Best Snowboard Wrist Guards Reviewed – Which To Buy

As a beginner snowboarder, it’s safe to say you’re going to take a few falls throughout the day. Many of those times you’re going to brace your arms out for impact in order to soften the blow. Unfortunately, this leaves your wrists in harm’s way. That’s why this review of the best snowboard wrist guards is on hand to keep you in tip-top shape while out on the ski hill.

Burton Adult Wrist Guards

  • Sleek Low Profile Design
  • Fits Under Jacket
  • Easily Adjustable Hook And Loop Straps
  • Flexible Velcro Adjustment
  • Soft Palm Padding
  • Less Structured Build

Our number one selection on our list of the best snowboard wrist guards is this fantastic pair from Burton. For those looking for a low profile set of wrist guards that you can fit underneath your jacket these are a fantastic option.

Sleek Low Profile Design

The first feature we’re going to cover is the sleek low profile design. Now as we stated earlier this allows you to tuck these wrist guards underneath your jacket sleeves and gloves. For those of you that do not want to show off that you are wearing wrist guards, this is an incredibly handy feature.

The sleek low profile design also makes these wrist guards significantly less bulky. Many snowboard wrist guards in the market are made up of hard structured plastic. This will limit the movement you can have with your hands and wrists. As well as make it significantly harder to place these wrist guards underneath your snow gear.

Easily Adjustable Hook And Loop Straps

The hook and loop straps used in these wrist guards from Burton make it incredibly easy to adjust. This is incredibly important as for your wrist guards to work effectively they need to be fitted to your wrist properly. If your hand or wrist can slip out of the guards they will no longer be able to perform properly.

Flexible Velcro Adjustment

The flexible Velcro adjustable strap on this wrist guard is another great feature that ensures your wrist stays in place. Using these two features together you’ll find you’re able to securely fit your wrist into the guards ensuring that they will be protected.

The soft palm padding feature on these wrist guards is a feature that increases comfort. Often times when falling on a snowboard your palms are going to be the first part of your body to make contact with the ground. Having soft padding will lessen that blow and overall offer you a more comfortable feel.

All in all, we found these Burton wrist guards to be a fantastic option. Especially for any snowboarder looking for a low profile wrist guard.

Demon Flexmeter Wrist Guards

  • Absorbs impact Instead of transfering to other joints
  • Two-sided thermoplastic Hytrel panels
  • Hook-and-loop closures
  • Created By Wrist Surgeon In France
  • Bulkier Must Be Paired With Larger Gloves

Next on our list of the best snowboard wrist guards is this pair from demon flex meter. These wrist guards are the bulkiest and strongest on our list. Making them the best option for those looking for the highest level of protection.

Absorbs Impact 

One of the best features of these wrist guards is that instead of transferring the impact from your wrist to other joints this guard instead absorbs the impact itself.

Typically wrist guards are put in place and are able to lock the wrist from moving in a way that would create an injury.

They do this by holding the wrist still in transferring that impact to your elbow or shoulder. Though this is typically fine it is even better that these wrist guards are able to absorb the blow themselves.

Two-sided thermoplastic Hytrel panels

The thermal plastic Hytrel panels that you will see on the front of these wrist guards are sturdy and flexible enough to absorb the blow.

This means if you fall heavily onto your wrists you’ll find that the panels of this wrist guard will flex slightly keeping your wrist safe. This will stop the impact from transferring to the rest of your body.

These wrist guards also feature hook and loop closure so you can effectively adjust them to fit your wrist properly. This also allows you to remove and put on these wrist guards with relative ease.

Created By Wrist Surgeon In France

If you are still doubting the quality of these wrist guards it is helpful to know that they were designed by a professional wrist surgeon.

He built these wrist guards in order to reduce the number of injuries that are seen amongst snowboarders that fall face-first onto their hands.

These wrist guards have been studied in their effectiveness and have been proven to reduce injuries by using the risk guard itself to absorb the blow.

The only real negative of these wrist guards is that they are slightly bulkier than other models. This means you may need a larger set of mittens or gloves in order to effectively fit these wrist guards underneath.

All in all, we found these wrist guards to be the number one option for those looking for safety. If you’re only concern when purchasing your snowboarding wrist guards is keeping your body safe than these should be your top option.

Triple Eight Wristsaver

  • Slide-On Design for easy on and off
  • 4-way stretch nylon mesh provides a snug fit
  • Shock absorbing EVA foam secured between support splints
  • Four Different Size Options
  • Slightly Lower quality Build Than Top Picks

Next on our list of the best snowboard wrist guards is this great set from triple eight. This model is another great option to choose if you’re looking for a quality pair of wrist guards.

Created By Wrist Surgeon In France

The first feature we’re going to cover is there easy on and off design. With this Triple Eight wrist guard, you are able to slide the wrist guard on and off at any time.

This is a handy feature as you will be putting on and removing your wrist guards several times throughout the day. If convenience is on the top of your list then this is a very helpful feature.

