Best Ski Goggles For Small Faces Reviewed

Finding good ski goggles is quite a task, and for people with small faces it can be nearly impossible. Which is why we’ve put toghether this list of the best ski goggles for small faces.

Though there’s a plethora of Ski Goggles in the market, finding the right one isn’t quite straightforward. It may sound funny, but it is a quite serious issue as it might not only ruin one’s skiing experience but also put them in risk of danger.

Just like sunglasses protect the eyes from the sun and UV rays, ski goggles protect you from everything that can cause an obstruction to your vision or damage your eyes while skiing.

They are modified to help you see clearly, and they come in different varieties that can help you ski in different weather conditions. 

To help you out and make it easier for you, we have picked some of the best skiing goggles that fit perfectly on small-sized faces and have a stylish edge. You can take a look at them and find the perfect one for yourself.  

Best ski goggles for small faces:

Our list contains skiing goggles that have different properties like UV protection, full eye coverage, lightweight, and more. They also vary in terms of price that can range from expensive to affordable. Therefore, you have to consider your requirements carefully while narrowing your options. 

Oakley Men’s Flight Deck:

First on our list of the best ski goggles for small faces is this Oakley Flight deck model. Oakley is one of the leading eyewear manufacturers around the world. The company is revered for creating some of the best skiing goggles that can protect the eyes well. One such product from the company is Oakley Men’s Flight Deck. 

  • Huge field of vision
  • Prizm lenses
  • Comfortable fit
  • Less durable glass

These goggles have a super cool look that will make you look like a pro skier. It also gives you the advantage of exceptional durability due to its plastic frames and lens. The lens is non-polarized and can give you excellent visibility during cloudy weather.

It has the revolutionized Prizm lens technology that adjusts your vision according to light in the environment and enables you to see more clearly. The lenses are created to be optically correct and do not have any rims which make them look modern. 

The goggles can withstand the tough winter weather, which is why the lenses are coated in F-3 anti-fog coating. It reduces the chances of fog formation in the goggles and does not compromise your vision while skiing. 

There are discreet notches at the temples of the goggles that are compatible with most of the prescription eyewear. It has a ridge lock system that enables you to change the lens quickly and also holds them firmly to prevent them from falling off while skiing. 

Key Features: 

  • Smooth, sleek, and modern appearance
  • Excellent protection
  • Convenient airflow

Giro Index OTG Asian Fit:

If you are planning to get a full-fledged skiing experience with ease, then you must consider giving Giro Index OTG skiing goggles a try. These goggles are tough, and the best thing is they fit well with Giro helmets so you can have double protection and double fun. 

  • Enhanced visibility
  • Durable construction
  • Scratch-resistant lens
  • The lenses are not interchangeable

Moreover, these goggles can be an ideal option if you have prescription glasses, as these goggles can be worn directly over them. The goggles come with double-layer face foam with microfleece facing that saves you from the pain of wearing skiing goggles all day. 

It also has anti-fog lenses that keep the fog away from the insides of the lens and gives you a better view. The lens of the goggles is made using the Injection Molded Cylindrical technology that minimizes distortion that can occur in thermo-formed cylindrical lenses and gives you a refined optical view. 

With Giro Index goggles, you don’t have to worry about getting your lenses scratched due to the snow or your gear, as the lens has been protected with a durable and scratch-resistant coating. 

Key Features: 

  • Extra face foam for a tight comfortable fit
  • Medium fit makes it ideal for smaller faces
  • Can be worn over prescription glasses 

Anon WM1:

If you want to get incredibly high-quality goggles without spending too much, you can consider Anon WM1 as an alternative. Just like the other goggles on this list, they also come with many different features that can make your skiing experience a memorable one. 

  • Easy and fast lens changing for quick customization.
  • Able to gently warm them to quickly dry out.
  • Strap fits easily over a helmet.
  • The lenses are easy to switch out for different conditions.
  • Some internal fogging can occur if you store them while still wet.
  • No travel case

To keep the fog from blocking your vision, these goggles come with Fog Management Face Fleece that works as an anti-fog system and controls the moisture in the goggle. For the maximum vision area, the lenses have been designed using the wall-to-wall vision technique.

The goggles are constructed in a way to provide you the closest fit to the face with its 40% thinner face foam. The face foam has triple layers that keep the moisture out and gives you the most comfortable goggle-to-face fit. 

Anon has incorporated an Integral Clarity Technology anti-fog treatment that can provide you crystal clear vision in any condition. The frame is made using the lightweight thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that provides long-lasting durability while its flexible body can fit against any face shape. 

