Best Ski Helmet With Built in Goggles

It is hard to imagine that just two decades ago, ski helmets were still something of a novelty in the skiing circles and that most skiers and snowboarders opted for soft wool knit caps or some other kind of ski headgear but not ski helmets.

Today, of course, ski helmets are an indispensable piece of gear that are a must-have for head protection when you are going out in the slopes. The typical ski helmet will include a number of elements. There will be the harder synthetic outer shell, a hard foam layer on the inside part of the ski helmet and a comfort layer that provides the warmth and excellent fit. Some ski helmets even feature side vents that enable the skier to hear. With goggles also being an integral piece of ski gear, ski helmet designs also feature straps that hold the goggles securely in place.

Skiers are more used to buying goggles as a separate gear piece and that always comes with challenges. For example, the ski goggles may not be compatible with the ski helmet and will require some cumbersome fiddling in order to get the correct fit. When you are buying goggles separately, you have to get the right fit that will not only do the job but one that must also fit the helmet profile. That is not always an easy task. Fortunately for most skiers and snowboarders, there are now ski goggles that come with built-in and sometimes detachable ski goggles. It is much easier this way than having to attach a separate and mismatched pair of goggles that often come from different manufacturers. Below, we look at some of the best ski helmets with built in goggles for convenient head protection and crystal-clear views on the slopes and on the mountains.

Odoland Snow Ski Helmet and Goggles Set 

Amazon ASIN: B07569C97L

Price: $54

Odoland is a trusted name in sports and outdoor gear and it brings the same quality to the Odoland Snow Ski Helmet which comes with a goggle set. This is an all-in-one sports and ski helmet that comes with its own protective glasses thereby sparing you the effort of having to shop for a separate piece.  The design is warm, durable and comfortable. The ski goggle set is detachable so you can even afford to try out your own if the built-in ones don’t match your needs. All of these is made of premium quality materials of great durability. It will withstand the shocks and impacts and ensure your most precious possession is well-protected from potentially life-altering injuries. Both the helmet and the goggles fit snugly and will not move around, allowing you to enjoy your snow-bound activities with a complete peace of mind and comfort.


  • Shockproof helmet that is also penetration resistant
  • Satisfies all safety certifications
  • Durable and comfortable design with air vent holes for optimal ventilation
  • Goggles built with Flow Tech Venting Design provide anti-fog function
  • Goggles feature an easy-to-adjust design
  • Well vented helmet
  • Features a dial for adjusting helmet to the perfect fit


  • One-size-fits-all goggles may not fit all wearers

SKL Ski Helmet with Detachable Goggle


Price: $64

The SKL Ski Helmet with a Detachable Goggle is built for both men and women. It has a sleek and elegant look about it and it is also made from premium quality material that adds to its premium feel and which has great durability. They are made to the highest safety standards and both the ski helmet and the goggles give you a snug fit and won’t move around. The helmet is also shockproof and penetration-resistant and will give you maximum protection in case of serious falls or accidents. They are also built with a detachable earpad along with a groove structure design that will comfortably fit your ears and provide warmth. The plush inner padding has been thickened using a net structure and can be removed easily for washing. Still not impressed? You will certainly love the fact that all of this comes inside a very affordable package.


  • Has a size adjustment dial at the back for getting the perfect helmet fit on the head
  • Well-vented to disperse heat and provide superior comfort
  • Premium quality material gives maximum protection
  • Solid construction with EPS foam as well as ABS shell capable of withstanding high impact
  • Lightweight design
  • Removable liner and earpads
  • Detachable ski goggles design allows you to add your own goggles to helmet


  • Goggles don’t provide panoramic view
  • Goggles fog up easily

Salomon Mirage S Helmet

Amazon ASIN: B07BSP266H

Price: $115 to $210

Salomon has a great reputation for top quality and dependable sports and outdoor gear and the Mirage S Helmet lives to the billing, taking performance, reliable quality and convenience to a whole new level. The helmet is packed with loads of features that are geared towards safety, style and functionality when you are out skiing. This is a visor helmet with unique visor helmet build and functionality that allows you to easily swap out lenses. It is also built with an exclusive Motion Shield System to offer you greater convenience, comfort and fit. The EPS4D technology in the helmet gives it a superior shock absorption and impact resistance. The helmet also features quick and precise fit adjustments through Salomon’s Custom Dial Fit system. This is one of the best visor designs from the brand. It scores highly on safety and comfort making it a dependable choice.


