Best OTG Goggles Reviewed

Ski goggles are a must have if you are looking to shred or scale some snowy hills and valleys. They protect your eyes not just from the cold but also snow particles, strong icy winds, snow blindness, injuries and the harmful effects of the UV rays.

If you have an excellent eyesight or have no problem putting on contact lenses, then you shouldn’t have problem wearing most of the normal ski goggles in the market. However, if you must wear prescription glasses, you will have to grapple with finding the ski goggles that can fit over your glasses. This can be a challenge as prescription glasses vary in sizes and construction. For example, while some might be rimless, others are thick-rimmed.   

For this, there are lots of ski goggles with an over-the-glasses (OTG) design that can comfortably fit over your prescription glasses without pressing hard against your face or damaging your glasses’ frames. OTG goggles are usually large and spherical-shaped and will have special grooves in the foam created to accommodate the various frame sizes of your prescription glasses.

The best OTG goggles will have the following unique qualities: –

  • Grooves or idents that will accommodate the spectacles’ frames
  • Bigger lens size and an improved field of vision
  • Better ventilation flow to reduce the misting and fogging effect on the prescription glasses and goggles
  • Superior technology protection and performance is important, particularly if you are planning to use your ski goggles regularly or in more extreme ski sports
  • Ability to easily interchange lenses for use in different lighting environments

Here are some of our top picks of the OTG ski goggles that you can use on your next ski adventure if you wear prescription glasses. 

Oakley Flight Deck XM Snow Goggles

Amazon ASIN: B012Y896ZA

Price: $200

Rarely would you go wrong with Oakley goggles, even when they come in a standard package. The Oakley Flight Deck XM Snow Goggles are definitely in a league of their own. They have an amazing field of view, give you a clear field of vison and the lenses work perfectly on clear and bright days as well as on cloudy or overcast days. These ensure that you can have a clear view of the piste and you can easily spot other skiers and snowboarders who are up on your sides. The lenses are of such clarity that you can clearly pick out the minutest of details on the snow.

Being OTG, the foam in the goggles features a slight indent to cover your prescription glasses and they offer excellent coverage across a wide spectrum of sizes. They fit in so well that you won’t even notice you have your prescription glasses on and that means you can enjoy hours of delightful skiing without any encumbrances. They are available in a vast array of striking prizm and matte lenses. The lenses are also easily removable so you can swap them with relative ease.


  • Top brand name with reliable quality
  • Great field of vision
  • Great clarity on the snow
  • Offers a broad coverage for a spectrum of prescription glass sizes
  • Rimless design delivers great peripheral vision
  • F3 anti-fog coating
  • All round prizm lenses


  • Complaints about the lenses scratching easily
  • They do not ship with any spare lenses so you will have to buy these separately
  • They are pricey

Bollé Y6 OTG

Amazon ASIN: B002C38S98

Price: $45

With a reputation for quality and excellence straddling eight decades, you could never go wrong with Bollé gear. The first thing that you notice about the Bollé Y6 OTG is that they come really cheap. That often means you sacrifice some of the superior bells and whistles that you’d get in the top-end ski goggles. However, they are still dependable OTG goggles.

They are also made with the advanced Bollé technology that puts a great premium on comfort and safety. The Bollé goggles are regularly used by top performance athletes thanks to their advanced protection and comfort technologies. The high standard of quality and reliability can be seen in the Bollé Y6 OTG  where every detail is done to excellence, right from the choice of material to the finishes.

With cleverly designed over-the-glasses foam, they make for good OTG goggles. The foam features well-placed channels cutting into the foam that hold your prescription glasses securely in place. They also give a comfortable fit and you don’t have to worry about the optical glasses pressing hard against your face. They are also embedded with a premium anti-fog material and flow tech venting technology that promotes airflow on the inner surface of the lens, thereby reducing potential moisture build-up and ensuring you have clear vision while out on the ski slopes.


  • Lenses have an anti-scratch treatment for excellent scratch resistance
  • P80+ Anti-fog treatment
  • Excellent OTG design that will fit over most prescription glasses
  • Good airflow prevents fogging
  • Good build quality
  • Affordably priced


  • The work best on smaller frame glasses

Giro Index OTG

Amazon ASIN: B072R3L8HS

Price: $50 to $79

Rarely do you get ski goggles that are specially engineered for OTG and which still got the looks and functionality right in one package. Giro also happens to make good ski helmets so if you purchased the company’s helmets, you will get the peace of mind of seamless helmet-goggle compatibility for an optimal performance on the ski slopes. These goggles are anti-fog and very comfortable thanks to their double-layer face foam that is built with a soft microfleece lining. They are size-adjustable and can fit over many sizes of prescription glasses.


