Best Snowboard Stomp Pad Reviewed – Which Is Best For You

Stomp pads have a very defined purpose of providing traction to your rear foot which makes them a vital addition to a snowboard. They are made from several different materials such as PVC, foam, rubber, metal, etc. and based on their composition their level of traction varies too. For this reason, we have broken down this guide to the best snowboard stomp pad so you can make a smart buying decision.

Best Snowboard Stomp Pad 

In our list, we have covered various kinds of stomp pads that are made from different materials and come with distinctive features. They also vary in terms of quality and have different prices. Let’s dive into the list of best stomp pads that can make snowboarding even better for you. 

New Grayne Circle Snowboard Stomp Pad

Snowboards have a gloss that makes them slippery and with ice and water. They can become very greasy and difficult to find traction. To protect you from falling off your snowboard, you can try the New Grayne Circle Snowboard Stomp Pad. 

  • Comes with a scraper to get rid of the ice
  • Made with durable material
  • Easy to install
  • Its transparent body does not ruin the aesthetic appeal of your snowboard

    Quality Adhesive

    Don’t let its simple looks deceive you. This stomp pad is a performer with every inch of it designed for being useful to the snowboarder. It sticks to your snowboard using the highest quality adhesive, which gives it a strong grip. 

    It is designed to work in any condition and give you a firm grip on your snowboard. The stomp board can provide you with great traction for maintaining control during liftoffs.

    Snow Scraper Included

    It comes with a scraper in the center that removes the clogged snow from the ridges of your shoes. This can save you from falling after getting off your snowboard.

    Transparent Body

    Many snowboarders stay away from stomp pads as they reduce the aesthetic appeal of the snowboards. New Grayne has the perfect solution to this problem. The company has constructed the stomp pad using Crystal Tech, which makes the pad transparent.

    Condensed Size

    It is designed to have a considerable size, which enables it to cover the shoes without taking up much space on the snowboard. The pad is made using high-quality materials due to which it can last for a very long time.

    Dakine Modular Mat Stomp Pad

    Stomp pads come with a unified body and the user needs to adjust with whatever the package holds for him or her. Sometimes the stomp pads are smaller than the user’s feet which makes them pretty useless. All of these problems can be solved by the Dakine Modular Mat Stomp Pad. 

    • Customizable placement
    • Easy installation
    • Transparent body
    • Excellent traction
    • Comes with a scraper to remove ice from the shoes
    • The scraper does not clean the shoes like its competitors

    This stomp pad has a modular design and comes in three different parts. Owing to this design, you get the benefit of customizing the arrangement of the stomp pad to get the right amount of traction and fit. It can be of great help when boarding off the lift or during one-foot runs. 

    Stomp pads can also cause a significant amount of damage to your shoes. The ones made from metal sometimes come with sharp spikes that can scrape the sole of your shoes.

    Dakine Modular Mat Stomp Pad is made from durable polyurethane that is safe both for your shoes and the board. It comes with raised points in the center that gets rid of the snow stuck to your boots. 

    Even though it comes in three different parts, the installation process is very easy. The stomp pad pieces come with 3M adhesive at the back that sticks to the surface of the snowboard. All you have to do is place the pieces near the rear binder and press it for a while.

    Toejamr Snowboard Stomp Pad – Wolf Paw

    Let’s take a break from materials like plastic and polyurethane to material that is gentle on your shoes but provides a commendable grip i.e. Foam. It is one of the top alternatives used for making stomp pads, and the Toejamr Snowboard stomp pad serves as the best option for snowboarders who are looking for a foam stomp pad as it comes with a cool wolf paw design.

    • Made from high-quality foam
    • Stays flexible even in freezing temperature
    • The closed-cell design keep it from absorbing water
    • Lightweight
    • Has a textured surface for enhanced traction
    • No scraper

    The Toejamr Snowboard Stomp Pad is not an ordinary foam stomp pad as it is made from high-density laminated EVA foam. This superior quality material enables the stomp pad to withstand the heavyweight without sinking down. 

    When it comes to grip and traction this stomp pad outperforms the test quite well. It can save you from the embarrassing falls and give you full control of the snowboard when your foot is off the binder. Moreover, the lightweight of the stomp pad barely adds any weight to the snowboard and does not affect your performance in any way.

    The stomp pad is made with closed-cell foam that does not absorb any water and keeps foam flexible. This is the same technology that is used to create snowboard boots and it is quite popular for providing superior traction. 

    It has a textured surface with 3D designs that are deeply engraved into it. These modifications work similarly to a snow tire thread and give you exceptional traction. It comes with an adhesive back that can be used to stick the stomp pad on the snowboard. 

    Dakine Spikes Stomp Pad

    If you are among the people who are in constant need of a good scraper to keep your shoes free from ice, then you need to try the Dakine Spikes Stomp Pad. It is one of the oldest products in the market and also the longest-running product of the company. 