  • Simple and convenient lens changing system for a stress-free ski experience
  • Salomon’s motion shield system gives you great comfort as well as ease-of-use
  • Over-the-glass (OTG) design that fits over your prescription glasses
  • Superior shock absorption design


  • Might not fit all glasses so be sure to verify the size when making purchase

SINNER Ski & Snowboard Helmet with Visor Goggles

Amazon ASIN: B07KTBZG54

Price: $85 to $151

The SINNER Ski and Snowboard Helmet with Visor is a unisex adult helmet that also comes equipped with its own detachable ski goggles. SINNER is a trusted Dutch brand and its winter sports and ski products are typically high-tech and dependable. The built-in but detachable ski goggles means that you wouldn’t have to go through the trouble of buying separate goggles and fiddling with them to get a good fit. It is also lightweight so you can go on skiing comfortably without a nagging feeling that you are carrying some weight on your head.

Thanks to its adjustable sizing, you can get a snug and comfortable fit with this ski helmet. This is a freeride helmet that is designed with In-Mold technology. Its goggles have Cat.2 colored mirrored lenses that have been given an antifog treatment and which also offer you maximum UV protection, ensuring you are fully protected from the harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun. The soft face foam adds to the extra comfort. It offers a comfortable over-the-glasses fit so you can wear them comfortably with your prescription glasses. It also features a removable and washable soft fleece lining and the design gives skiers and snowboarders optimal air circulation thanks to the rubber covers in its lining.


  • Built with a Cat.2 visor that is antifog and perfect for use in low-light conditions
  • Special soft fleece lining for extra comfort
  • Helmet features quick release buckle and EPS PC shell
  • Polyester lining for comfort
  • Built with a size-adjustable system
  • OTG design and can be worn over prescription glasses
  • It has a unique soft fleece lining

DEMON UNITED Phantom Helmet with Audio and Snow Supra Goggle

Amazon ASIN: B01MFD9Q58

Price: $80 to $91

The DEMON UNITED Phantom Helmet scores highly on the safety front thanks to its ABS shell that you can count on to protect your number one moneymaker. It features multiple vents for optimal ventilation. The Phantom Helmet also boasts a solid build and is available in a number of matte colors that can match your preferred ski getup. It is also equipped with audio and a a goggle, a convenient addition that frees you from having to purchase a separate goggle. For skiers who demand more frills, the built-in audio is a clever design aspect that enables you to simply plug in the phone and you can start rocking on while scaling the snow. Best of all, this helmet package comes kitted with Demon’s Supra Snow Goggles that have an adjustable strap, are fully vented and with maximum UV protection. The goggles have a mirrored lens and the package comes with a bag along with a travel protective case. This is definitely a premium choice that is good value for money.


  • Dependable safety standards with both CE and ASTM certifications
  • Tough outer shell with a comfortable liner
  • Integrated audio speakers enable you to listen to music as you shred
  • Comes with anti-fog and UV-protected Demon Supra goggles

KUYOU Ski Helmet Snow Goggles

Amazon ASIN: B07HNZH54W

Price: $40

Comfort is sometimes low on the scale of priorities of many skiers and snowboarders. Try out the KUYOU Ski Helmet and you will clearly understand why comfort adds a great deal to a marvelous shred down the slopes. This ski helmet is tricked out with plenty of features while still keeping it relatively lightweight so you don’t have to feel like a bobblehead when out skiing. It crams in plenty of safety features and a solid build that is safe and durable. The outer shell is made of reinforced ABS shell and it boasts a shock-absorbing EPS core. It fully complies with all the required safety standards and certifications including CE and EN1077. It has a soft and washable internal fabric lining and getting the perfect fit is just one or two dials away. To add to these, it is also well-vented to allow in cool and fresh air while flushing out the stale air out into the cold. Once again, this is a ‘self-contained’ ski helmet that is kitted with dependable frameless goggle that are seamlessly compatible with the helmet and give you a perfect fit.