  • An affordable option
  • They fit amazingly well over the glasses
  • Anti-fog build
  • Very comfortable over the face

Unigear OTG Ski Goggles

Amazon ASIN: B075NM9DPM           

Price: $36

Cheap and good quality rarely fit in one sentence but these spherical magnetic ski goggles really do deliver on the quality and top dollar appeal. In spite of their affordable price, these OTG goggles have been constructed with clever technology and functionality. They have an ultra-modern and fashionable design and their interchangeable magnetic lens technology allows you to easily swap the different lens colors to suit the prevailing lighting conditions when skiing or snowboarding. The Unigear OTG goggles also boast efficient anti-fog protection and topline ventilation thanks to its full channel vents located at both its top and bottom sides that improve the airflow and deliver excellent anti-fogging function. You won’t have to worry about harmful UV rays or snow blindness with these quality ski goggles. They have a dual spherical lens design for maximum clarity, ensuring that your eyes catch every minute detail on the slopes. These are OTG goggles that are compatible with different-sized prescription glasses and helmets. They come with long and adjustable straps that will work with a variety of helmets and head sizes. It is a one size fits most so chances are that you are going to find Unigear OTG Goggles that should be adequate for your needs.


  • Affordable pricing
  • One size fits most
  • OTG goggles with wide coverage
  • Magnetic interchangeable lens
  • Modern stylish designs
  • Get a clear view and broader vision
  • Adjustable strap provides a broad helmet compatibility
  • They ship with a premium quality case


  • Replacement lenses don’t come cheap

Smith Optics I/OX Goggles

Amazon ASIN: B06XR58PHV

Price: $200

If you are willing to splurge on premium quality ski goggles that straps in all the bells and whistles and delivers a reliable performance on your ski or snowboard outings, there would be no better candidate than the Smith Optics I/OX Goggles. Basically, it crams all in our wish list for a ski goggle. The tech is also cutting-edge. Central to its top performance is the Chroma Pop lens technology that Smith Optics implemented not so long ago. This technology works by filtering two light wavelength in order to deliver better contrast and minimize light confusion. The clarity that you get from this is simply out of this world and these goggles will as a result make a significant difference in clarity while on the ski slopes. The I/OX is a top-range ski goggle that is preferred by high-performance skiers. It has spherical and extra-large lenses that gives you really good peripheral vision. The large and spherical design will also accommodate various sizes of prescription glasses and provide better peripheral vision.

Perhaps, its best performance edge is in its anti-fogging property. These are no gimmicks. These goggles will really give you a crystal-clear fog-free ski performance no matter the condition. If you are used to grappling with fogging lenses, the difference these make is instantly noticeable. They are also ultra-comfortable thanks to their DriWix face foam that gives you all-day comfort. They are designed with the patented “Porex” filter that eliminate distortions in your view even when you are making elevation changes. The quick release system enables you to quickly swap lenses. You also have the choice of nine different colors to suit your tastes and preferences.


  • Premium quality goggles
  • Crystal clear anti-fog performance thanks to 5X anti-fog lenses and TLT lens technology
  • Quick release system enables you to quickly swap your lenses
  • Very comfortable design
  • Good helmet compatibility
  • Can be used in both bright and low light conditions


  • Expensive

Copozz G1 OTG Ski Goggles

Amazon: B01N2V1B39

Price: $38

Copozz G1 OTG Ski goggles are a cheap but well-kitted pair of OTG ski goggles. They give you best in terms of functionality, OTG coverage, durability, helmet-compatibility and anti-fog performance in spite of their relative affordability. They also look and feel amazing. Their magnetic quick interchangeable lens system makes swapping lenses a complete breeze. The lenses are held securely in place by ten magnets and there is no risk of these falling off. The Copozz G1 OTG lenses also have good scratch-resistance thanks to a super-hardening technology employed in the lenses. They have a smart ventilation system and a longer-lasting anti-fog performance. The OTG design can fit medium to large-sized prescription glasses and they also have excellent compatibility with wide-ranging helmets.


