Best Neck Gaiter for Skiing Reviewed

For those that don’t know a neck gaiter is a little fancy name for a neck warmer. If you are going out skiing, you can’t afford not to have these stylish and versatile pieces of clothing that keep you warm, protect you from UV rays and depending on your choice, add a little bit of style to your ski wear.

The neck gaiters will keep both your lower face and neck warm. Depending on their length, they also provide insulation for your core body temperature and prevents it from escaping from the jacket, thereby helping keep your core body warm on the slopes even in the most punishing subzero temperatures.

In high altitudes, they will protect your skin from UV exposure and sunburns. You will also rely on these versatile pieces of cloth to help protect your face from frostbite and windburn. If you are skiing or snowboarding down the slopes, they will protect your face from the pain of light rains or snow splashing on your face at high speeds.

Planning to go on a skiing or snowboarding adventure? This is one essential piece of ski accessory that you will need to keep yourself warm and comfortable. We have compiled for you a list of some of best neck gaiters for skiing that you can pack up on your next snow-bound adventures.

Condor Thermo Neck Gaiter

Fashioned from a breathable and stretchable microfleece material, the Condor Thermo Neck Gaiter is a neck warmer that offers you excellent neck coverage which goes over your neck and offers you plenty of warmth in chilly and wintry conditions.

It is designed with an elasticated band for ease of wearing and fitting. Once worn, it will fit snugly and comfortably sit on your face above your nose without the risk of falling off even in high-adrenaline ski activities.

It gives you plenty of warmth in very cold weather without being too bulky and cumbersome. You also don’t have to worry about this neck gaiter absorbing too much water and getting wet thereby adding to your discomfort. The fleece material is ultra-soft and lightweight adding to your comfort in freezing temperatures.


  • Gives a snug fit
  • Made from very soft microfleece material
  • Has an elasticated band for easy wearing and fitting
  • It’s not very restrictive


  • It reaches only mid-neck and does not extend lower hence it does not offer you optimal coverage like other long neck gaiters.

Original Turtle Fur Fleece

Amazon ASIN: B00821X2VI

The Original Turtle Fur is often referred to as “The Turtle’s Neck”. It is made from acrylic which has excellent moisture wicking capability. The Turtle’s Neck is a very soft and warm neck gaiter. It looks stylish and is available in an array of cool and bright colors.

The neck gaiter features two layers of decadent fleece that trap the heat in a pocket created from the two walls of the gaiter. The original does an excellent job at keeping you warm on some of your coldest days.

Apart from its very functional design which delivers superbly even on some of your coldest days, there is a stylish and luxurious dimension to these neck gaiters.

The Original keeps you warm and comfortable but it also makes you look good. It is one of the softest neck warmers in the market, a fact that has made it a bestseller over the years.


  • Made from soft and very warm fabric
  • You don’t have to worry about sizing concerns as one size will fit most adults.
  • It is easy to take care of as it is machine-washable.
  • This neck gaiter is super-stretchy so you don’t have to worry about it ruining your hair.
  • It is very long so you can use it cover half your face as well as your entire neck.


  • It can cover your mouth and face which can pose a problem or inconvenience when you are out partaking of snow sports and activities.
  • The fabric strands are extremely fine and some of these might end up on your face.
  • It can get a little tight on the face.

Minus33 Merino Wool 730 Midweight Neck Gaiter

The Midweight Wool Neck Gaiter checks all the right boxes. It has all the ideal qualities that you’d want in your neck gaiter.

It is made from an ultra-soft fabric and it is also warm and comfortable.

This Midweight piece’s ultra-soft Merino wool fabric is super-soft and also very comfortable to wear. The wool is machine-washable and dryable so caring for this should be a breeze.

It also has a snug fit. One size will easily fit most adults and is versatile enough to be put into multiple uses. You can choose to simply wear it around your neck or you can pull it up to cover your nose and mouth.


  • Super-soft and comfortable fabric
  • Machine-washable and dryable making it easier to care for
  • Long enough to cover your face and entire neck
  • You can put a single size of the Minus33 Merino Wool Neck Gaiter into multiple uses.
  • Excellent moisture-wicking capabilities, absorbing moisture from your body which subsequently evaporates.
  • Naturally elastic material
  • Breathable and soft wicking layers.
  • Lightweight
  • The quality is impressive
  • It will really keep you warm


  • It is slightly expensive

Buff Mens Original

Amazon ASIN: B08228HYBY

BUFF Original is a multifunctional headwear made from 100% microfiber polyester material. It dries fast and has excellent moisture wicking capabilities.

You can also wear it in countless ways. The design is seamless and ingenuous which offers you long-term comfort and reduces irritation.

This neck gaiter is very adaptable and offers you optimal performance and protection. The numerous wearing styles enables you to wear it any personalized style to get your best fit. 