    • Molded spikes for maximum traction
    • Sections can be cut and reconfigured
    • Peel and stick adhesive
    • Lightweight and durable
    • Does not stick easily

    The product features a very simple design but is highly functional. It is made from quality plastic that can withstand any amount of weight with ease. The spikes are exceptionally lightweight and reliable.

    Dakine has shot two birds with one stone with this product. This stomp pad has pointed spikes that provide high traction by digging into the sole of the shoe’s sole. And in doing so, the spikes remove the snow from your shoes.

    Just like most of the products on the list, the spikes stomp pad has an easy installation process. It has an adhesive back that sticks to the surface of the snowboard.

    To make sure that the stomp pad sticks well to the snowboard, you need to make sure that the spot is wax-free and clean. 

    The most remarkable feature of this stomp pad is, you can separate the panels into four different parts and stick them according to your preference.

    XCMAN 4 Layer-Cone Studs

    Apart from unified and modular stomp pads, some stomps studs can provide you a firm grip in an unconventional form. These individual studs can be placed to form any shape or design to gain a commendable amount of traction. The XCMAN 4 Layer-Cone Studs is a fine specimen of such studs.

    • Made from high-quality aluminum
    • Features an anodic oxidation coating for water and corrosion resistance
    • 4 layer construction for high grip and traction
    • Can be placed in shape or pattern
    • Comes in different color options
    • The studs tend to come off due to uneven pressure

    The XCMAN studs are made from high-quality and durable aluminum that is strong enough to bear the weight of any human being. These studs are coated with anodic oxidation coating that makes them stronger by giving the wear and corrosion-resistant abilities.

    Each stud has been given a 4 layer rise which gives them the size that is enough to provide the necessary amount of traction. It also enables the studs to remove the snow that gets stuck to your shoe’s sole.

    It has the same installation process as the stomp pads. There is a strong 3M adhesive coating under the studs that hold on to the surface of the snowboard and stay for a long time.

    The pack contains 9 pieces that can be placed in a cluster to get maximum grip.

    You don’t have to worry about the studs being too noticeable on your board. These studs are available in different color options such as Matte Black, Matte Blue, Matte Red, and Matte Gray. 

    RaceWax Set of 10 Metal Ninja Snowboard Studs

    Following the trail of XCMAN, here is a product that does a stunning job in providing you with the same amount of traction and looking 10 times more cooler i.e. The RaceWax Metal Snowboard Studs. 

    • Wider coverage for more grip
    • Multiple color options
    • Easy to install
    • Does not interfere with your snowboard design
    • Removes the snow from the shoes
    • Needs add on for adults

    These studs are made from the same material as the XCMAN but lack the anodized coating. The studs can be arranged in any shape or pattern for traction while their structure gives an additional boost to the performance. 
    You can cover a large area with these studs.

    Each stud measures 25 mm x 25 mm and has a height of 5 mm. The sleek design does not cover the graphics of your snowboard, on the contrary, you can arrange them in a pattern that looks cool.

    They come in a set of 10 pieces and if you need more, you can get an add-on pack that comes with 5 studs.

    Styling with these studs gets even better as they come in seven different colors that you can match with your snowboard. You can choose from colors like blue, red, purple, black, yellow, golden, and crimson.

     It is very easy to install these studs, as they come with a 3M adhesive coating on the back. This adhesive coating keeps the studs glued to the snowboard for a long time. 

    Tuner Stomp Pad

    While we have been focusing a lot on aesthetics and grip, here is a product that not only covers both these aspects but also gives you the advantage of utility. The Turner Stomp Pad is one of the few stomp pads that come with a utility tool that can be used in dire situations. 

    • Made from urethane rubber that adds durability and weather resistance
    • Comes with a utility screwdriver for minor adjustments
    • Easy installation process
    • Provides maximum traction with its unconventional design

      The Turner Stomp Pad keeps you prepared for any kind of situation. It has been constructed using a urethane rubber that is popular for its incomparable toughness. Moreover, it has the ability to resist any kind of weather conditions such as heavy snowfall or rain.

      The stomp pad has four ridges on the sides that keep you gripped to your snowboard. In the center, there is a T-shaped casing that holds the tool and also keeps your shoes free from ice.

      The center casing houses a high-quality screwdriver that can make adjustments to your kits before you go skiing.

      It is made from high-quality stainless steel, so you don’t have to worry about the tool catching rust due to the snow and water. You can also use the tool to remove the snow stuck in the ridges of your boots. It has a simple installation process that takes around 5 minutes. 

      Frozen Lines Snowboard Stomp Pad

      This is one of the most affordable options on this list. It is best suited for people who just want to try their hand at stomp pads. It comprises all the essential qualities that you need for a good snowboarding experience. 

      • It is an affordable alternative
      • High friction for better grip
      • Anti-slip and waterproof
      • Easy installation process
      • Its transparent body keeps your snowboard’s aesthetic appeal intact

        The Frozen Lines Snowboard Stomp Pad comes with great features like high friction that helps your shoes to get a good grip on the stomp pad. It comes with an anti-slip design that prevents your shoes from slipping. There is a waterproof coating on the pad which helps it to stay dry all the time.

