 

It is soft enough to jib yet rigid and poppy enough to handle all-mountain thrashing and large jumps.  The sturdiness in the middle maintains balance and enables a firm stance, especially for that extra weight. 

Lib Tech Stump Ape Wide Mens Snowboard

Lib Tech is known to fill cups of heavier and larger riders. The in-house Skunk ape is most befitting.

This comes in both directional and twin shape, favorable for floaty freerides and all-terrain expander, based on the rider’s ability, thus giving the board its versatility. 

The flex ranges toward medium to stiffer, making it more responsive and agile.

It has an adaptive camber profile and a rocker between the feet for control on groomers and extra float in the pow, well suited for the big guys in big mountain terrain. 

  • Specifically designed for larger riders
  • Directional/twin shape
  • Lightweight
  • Strong wood core
  • Magne-Traction edge
  • Not for pow rides

The Skunk Ape uses an Aspen and Paulownia wood-based core. That makes the board light enough to control and carry besides, being strong enough to resist damage and breakage during an accident. 

The core has plenty of backbone to keep you stable even at high speed. Thanks to the Magne-Traction edge, which allows for excellent control even under the steady stress of a larger rider. 

So keeping your mind at ease, this board does all sorts of style from cliff or rocky to switches. 

Capita Defenders of Awesome Snowboard

Capita Defenders of awesome (DOA) is the best seller, all-rounder snow weapon. It is a true twin shaped with radial blend and carbon fiber beams to heighten the responsiveness and keep the board lightweight. 

The iconic board performs exceedingly well in so many different conditions.

The board gains its symmetry from the true twin flex ranging five and five and a half, mid flex, ideal for additional weight, and bigger feet riders.

The immaculate shape of the board is due to the camber between the feet, then it flattens slightly outside and rockers straight up toward tip and tail to provide all the float, stability, and grip, whether you are charging at a piste or carving the snow. 

  • True twin
  • Fortress kevlar
  • Rockers on ti and tail
  • All-rounder style
  • Not suitable for beginners

Underneath the top sheet is jewel blaster, ash pop core which is super dense to handle the heaviness, the durability of the board is added with its special blend of fiberglass and magic bean resin. 

The outstanding appeal of the DOA is fortress kevlar bound sidewalls making it extra sound. The carbon fiber beam boosters run along the board to give a little bit more aggression and keep it lightweight under the feet.

The board features a quantum drive base to make sure you have the fastest pace on the hill.

Jones Ultra Flagship Wide Snowboard Mens 

Jones ultra flagship is a premium, high end,  all-mountain freeride board that has immensely detailed tech in it.

The shape is a  regular true directional one, coupled with fusion carbon construction which makes the board super stiff.

An innovative feature is it’s really big nose and a  nice blunted tail, which implies pure power coming out of the carve and an ultimate float.

  • Jones’ premium base
  • Directional Camber
  • High-speed riding
  • Not for beginners

The contour is a perfect 3 point 3d base, featuring a slightly beveled board on the nose and the tail, meaning the edges lift away from the snow giving a smooth float on the powder like nothing else.

The profile is a directional camber, such as the camber is placed between the feet eventually it rockers up from the insides working outward, proving great for weather conditions in the backcountry.

The inserts are slightly set back than usual ones, assuring the gliding float. The flex is 10 on 10 being the stiffest, giving the most aggression, and being super stable at any speed, especially at a charged and faster speed.

Underneath the top sheet is a power core with a triple-density full wood.  Bamboo stringers run down the edge of the board providing a nice rebound, durability, and lightness. 

This makes up the Jone’s most premium and exclusive base, that absorbs 25% more wax than the usual bases, for you to have the ultimate glide.

The niche construction of the board has carbon fusion to give torsional stiffness to gain full grip and desired energy transfer from outside of the feet while carving. 

It’s the stiffness, toughness, and wide width of the board that establishes the cut for the heavy riders, the snowboard has 153 cm, 161cm, and 164cm, different length sizes available, giving more options to the riders to pick from. 

