Best Ski Goggles For Kids Reviewed

If you’re looking to get your child into skiing, then a comfortable and clear pair of goggles is an essential piece of equipment. With hundreds of different brands and models it can be tough to determine which pair it’s gonna be best for your child. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best ski goggles for kids so you can find the perfect pair.

OutdoorMaster Kids Ski Goggles

  • Tons Of Design Options
  • Compatible With Any Ski Helmet
  • Over Glasses Design
  • Soft TPU Frame
  • Includes Carrying Pouch 6-Month Warranty
  • Non Brand Name

Our number one selection on our list of the best kids ski goggles is this great pair from Outdoor Master. These ski goggles for kids are a fantastic option for any parent looking for a durable and trustworthy pair of goggles.

The first feature we’re going to cover is the huge number of design options that are available with these goggles. These design options come with many different colours and styles allowing you to pick a design that matches your child’s personality.

Whether you want to match these goggles with the rest of their ski gear or just use their favourite colour the ski goggles design options are going to be a hit with your kid.

In terms of performance features, these goggles offer 100% UV protection. People often underestimate the strength of the sun during the winter months. We recommend that if you decide to purchase any ski goggles for your child that they are 100% UV protected.

It is also worth mentioning that the ski goggles are compatible with any helmet. Regardless of what helmet your child owns you’ll be able to secure these goggles and have them comfortably fit on your child’s face.

The design of these goggles also allows for OTG. This stands for over the glasses. For skiers that have to wear glasses at all times you’ll be happy to know that these goggles are built to facilitate for those skiers, allowing them to place the goggles over top of the glasses and still remain comfortable.

The soft TPU frame refers to the flexibility of the frame of these goggles. At some point while wearing these goggles your kid is going to have a spill.

You’re going to want softer more flexible frames on your child’s goggles so that first off your child’s head will not be injured and second the goggles themselves will not break.

If you’re worried about the quality of these kids ski goggles you’ll be happy to find that they come with a six month warranty. This means that if any point in the six months after purchasing you these goggles you finally are not up to your standard you will be able to return them for a full refund.

It is also worth mentioning that they come with a carrying pouch. This helps you transport these goggles to and from the ski hill safely.

The only real negative we came across throughout our research was that this model does not come from a trusted brand. For the majority of adults skiers or snowboarders, you will find the most your goggles are going to come from big ski brands. Unfortunately, this is not the case for kids ski goggles so you’ll have to purchase from a company you may not recognize.

All in all, we found these kids ski goggles from outdoor master or to be a fantastic option. If you’re looking for a quality pair of ski goggles built specifically for kids then you’re going to be extremely happy with this purchase.

Findway Kids Ski Goggles

  • Built Specifically For Kids Aged 3-8
  • Anti-fog, Anti-scratch
  • 100% UV Protection
  • Elastic Non-slipping Strap/Adjustable Buckle
  • Soft TPU Frame
  • Only Meant For Children

Next on our list of the best kids ski goggles is this great pair from find way. This pair of goggles offer you all the performance features you could want to keep your kid safe and happy went out on the ski hill.

The ski goggles are built specifically for kids age 3 to 8. This is important because the majority of ski goggles you will find are either marked as one size fits all or in the age range from toddlers all the way to mid teens. It is somewhat rare to find a pair of ski goggles with an age range that specific.

This means that these goggles will likely be more tailored to the size of your child’s head and more likely to match up well with their helmet size.

These goggles also feature anti-fog and anti-scratch features. The anti-fogging is incredibly important. For those of you that don’t know often times face gaiters, facemasks or fully zipped up jackets can lead to hot air coming out of your mouth up into your goggles.

This hot air typically fogs up and inhibit your ability to see clearly. With these anti-fog features you’ll find there’s more room for ventilation allowing your goggles to stay clear and transparent as you spend your day skiing.

The anti-scratch features especially necessary for younger skiers. It safe to say there’s gonna be a few wipe outs, not to mention the scratches that would likely occur when taking off or caring these goggles throughout the day. Though the scratch feature doesn’t necessarily mean scratches will never occur it will certainly increase the odds that these goggles stay scratch free.

The elastic non-slipping strap with adjustable buckle is another fantastic feature of these kids ski goggles. The nonslip strap will sit securely on the back of your helmet in order to ensure your goggles are not have to be adjusted throughout the day. The adjustability of the strap is another fantastic feature.

This adjustability allows you to keep the goggles securely fit to your head. It also gives you the option to tighten the goggles up and wear them underneath your helmet or keep them looser and wrap them around the exterior of your helmet. Though this may not seem important to you some kids certainly prefer one style over the other.