        You won’t have to part ways with it soon as the stomp pad is constructed with a high-quality acrylic material that adds durability to the stomp pad. This material also ensures that the stomp pad is durable enough to last in all kinds of weather. 

        It has a very easy installation process that involves sticking the stomp pad to the surface of the snowboard. To get a good grip, the company has added a strong adhesive coating. The installation process takes barely five mins. 

        The spikes are created using the molding technique which makes them unbreakable and maximum traction on the slopes. Its transparent design does not ruin your board’s aesthetic appeal. 

        Burton Medium Stomp Spike Mat

        A simple and minimalist stomp mat that works excellently to keep you safe and provide a strong grip for your rear leg. The Burton Medium Stomp Spike Mat is one of the few products that are worth a shot.

        • 2 colors options available
        • Transparent construction
        • Long spikes for maximum traction
        • Scraper and spikes get rid of ice from under the boots
        • Easy to installation with peel and stick
        • The shape of the mat can make it hard to locate the grip

        This mat comes with a durable construction that can withstand all kinds of adversities. You don’t have to worry about scratches, cracks, snow, water, and more when using this product. The Burton Medium Stomp Spike Mat is built to bear it all. 

        It comes with a scraper in the middle that you can use to remove the snow-clogged in your boot. Moreover, the spikes give you an additional edge for grip and cleaning your boots. The spikes are made from molded plastic that doesn’t break away or chip off. 

        The company understands the love of the snowboarders for their boards, as most of them shy away from stomp pads fearing that it might ruin the look of their snowboards.

        Therefore, the company has created stomp pads in two different color options i.e. transparent and translucent brown. The stomp pads blend with the color of the board keeping their appearance unaffected.  

        It has an easy to install process. You can stick the stomp pad using the adhesive coating behind it. The process can be completed in under five mins, and to get the best grip you need to make sure that the board is wax-free and clean at the time of installation.

        Spotlight Hosiery Sport Round-Stomp Pad

        When all else fails, you need to go hardcore and choose an alternative that gives you unfailing traction along with unparalleled durability. Spotlight Hosiery Sport Round-Stomp Pad is the perfect product that you can use to go hardcore on grips. 

        • Made with high-quality plastic and comes with metal spikes
        • Provides commendable grip on snow and clear ice
        • Covers a large area on the snowboard
        • It is lightweight and does not affect your performance
        • Needs to be attached with own glue

        It is constructed using high-quality materials and has a unique design that can cover a large part of your snowboard providing comprehensive grip and traction for your rear leg.

        The mat is very lightweight and barely affects your snowboarding performance. It can also stand up to the shock and impact that snowboards endure on the slopes.

        The mat comes with aluminum spikes that easily outperform any mat that comes with plastic spikes or ridges. These spikes dig into your boots and let you keep your leg on the snowboard. Its large diameter also gives you the advantage of easy control even on the ground.

        Even though it has plastic and aluminum the installation process is no different than the other stomp pads on this list. The stomp pad needs to be attached with glue to the snowboard with ease and so that it does not come off. 

        You need to be in a room during the installation with a 15-degree temperature and press it for 2-3 minutes after sticking the pad on the snowboard. 

        Things to consider when buying a stomp pad 

        As mentioned above, a stomp pad is made from different materials and comes in varied shapes. However, to choose the best option, we recommend that you consider the following aspects before you make a purchase. 

        As mentioned above, a stomp pad is made from different materials and comes in varied shapes. However, to choose the best option, we recommend that you consider the following aspects before you make a purchase. 


        The best way to determine the effectiveness of a stomp pad is to look at the features it offers. You need to look for products that have a sticky or tacky surface. Stomp pad with orbs or spikes makes great alternatives as they provide deeper traction that clears the snow that is clogged in your boot.


        There are only two ways to judge a stomp pad’s durability i.e. how well does the product work against the adversities and how long does it stick to the snowboard. Apart from these, you can take a look at the spikes and orbs to see how long they stay attached to the pad. 

        You also need to look for other signs of damage that include cracks and chipping that often make the product useless. For longer adhesion, you need to look for products that come with 3M adhesive back. These products are also easy to install. 


        Style is not always important for stomp pads, but if you are style-focused, you can go for products that can add or maintain the aesthetic appeal of your snowboard. There are transparent stomp pads that don’t modify the look and appeal of your snowboard. 


        You need to look for products that offer you great value for money as you should not be spending more frequently on stomp pads. While the ones at the lower range might not give you the advantage of customization but can offer superb durability, grip, and other features.

        Conclusion Best Snowboard Stomp Pad 

        We hope you enjoyed our guide to the best snowboard stomp pad. If you have any questions about any of the stomp pads we have included on this list or about the article general please be sure to reach out in the comments below.

        If you enjoyed this guide please be sure to check some of our others such as our guide to snowboards for heavy riders or back protection for skiing.

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