Key Features: 

  • Wall-to-Wall Vision
  • Triple Layer Face Foam
  • Lightweight Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) Frame
  • Magna-Tech® Quick Lens Change Technology
  • Anon Spherical Lens Technology

Smith Optics I/O Goggle:

Smith Optics is quite famous for its numerous innovations such as helmets, sunglasses, and skiing goggles. The skiing goggles from the company are known to offer the best vision and protection among other features. For people with small faces, Smith Optics has created the I/O Goggles. Let’s read more about it.

  • Fits incredibly on small faces
  • 5X Anti-Fog inner Lens
  • Ultra-wide frame
  • Comes with an anti-fogging filter
  • Expensive

The I/O goggles fit the face of the wearer conveniently. This can be attributed to the 3-layer, DriWix face foam. There are 3 different frame sizes that you can choose from while the I/O S is for smaller faces and the I/O is for slightly bigger faces. 

With these goggles, the company introduced the interchangeable lens system in its products. The product comes with 2 performance mirror lenses that can be used by the skiers in different climatic conditions. 

To keep fog formation at a minimum, the company has included a porex filter that aids in faster and effective ventilation. Meanwhile, the lenses are made using premium quality plastic that can withstand a lot of damage before breaking or getting damaged. 

Key Features: 

  • Medium Fit and Helmet Compatible
  • Responsive Fit Frame design
  • Silicone Backed Strap
  • Includes Two Performance Mirror Lenses

Bolle Mojo Snow Goggles:

A mix of classic design and advanced features can be a suitable way to define the Bolle Mojo Snow Goggles. These sunglasses come in all kinds of sizes such as classic, medium, and large. The Bolle Mojo sunglasses provide great optical clarity with excellent fog-free performance. 

  • Anti-fog and anti-scratch protection
  • Can be worn with the helmet too
  • Obstruction free vision
  • Some find the goggles uncomfortable

Owing to the company’s innovative Flow-Tech Venting technology, there are several venting ports in the goggles that can reduce the chances of fogging and also control the airflow from snow and the ice. 

These glasses feature the double lens design which gives you a clear vision and also creates a thermal barrier that seals the goggles preventing any kind of element inside the goggles.

It also has a Carbo GLAS or even P80 Plus (anti-fog/anti-scratch) coating that protects the lens from fogging and scratches.

Its over-the-helmet design lets you wear the goggles conveniently with the helmet. It also has UV protection that can help block the harmful UVA/UVB rays up to 400 nanometers.

Key Features:

  • Great optical clarity 
  • Advanced venting system 
  • Double lens glasses
  • UV protection

AKASO OTG Ski Goggles:

Akaso is a tech company that deals with the manufacturing of several electronic items like action cameras, fitness trackers, drones, and also sports accessories. The OTG Ski Goggles is one of the many products of the company that is designed to exceed all your expectations. 

  • Wide peripheral view
  • Distortion-free accuracy
  • Helmet Compatibility

    It has an innovative lens change system that works very differently than any other goggles you might have come across. The lens is secured by 8 magnets and 4 physical anchors.

    To remove the lens, you have to get the lens out of the anchor and separate it from the frame. This structure prevents you from compromising on things like obstruction-free view, clarity, and stability. 

    The lens offers you an anti-fog and crisp vision due to its double-layer designs and high-performance hydrophilic coating on the inner side. It also has vents on the top and bottom to circulate the air efficiently.  

    There are other additional features in the goggles, that include anti-slip silicone back and a helmet-compatible strap that holds the goggles firmly in place, a triple-layer foam that covers the entire borderline of the goggles, and a strong and durable TPU frame.

    Key Features: 

    • Easy lens change system
    • Anti-fog And Crisp Vision
    • High-quality baklava 

    Hongdak Ski Goggles, Snowboard Goggles:

    Hongdak Ski Goggles is one of the best ski goggles that you can buy at an affordable price. The goggles are made with some of the finest quality materials and have features that are similar to that of expensive ones.

    • Adjustable helmet band
    • Exceptional clarity
    • UV protection
    • Detachable lenses
    • Has a strong chemical smell
    • Fogging issues

    It has the best lens in the business comprising abilities like 100% UV protection, Anti-fog, and scratch resistance. These features make the goggles highly suitable for skiing and other winter sports. 
    Apart from the lens, it has an advanced lens interchange system.

    The goggle uses dual lenses that are secured using magnets and can be removed easily for changing. You can change the lens with other lenses that have different colours and features.

    These goggles can be an ideal option for people with prescription glasses, as its construction features the Over-The-Glasses design that lets you wear the goggles without removing the glasses. 