STAUBER Summit Snowboard & Binding Package Size

Stauber summit snowboard is an all-mountain style snowboard set. A pocket-friendly package designed for all major terrains. The shape is a twin directional one, great for switch rides and a hybrid rocker profile, makes carving, initiating turns, and small jumps effortless.

The lightweight rig is an ideal type for beginners, as well as for intermediate and advanced riders to trash around.

This board’s flex is medium, a 6.7 rate, on the stiffer side, better suited for heavy riders. 

Two individual camber zones offer plenty of pop, enabling playful rides at tight moguls. The rocker is centred at the board that helps prevent edge catching. 

  • All-mountain free ride
  • Bindings
  • Several sizes
  • Not wax based

The board induces 100% real poplar wood and a triaxial layer of fiberglass on either side of the board surface sheet for a smooth torsional flex.

The top sheet is coiled with a rigid snowboard binding made of injection-molded polyethylene.

Inserts are made of stainless steel using the standard mounting system.  The body design of the board is an ABS sidewall sandwich with a rubber dampening strip, steel edge, and extruded base to add durability and increased protection for the riders.

 A great catch in this purchase is the variety of sizes available, 128, 133, 138, 143, 148, 153, and so on, assisting all heavy riders and big guys in making the right choice.

For easy maintenance, there is an 8 countersunk washer among several accessories and adjustments.

Burton Custom X Wide Snowboard

The Burton custom is a game-changer, wide snowboard for the big guys. This deck has a directional well-rounded shape, and the inner contact points are twins with a center side cut radius style with an overall set back stance. 
The nose and the tail of the board are longer and taller as compared to the average deck, making it a perfect all-mountain freestyle ride.

The profile is a camber shape and a sleek arc that enables stability at high speed and lots of pop. Burton custom is quite rigid with a six flex that is stiffer and better for high-speed riding and g-forces, especially for the heavier guys. 

  • Twin directional shape
  • Stiffest base
  • Variety of sizes
  • Not too cost-effective

The board has a great functional performance, in deeper snow, carving, or at the parks. It allows regular switching and smooth-pivoting.

There are mainly two high-end materials used for the construction of the board: the superfly dual-zone EGD wood core which has squeezebox profiling

This enables adequate energy transfer from your body unto the edges, combined with 45-degree carbon highlights woven into the fiberglass on top and bottom surfaces. 

The base has a sintered WFO employed, which requires maintenance through waxing the entire season.

Acquiring all weather conditions, the board has frostbite protruding edges combined with the standard steel edge, providing more surface area and firmer grip. 

The custom board has a wide range in sizes, 150cm, 154cm, 154cm wide, 156cm, 158cm, 158cm wide, 162cm, 162cm wide, 166cm wide, 170cm wide, granting several options to the riders. 

Never Summer Big Gun Snowboard

The never summer big gun is a hybrid rocker, really a big gun, the smallest size available in this range is a 165. The profile of this board is extremely defined, rockered between the bindings, moving in towards the traditional camber. 

The camber is more ripsaw on the tail, whereas milder in the nose. The shape is directional, with a flex of mid to firm or stiff.

It has quite a big sweeping nose, giving a lot of lift in front, great for riding in powder, it also has a pretty strong taper going down the tail from the nose enabling a smooth float.

  • Great length
  • cambered profile
  • All-mountain ride
  • Not too lightweight
  • Lose between feet

The board is quite large, lest nimble and controllable enough with stern stability. The all-mountain free riding board is good for cruising around and railing turns.

This big boy is not too washy, thus prioritized by heavy riders. The edge grip is fairly competent thus withstanding most conditions for snowboarding.

The stance width is commendable, functions pretty well in match with rider’s foot size, and handling extra pounds. For an overview, the big gun is proficient for heavy riders who wish never summer and more winter! 

Conclusion Best Snowboarders For Heavy Riders

Finding the right snowboard for big guys a.k.a the heavy riders is comparatively trickier. By understanding the basic science behind the snowboards and figuring out the perfect ratio between the rider’s weight and board’s length, you can narrow down to sifting brands and get the above list handy. 

However, purchasing a snowboard is no paltry sum, it’s more like a long term investment. That is why your scrutiny before a decision is completely justified. So before you head to shred the gnar, have a worthy investment via these top eight products.

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