  • Fast and easy lens swap
  • Good OTG and universal helmet compatibility
  • Scratch resistant lenses
  • Premium quality and durable TPU frame
  • Dual layer lens provides great optical clarity and maximum UV protection
  • Non-slip strap
  • Exceptionally high visual field


  • Wiping inner lenses will destroy anti-fog function
  • Ship with just one lens

AKASO OTG Ski Goggles

Amazon ASIN: B075VNS5DN

Price: $43

The humongous spherical lenses on the AKASO OTG are safely secured by 12 points, 8 of which are magnetic and the rest physical, strongly holding the lenses to the frames. The innovative lens attachment under the stabilization bezel offers you some impressive peripheral view and very clear views, free of distortions. This ensures that the lenses stay firmly in place but the innovative interchangeable lens system also pops out with ease and enables you to easily swap out your lenses. The goggles also come with a balaclava ski mask that wicks away the moisture from the skin surface and keeps your face warm. The double-layer lens design gives you crisp clarity with a hydrophilic inner layer that has an excellent anti-fogging performance. Both the top and the bottom parts boast venting windows for optimal air circulation for a fog-free skiing or snowboarding experience. These are a great OTG ski goggle option that will even fit over thick-rimmed prescription glasses.


  • OTG design that comfortably fits over various kinds of prescription glasses
  • Strong, flexible and durable TPU frame
  • Innovative interchangeable lens design
  • Adjustable strap gives you broad helmet compatibility
  • Double layer design for crisp-clear vision
  • Reliable magnet system for lens exchange
  • Package ships with a premium fabric balaclava

Lens Swap Polarized Ski Goggles OTG

Amazon ASIN: B07LC3GY83

Price: $45

Lens Swap’s unisex Polarized Ski Goggles are crammed with all the standard bells and whistles for a relatively affordable pricing. For just $45, you literally get more than you bargained for with a double-layered lens that is crisp-clear and which has an optimal anti-fog performance. The lens is polarized and with a unique OTG design that will fit a wide selection of medium to large sized prescription glasses. The inner part consists of a multi-layered foam along with a foam cut out that accommodates glasses of different sizes. The foam is thinner towards the nose and thicker around the face for maximum comfort. It ships with both black Polarized lenses for daylight skiing as well as crystal clear lenses for night skiing. The lenses are secured in place by a powerful magnetic grip that holds them in place when you are out shredding on the slopes. It also has an intuitive interchangeable lens design. Everything is nicely constructed to the minutest detail right from the case to the extra lenses as well as the lens wipes that it ships with.


  • Ships with black Polarized ski goggles with an excellent OTG fit over your prescription glasses
  • Anti-fog ski goggles
  • Excellent scratch resistance
  • Maximum UV protection
  • Fully adjustable strap for broader helmet compatibility


What are OTG Goggles?

These are ski goggles that can comfortably be worn over your prescription glasses or sunglasses. An OTG goggle shouldn’t just fit comfortably; it should also protect your glasses from fogging and be universally compatible with helmets from different brands.

What Size of OTG Ski Goggles Should I Choose?

The OTG ski goggles enable you to wear your prescription glasses under the goggles. Factors that will influence the size of the OTG goggle are the size of the head and size of the eyeglasses. Before you pick one, it’s prudent to have a clue about the size of your head and then check this up against the diameter and size of the goggles as shown in the product description.  You need to select the right size because the goggles will press against your face and glasses if it is too small which can be uncomfortable. Larger goggles can generally be adjusted but overall, it is recommended that you go for goggles that can fit your sizing.

Will My Prescription Glasses Fog Up When I Wear OTG Goggles?

Many of the OTG goggles will have an anti-fog layer design that prevent them from fogging but this does not prevent your prescription glasses from fogging up. As a result, you need to purchase OTG goggles with an excellent venting mechanism for optimal air flow to prevent your prescription glasses from fogging or misting.

Can I Wear My OTG Goggles Without My Prescription Glasses?

OTG goggles work best for those who wear prescription glasses. If you don’t, you’d be better off with the regular ski goggles which are smaller and compact and will snugly fit over your face. However, there are some OTG goggles that are versatile enough that they can be worn with or without eyeglasses.

Can I Wear My OTG Goggles With My Contact Lenses?

Unlike normal goggles, OTGs have some depth and an indent in the foam to accommodate prescription glasses and allow for optimal circulation inside the goggles which reduces the misting or fogging effect. You can still wear OTG goggles with your contact lenses but your eyes are likely to be a little sore or dry. If you wear contact lenses while skiing, you’d be better off with the normal ski goggles.

Will My OTG Goggles Be Compatible With My Helmet? Most of the OTG goggles have a universal compatibility with most helmets. Ideally, the goggle should have sufficient adjustment length in the goggle strap t

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