  • Super comfortable
  • Adjustable fit
  • Well vented
  • Solid and dependable construction
  • Satisfies all the safety requirements
  • Ships with ski goggles


  • Goggles fog up quickly
  • Goggles may not fit all faces and do not have padding for comfort

MOON Snow Ski Helmet with Detachable Glasses

The MOON Snow Ski Helmet is a unisex helmet made from premium quality material and which boasts detachable glasses. It looks good, packs plenty of features and is very comfortable. The MOON Snow Ski Helmet is a high-performance helmet that you can use on a number of snow-based sports including skiing and snowboarding. It has excellent breathability and built to the highest safety standards. It also spots a fashionable and futuristic look.


  • CE & EN1077 safety certified
  • Built with detachable glasses
  • Breathability thanks to excellent venting
  • Made from premium quality plastic
  • Ultra-comfortable
  • Anti-fogging lenses

UNISTRENGH Ski Snowboard Helmet

If you are a prescription glasses wearer, then you will certainly love these dependable ski helmets with detachable photochromatic polarizing goggles. The visor design enables you to comfortably wear your glasses without crushing them against your face. Plus, you get an excellent viewing angle. It is also comfortable, meets all the safety certifications and it is built with an excellent ventilation system for a breathable day out on the slopes. Both the helmet and the goggles are made from a premium quality and durable material that should serve you for the long haul.


  • Fashioned from premium quality polycarbonate material
  • Excellent impact resistance for maximum protection
  • Compact integrated design with excellent shock resistance
  • Detachable lining that is removable and easy to wash
  • Fixed snow goggles
  • CE certification

Gonex ASTM Certified Ski Helmet with Detachable Goggles


Price: $63

The Gonex ASTM Certified Ski Helmet crams in all the features that you would find in a standard premium quality helmet. However, it features an extra frill- its detachable ski goggles. Elsewhere, it ticks all the right boxes for the checklist that top skiers typically look for in a good quality ski helmet such as its durable polycarbonate hard shell, excellent ventilation, thickened and plush inner padding, size adjustment dial to quickly dial in the right fit, removable ear pads and one-click buckle that allows you to quickly unlock it. All of these is tacked inside a super-lightweight construction that won’t be too bothersome out on the snow. It is very safe and with an excellent comfortable fit. It’s also noteworthy for its superb UV protection. The styling looks kind of futuristic and should blend in well with various other ski wear.


  • Comfortable wearing
  • Durable design
  • Well-vented
  • Comes with detachable glasses
  • Safety certified including CE and ASTM F2040-11

Heemtle2-in-1 Visor Ski Snowboard Helmet

This is a bomber helmet with detachable ski goggles and which is available in an array of colorful options. Solid construction with an EPS + PC shell makes it a dependable companion when on a shred. This ski helmet is well vented and thanks to its excellent shock-absorption and impact resistance, you can be sure that your most valuable assets will be well-protected. A circumference regulator enables you to get a fine and well-tuned snug fit for your individual head circumference. It comes with a detachable pair of goggles so you can wear it comfortably with or without the ski goggles. The velvet liner is soft, plush and comfortable and also detachable and washable.


  • Solid and durable construction
  • Fitted with detachable anti-fog and anti-UV lenses
  • In-Mold Technology with an Integrated Goggle Shield
  • Optimal and adjustable ventilation


Will these ski helmets fit over prescription glasses?

Most ski helmets with a visor or detachable glasses should comfortably fit over the glasses (OTG). Where it doesn’t fit, some helmet designs allow you to detach the built-in goggles and attach your own OTG goggles that have good compatibility with the helmet. Be sure to run your head size against the manufacturer’s helmet sizing chart to determine your correct helmet size.

Can I adjust the helmet for size?

There are ski helmets suited for kids, pre-teens, youth and adults so it is easy to buy a ski helmet that is sized for your head. Even within these age categories, there are allowances for different head sizes. Additionally, most of the ski helmets with built-in goggles come with a dial adjustment that enable you to dial in the right size for a comfortable snug fit.

Can I remove the goggles from the helmet and add my own?

Most of the ski helmets with built in goggles actually have a detachable goggle design. This allows you to completely detach the built-in goggles that it is comes with and use it without or add your own goggles. 

Are the helmets audio compatible?

While it is generally not recommended that you listen to music while skiing, there are certain ski helmets that come with build in pockets where you can insert your earphones, earbuds or audio ear pads.

Can I use the helmet without the built-in ski goggles sometimes?

Yes. The goggles are usually detachable so it is possible to use the ski helmet without them.

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