    Keeping the wearer’s safety in mind the company has designed the frame of the goggles to fit helmets of all sizes. It has an adjustable strap that can be used to fasten the goggles to the helmet. 

    Key Features: 

    • Spherical super-wide view
    • Two-way ventilation system
    • Scratch-resistant 

    IV2 Snowboard Goggles:

    It is essential for skiing goggles to have multiple features as multifunctional goggles can be much more helpful while skiing than the ones with single-use. The IV2 snowboard goggles come with a lot of features and fit this criterion perfectly. 

    • Fits helmets
    • Easy to remove lens
    • Sharp and clear vision
    • Sweat absorbent padding
    • Advanced ventilation
    • The tint can be too dark for cloudy environments

    IV2 offers you sharp and clear vision through its ultra-clear lenses along with a wide field of view. These lenses have many more features like scratch resistance and UV protection which is standard in skiing goggles these days. 

    It also comes with the OTG feature making it suitable for people with prescription glasses. The frame of the goggles has been designed innovatively too, as it has an advanced venting solution that eliminates all the moisture from the goggles effectively.

    Due to the detachable feature of the goggles, you can remove and replace the lenses easily. It has a silicone anti-slip strap that prevents the goggles from falling off. 

    Key Features: 

    • Mirrored lenses
    • Dual-Layer Anti-Fog Optical Lens
    • Comes with a microfiber carrying bag and carrying cloth
    • Keeps fog outside 

    Wildhorn Roca Snowboard and Ski Goggles:

    There is barely any competition against Wildhorn when it comes to producing skiing goggles. The company is an official supplier to the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Team. The U.S. Ski & Snowboard is America’s National and Olympic governing body. 

    • Can be worn with sunglasses
    • Anti-Fog and anti-scratch
    • Triple-layer foam for maximum comfort
    • Tough and durable
    • Swaps lenses easily

      Wildhorn’s Roca snowboard and ski goggles are packed with innumerable features that can make skiing and snowboarding convenient and enjoyable. The company has developed the fastest lens changing system which lets you change the lens in 60 seconds. 

      It has a semi-frameless design that offers commendable performance, comfort, and style for all levels. The goggles have been designed with the help of skiers and snowboarders, due to which it can stand all kinds of challenges that they face. 

      Roca has a WIDE VIEW panoramic spherical dual lens construction with Anti-Fog & Anti-Scratch coating that allows you to see clearly in any terrain and environment. It also protects you from distortion and UV rays.

      The Roca goggle frame is made from super durable Thermoplastic Urethane Polymer that can withstand shocks and pressure. It has a premium soft-touch anti-slip coating that makes the gloves look stylish and chic. 

      Key Features: 

      • Wide view panoramic lens
      • Locking magnetic lens
      • Fully adjustable
      • Durable performance

      Julbo Aerospace Snow Goggles with Photochromic REACTIV Lens:

      Julbo has more than 125 years of creating phenomenal products that are used by people worldwide. The company’s finesse in terms of craftsmanship can be seen in its Aerospace Snow Goggles with Photochromic REACTIV Lens. 

      • High-tech
      • Innovative ventilation
      • Lens adapts to light conditions
      • Looks good
      • Durability issues
      • Comes with only one lens

      It is well-thought in terms of design and comes with features that are rarely found in skiing goggles. The goggle is accentuated with the company’s patented SuperFlow System that allows the lens to push away from the frame making space for air to flow in and out. 

      To make the goggles comfortable for the face, the company has added two layers of cushioning foam to the edges of the frame. It has been designed to fit on helmets with ease with the adjustable Full Silicone Anti-slip Strap.

      The goggles come with the advanced REACTIV Lens that is designed to adjust to the lighting in the surroundings and provide you with the best visibility. These lenses are engineered to reduce glares by an astounding 50%. All of the variants of REACTIV lenses have an anti-fog coating that can be highly beneficial while skiing. 

      Key Features: 

      • Spherical, Double Lens
      • Minimal Frame For a wide field of vision
      • Patented SuperFlow venting & anti-fog lens coating
      • REACTIV VLT: 17% – 75%. 100% UV A, B, C

      How to choose the right Ski Goggles?

      Skiing goggles are close to safety and hence have to be chosen very carefully. It is not necessary that you buy a feature-loaded high-end goggle; getting one with the essential features can be sufficient. 

      Here are some of the important features that you need to look for when choosing a pair of skiing goggles:


      Lenses are the most important part of skiing goggles and there are many factors that have to be considered when choosing the right skiing goggles such as lens type, lens color, and other features like fog prevention to glare protection.