Just like we mentioned on our previous model these kids ski goggles also feature a soft TPU frame. As we stated earlier this means there’s gonna be a little more given the frame and making it a softer impact if your child happens to fall and make contact with the goggles as well as more durability to the goggles themselves.

The only real con we came across these goggles is that they are not able to be used by adults. The only reason we consider this negative is because many of the youth models on our list can also be shared by the parents. But if these goggles are only intended for child use than this negative actually becomes a positive as these goggles will fit your child much better.

All in all we consider these goggles from from find a way to be a fantastic option. If you’re looking to buy a set of ski goggles for your child or any young skier in your life then you cannot go wrong with this high-quality model.

Akaso Kids Ski And Snowboard Goggles

  • Crisp Vision
  • Anti Fog
  • Anti-slip silicone backed and helmet compatible strap
  • Goggle Bag
  • Multiple Design And VLT Options
  • Only Meant For Ages 3-13

The next addition to our list of the best ski and snowboard goggles for kids is this pair from Akaso. These goggles offer incredible vision and a ton of great performance features that put them near the top of the list for the best kids ski goggles on the market.

One of the best features of this set of kids ski goggles is the crisp vision. The spherical lense that is the same used in adult ski goggles is loaded with features to give you more clarity while out on the ski hill.

This lens offers use of peripheral view and distortion clarity. These features may be the difference in noticing another skier passing you bye. Having this clear vision on the hill will increase the level of safety your child will feel while skiing.

The mirror coating on this lens also works to remove glare. This paired with the UV protection keeps you safe and seeing clear even on those bright blue sky days.

The anti-fog feature is similar to the ones we covered in previous models. The ventilation works to allow the hot air to move out of your goggles to avoid fogginess. If you happen to wear a facemask or neck gator while skiing this will be an especially helpful feature.

The anti-slip strap that is compatible with all helmets it is another feature we’ve covered in previous models. This allows you to slide the strap through the back of your helmet ensuring it remains secure.

This is compatible with virtually any ski or snowboard helmet meaning you won’t have to worry about ring you’re just in your goggles as they will likely be locked in place via the helmet strap.

This model Also comes with a goggle bag. As we mentioned earlier this isessential for those looking to keep your goggles in tiptop shape. The google bags are typically used when packing all your ski gear up for your day on the hill. The bag will ensure it does not come in the other contact like ski boots or poles in which the goggles can easily be scraped.

On top of all these great features this pair of skin ski goggles is also offered in many different designs and VLT ratings. The designs are purely aesthetic and will allow you to choose from any different colour options.

The VLT ratings refers to the amount of tint on the goggles. Goggles with higher VLT rating are best meant for dark conditions. So if it is often cloudy on your ski hill these will come in handy.

The lower VLT rating goggles are meant for sunny areas and will allow you to see clearer even when the sun is very bright.

All in all, we found these kids ski goggles to be a fantastic option for those looking to purchase a pair with the most clarity. If your main goal in these ski goggles is their vision then this pair from Findaway is a great choice.

ZIONOR Lagopus Ski Snowboard Goggles

  • Tons Of Design Options
  • Anti Fog And 100% UV Protection
  • anti-wind features
  • Helmet Compatible & OTG
  • Not Built Specifically For Children

These Zionor Lagopus ski and snowboard goggles are the fourth addition to our list of best skiing goggles for kids. This model is actually the top selling kids ski goggles on all of Amazon.

First off these kids ski goggles offer tons of different design options. Whether are you looking to match with the rest of your ski gear or you just want to pick up your child’s favourite colour these design options ensure these goggles will be loved by your kid.

The anti-fog and 100% UV protection or a few features we have covered several times throughout this list. As we stated earlier the anti-fog features ensure that hot air and moisture is not built up on the goggles therefore impairing your vision. The ventilation in these goggles allows that hot air and moisture to escape giving you clear optics.

100% UV rating of these ski goggles is another crucial feature. This ensures your eye stays safe and protected as the sun shines down and reflects off the snow around you.

The anti-wind features are an interesting aspect of these Paris kids ski goggles. For anyone that skied many times you were aware of how cold those chilly winter winds can be if they’re sneaking through the crack between your helmet and goggles.

These anti-wind features ensure that wind does not get through and get to your bare skin resting underneath the goggles. This is especially helpful if you ski in the area that can experience highwinds.