4-way stretch nylon mesh provides a snug fit

The four way stretch nylon mesh is another great feature of this pair of wrist guards.

This provides you with a snug fit. And ensures that your wrist guard is not going to move out of position at any point throughout the day.

This also allows the wrist guards to be a little more low profile. Making it easier to tuck under your jacket and gloves.

Shock absorbing EVA foam

The next feature we’re going to cover is the shock-absorbing EVA foam. This is fitted between the splints of these wrist guards and ensures that you have a softer impact.

Regardless of if you’re wearing wrist guards or not your hands are going to still come in to hard contact with the snow. With this shock-absorbing EVA foam you will find that this impact will be noticeably less painful.

Four Different Size Options

It is also worth mentioning that this wrist guard comes in four different size options. This is important because you want to be sure that the fit of your wrist guard is correct in order for it to work properly.

The only real negative we came across through our research that this model does not quite up to the level of quality as our top options.

With that being said this wrist guard is still a fantastic option to choose from. Though it is not quite as high-quality as our top picks. They can still certainly get the job done and offer you some great features that will benefit its performance.

Dakine Wristguard

  • Low profile design for use inside gloves
  • Neoprene stretch body for maximum comfort
  • Adjustable hook and loop wrist cinch
  • Lowest Price
  • Less Sturdy Build

Last on our list of the best snowboard wrist guards is this model from the Dakine. Similar to our first option from Burton. This Dakine wrist guard is another low profile model that you can easily tuck away underneath your snow gear.

Low profile Design

The low profile design offers you as a snowboarder much more flexibility and mobility while wearing these wrist guards. Though, it does not offer the level of protection as those bulky and hard structured guards. It will still keep your wrist safe while allowing you to move freely.

Neoprene Stretch Body

The neoprene stretch body offers you another level of comfort while wearing these wrist guards. Often times wrist guards can feel a little constricting on your hands and forearms. With this neoprene material you’ll find these wrist guards will fit you quite snuggly and comfortably.

The adjustable hook and loop cinch ensures that your fit will be tight and secure. As we stated several times throughout this article. The fit of these wrist guards is extremely important. Your guard needs to be applied properly in order for it to work effectively.

Lowest Price

Probably the biggest benefit of this model is that it is offered at the lowest price point of any on our list. This isn’t to say this is the cheapest model out there. But this model comes at a much lower price point while still being high-quality enough to keep your wrists safe.

All in all, if you’re looking for a snowboard wrist guard that can get the job done for cheap then this is a great option.

Frequently Asked Questions – Best Snowboard Wrist Guards

Do snowboard wrist guards work?

Yes, this is especially important for beginner snowboarders the tend to fall forward onto their hands. Wrist and hands are one of the most common ways to become hurt while snowboarding.

The wearing of wrist guards does not make you immune to wrist injuries while snowboarding. Though it significantly reduces the threats.

In fact, a study by physio room estimated that snowboard wrist guard reduce wrist injuries by up to 85%. I don’t know about you but to us a bonfire snowboarding this seems like a pretty helpful piece of equipment.

Do all snowboarders Wear Snowboard Wrist Guards?

Though there are many snowboarders that wear wrist guards at all times they typically are worn by beginner snowboarders. This is due to the fact that beginner snowboarders are much more likely to fall especially onto their hands.

Since so many beginners fall into their hands it is quite common for wrist injuries to occur. By wearing these wrist guards you will find that not only will you reduce the injury risk. But you will also significantly reduce the amount of pain that occurs when you do fall over.

Typically snowboarder stops wearing wrist guards when they become much more experienced in their falls. They also typically don’t stick out their hands out to brace for impact at this point.

Do wrist guards go over or under gloves?

Wrist guards are able to be worn over and under the gloves. But the vast majority tend to wear their’s underneath. This is where a low profile style of wrist guard comes into play.

Often times snowboarders choose slicker and lower profile wrist guards in order to more easily fit them underneath her jacket sleeves and gloves. If you do decide to go with a bulky wrist guard you’re going to need a larger pair of mittens that can fit the wrist guard underneath.

Do you need wrist guards for skiing?

No, you’re still able to wear wrist guards for skiing, though they are much less common. This is due to the way that skiers fall. If you’re snowboarding it is much more common that you fall forwards or backwards either onto your butt or onto your stomach with your hands propped out in front.

While skiing it is much more common to fall onto your side. These falls typically occur with your hip making first impact. Though you can still plant your hand and put pressure on your wrist it is much less likely to occur than it is with snowboarding.

So, yes you can wear wrist guards when skiing but due to the way the skiers typically fall this sort of safety equipment is much less commonplace.

Conclusion Best Snowboard Wrist Guards

We hope you enjoyed our guide to the best snowboard wrist guards. If you have any questions regarding this guide or any of the products featured on it please be sure to reach out in the comments below.

If you did enjoy this guide please be sure to check out some more others. Such as our guide to the best back protection for skiing.

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