      Types of skiing goggle lenses: 

      There are two types of skiing goggle lenses i.e. cylindrical (flat) and spherical. Cylindrical lenses are known to curve horizontally while maintaining their vertically flat stature. These lenses can offer great performance at a low price point. 

      Spherical goggle lenses, curve both horizontally and vertically around the face which gives them a bubbled look. Keeping the look aside, there are many advantages of the spherical lenses you can benefit from such as peripheral vision, reduced glare, less fogging, and less distortion.

      Lens color and tint: 

      Choosing the wrong tint of goggles can be dangerous, as the color of the lens is engineered to filter the light in your surroundings and formulate a colored vision for you. This means you can be practically blinded by your goggles while skiing, and that does not sound good. 

      There are countless lens color options to choose from and the quality of the color of these lenses can vary from brand to brand. Each color will filter the light differently and make you see the surroundings differently. 

      Skiing Goggle Visual Light Transmission (VLT):

      Visible Light Transmission or VLT is used to denote the amount of light that passes through the lens of a goggle. The amount is measured in percentage and ranges from 0% to 100%. 

      There are lenses that perform better in low light and visibility in weather conditions like snow, foggy, and flat light. Such lenses allow a VLT in higher percentages. The color of these kinds of lenses is yellow, rose, and blue. The ideal skiing goggle will have a VLT range of 60-90% for flat light. 

      Goggles for sunny days focus on providing maximum visibility by keeping the light out. These lenses will have a lower VLT percentage and they mostly come in colors like black grey, and gold, and also mirrored.

      The goggle lenses with a 5-20% VLT range are considered ideal for bright and sunny days. 
      The best way to choose your goggles is by considering the weather conditions. 

      Skiing Lens Technologies:

      There are some additional features that google manufacturers add to their goggles to make them better and more useful. Here are some of the lens features that you need to look out for. 

      UV protection: 

      These days almost every goggle comes with UV protection of up to 100%. UV protection becomes essential as you go higher on the hills, as it prevents the damage to the retina as well as eye fatigue. 

      Mirrored lenses: 

      A reflective coating on the outer part of the goggle lens that reduces the amount of light that passes through the lens. This can help in making your vision clearer on a bright sunny day but it is recommended that you remove your mirrored goggles in dark surroundings. 

      Double lenses: 

      Double lenses are known for creating a thermal barrier that reduces fogging significantly. These types of lenses are commonly found skiing goggles these days. 

      These are some of the essential skiing lens technologies that you need to look for in skiing goggles. There are other technologies like Polarized Lenses, Anti-Fog Coating, Photochromic Lenses, and Prizm™ Lenses that you can look for to get an additional advantage. 


      All kinds of skiing goggles have vents as they play a significant role in preventing the fog accumulation in the goggles. If you prefer wearing a helmet, you need to check whether the venting system of the goggles is compatible with the shape of your helmet. 

      Skiing Goggle Frames:

      The shape of your skiing google can have a massive impact on your goggle-wearing experience. While there are numerous shapes of goggles available in the market a skiing goggle should be able to do these three things: keep your lens in place, prevent the snow from getting in, and keep your face as comfortable as possible. 

      Most of the frames can do the first two parts easily, but it is the fit that matters the most. Therefore, you need to look for frames that fit you well. 

      Commonly asked questions:

      How do I stop my glasses inside skiing goggles from fogging up?

      Fog accumulation is a huge and common problem faced by skiers. Here are some of the things that you can try to reduce fog in your skiing goggles. Choose goggles with bigger vents that don’t get blocked by your helmet. 

      You can use an anti-fog spray on both sides or you can try to keep your goggles dry by hanging them on the helmet when you are not wearing them. Avoid wearing a facemask that covers your nose and mouth, as it pushes the breath directly into the goggles. 

      What kind of ski goggles should I get as a beginner?

      If you have just picked up skiing as a hobby, we recommend you to buy low priced skiing goggles. However, when looking for a low priced goggle, you need to make sure that it does not compromise on quality. Fewer features are acceptable but a low quality can put your life in danger. 

      How to clean ski goggles?

      You don’t need anything special to clean your skiing goggles but you need to avoid using it with things like paper towels, sweatshirts, or any other rug. You can use the goggle bag to gently wipe the dust and fingerprints from the lens. 


      No matter how many features or advancements are incorporated in a skiing goggle, if it does not fit your face they are all futile. You need to look for goggles that cover your face well and stay in the same position all along. 
      I hope the above information has helped you gain substantial information about the best ski goggles for small faces. If you have any queries or suggestions, you can write them in the comments. 

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