Finally, these kids ski goggles are 100% helmet compatible and offer OTG. This is something we covered earlier in the article but essentially means these goggles can be paired with any helmet and sit comfortably on your child’s head even if wearing glasses.

The OTG features that any child or kid that uses glasses will be able to keep them on underneath the ski goggles and still fit comfortably.

As one of the best selling ski goggles online we found this pair to be a fantastic option for anyone looking to purchase a pair of ski goggles for their child at a fair price.

Rngeo Ski Goggles, Pack of 2

  • Best For Budgets
  • Functional Air Vents & Detachable Head Strap
  • Elastic ABS Frame
  • Includes Two Pairs of Goggles
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Slightly Lower Quality Build

The final addition to our list of the best ski and snowboard goggles for children is this fantastic budget option. Not only is this cheapest options on our list but it comes with two sets so it is affectively less than half the price of any other model on our list.

The first feature gonna cover is the incredibly low price of the ski goggles. As we stated earlier the price tag on this model is the cheapest on our list by far and when broken down into per unit is less than half the price of any other model.

The functional air vent in detachable head strap are two interesting features of this model.

First off the functional air vents allow air to cycle through the goggles in order to keep your face cool and avoid fog. This sort of ventilation is something that is very necessary in all ski goggles and will make your all-around experience more comfortable.

This model also features a detachable head strap. The strap can be removed from the goggles making it easier to store them when you’re transporting them to or from the ski resort.

Just like the other models on this list these goggles offer 100% UV protection. Despite the low price when you can still rest assured that the struggle for keep your ice safe from harmful rays.

These goggles also feature in elastic EBS frame. This is similar to the other frames you mentioned earlier on in the review which offer some give in a fall occurs.

This ensures the goggles will last longer and also cause last image if you happen to fall face first.

It is also worth mentioning that these goggles come with a 12 month warranty. If you are concerned whatsoever about the quality of these goggles to the low price you’ll be happy to see that no matter what happens to these goggles within 12 months of the purchase date you will be able to return them for a full refund.

In conclusion we found these goggles to be great for anyone looking to purchase a pair of childrens ski goggles on a budget.

Now this price will still be seen in the quality of the model though we want to be sure to get the point across at these goggles still get the job done.

No, they will not have the same level of clarity and quality as some other options but they are still a great choice for anyone looking for a pair of kids ski goggles to keep their kids eyes safe while on the hill.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Important for Ski Goggles To Be UV Proof?

Yes, as we stated several times throughout this review we find it incredibly important that your ski goggles have UV protection. This is especially important for your children. Often times the winter months skiers and snowboarders may discredit the strength of the sun.

When in actuality often times the sun is actually more dangerous in the winter months do the reflective nature of the snow you’ll find many harmful UV rays will be making your way up towards your eyes on any given winter day. That is why we find it incredibly important that you purchase a pair of kids ski goggles to feature UV protection.

What are the differences between adult ski goggles and kids?

Though generally kids and adults goggles are typically the same there are few small differences that makes the two. The first most obvious difference will be the size. Obviously as you would expect sky was built for kids and children are significantly smaller both in their strap size as well as their total goggle size when compared to adults goggles.

Another difference comes in the quality of goggles them selves. You’ll find across-the-board youth ski goggles are cheaper and slightly lower quality than most adult goggles.

This is most likely due to the fact that parents realize their children are growing and purchasing an expensive high-quality pair of ski goggles for someone that will outgrow them in a few years does not always seem worth it. This results in kids ski goggles having a lower overall higher quality.

Where To Buy Ski Goggles?

If you’re looking to buy any pair of ski goggles you can likely head your local sports retailer and find a pair there.

Though if you’re looking to find the largest variety in prices and styles ski goggles your best bet is to shop online. Shopping online on a large retailer like Amazon and give you a much broader opportunity to compare different styles ski goggles as well as their prices.

Do I Need My Ski Goggles to Be Windproof?

No it is not 100% necessary to get your ski goggles to be windproof. It can be an incredibly helpful factor when out on the hill. All skiers know the coldest of days when the wind is blowing strong.

One of those cold feelings come from the air getting underneath your goggles and onto your face. If you happen to purchase a pair that improve you will not have to deal with this issue. So if you’re looking for the warmest possible set of ski gear than windproof goggles are a must have.


We hope you enjoyed our guide the best kids ski goggles. If you have any questions regarding this guide or any of the products on it please be sure to reach out in the comments below.

If you did enjoy this guide please be sure to check out some of our others such as our guide to the best ski goggles for flat light or the best OTG goggles.

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