  • It is machine washable
  • Made of 100% microfiber polyester
  • You can wear in 12 ways
  • One size fits all
  • Multiple combinations
  • Available in multiple beautiful patterns
  • Good protection from wind
  • Versatile and lightweight material


  • Material is very lightweight and might not work in extreme cold.

AIWOLU Winter Neck Gaiter

The AIWOLU Winter Neck Gaiter is a windproof face mask that will give you great warmth and comfort if you are undertaking some outdoor activity deep in winter.

Beyond skiing, you can also use it for various other snow-based activities including snowboarding, cycling, running in cold weather or shoveling snow.

The AIWOLU Neck Gaiter is a very versatile neck warmer with good elasticity. It is also unisex and will fit both men and women giving you excellent coverage all winter long.

You can pull this neck gaiter over your nose, mouth or even ears to get maximum warmth and comfort. You will also love its softness. Another added benefit is that you can wash and dry it easily.

There is a lot of extra fabric that will gather around your neck when you wear it with the face section staying down to the chin so you can also use this gaiter to keep your face warm. It can even be worn as a neck scarf.


  • Made from premium fabric material
  • It is stretchy and very skin-friendly
  • Mesh around nose and mouth for breathing
  • The thermal fleece material used in the AIWOLU provides great warmth in the coldest of weather.
  • Very breathable fabric
  • Unique design
  • Will keep you warm at all times
  • A snug fit. You can easily fit this fabric under your goggles.
  • Stylish
  • Great heat retention

GNITEX Winter Face Mask & Neck Gaiter

Amazon ASIN: B07Z55XZ1F

This is a beautiful and coldproof neck gaiter which fits nicely and gives you plenty of warmth in subzero temperatures.

It is nice and comfortable and does fit too tightly which enables you to breathe easily when you are out skiing. The GNITEX Neck Gaiter features a seamless construction that will protect your ears, nose, mouth and neck from the icy winds when you are out skiing.

The GNITEX is a very versatile neck gaiter that you can wear in countless ways including as a neck warmer, face mask or as a headband depending on the desired function.

There is a mesh vent that allows you to breathe easily so there won’t be any fogging on your ski goggles or glasses. The fabric is a stretchy acrylic which gives you the right fit.


  • Seamless and durable construction with excellent workmanship provides maximum protection for nose, neck, mouth and ears.
  • You can use it in multiple ways including as a headband and face mask.
  • Mesh vent to breathe without fogging
  • Extra-long for added protection


  • Might not fit people with small heads

WTACTFUL Soft Fleece Neck Gaiter

The WTACTFUL Soft Fleece Neck Gaiter is an ultra-comfortable multipurpose neck gaiter which is a perfect choice for your next ski adventure.

It is ideal for various winter sports including skiing, hiking, fishing or even running. Made from 100% polyester material, it is an ultra-soft neck warmer which is breathable and with superb moisture wicking qualities.

The fabric is also windproof and anti-static. This is a multipurpose neck gaiter that you can put to other uses beyond just skiing. For example, you can use it for snowboarding, hiking, running, fishing and a slew of other outdoor activities.


  • It is thicker, longer and warm and will give you excellent coverage.
  • Ultra-soft and breathable fabric
  • Unisex
  • Covers your whole neck ensuring your neck is wrapped warm.
  • It’s a one size-fits-most
  • Maintains its original shape even after repeated washing.


  • Might too big for those with small heads

EXIO Winter Neck Warmer Gaiter

Amazon ASIN: B07H3LWJ3L

The EXIO Winter Neck Gaiters are available in various cool designs and different colors to pick from. It is designed with a special air hole that you can breathe through.

You don’t have to worry about your goggles or glasses fogging up when you breathe through these neck gaiters. The design is seamless and ultra-comfortable.

This is a multipurpose and super-comfortable neck gaiter that lends itself easily to a variety of winter sports. It provides good skin protection in the coldest of weather.

The fabric used in the EXIO Gaiter is high-performance and durable and with excellent moisture wicking capabilities. It is guaranteed to keep you warm and comfortable out on the slopes.


  • Cool-looking and stylish designs
  • Mesh front for breathing. This will prevent your goggles from fogging up while keeping you warm.
  • High-performance fabric
  • Comfortable breathable fabric
  • It gives excellent protection from the elements
  • A very comfortable neck gaiter
  • Wicks away sweat and moisture.


  • Some might find material too thin for extreme weather conditions
  • Some reviewers find it too big for smaller heads

WTACTFUL Polar Fleece Neck Warmer

The Polar Fleece is designed for maximum protection in the coldest of winters. The material is soft, comfortable and very warm.

You will also love its simple elastic closure. The workmanship is top-notch so it really looks good and delivers excellent function.

This is also a multifunctional neck gaiter that you can put to other outdoor uses such as snowboarding and cross-country skiing.


  • Super-soft and comfortable polar fleece fabric material provides maximum warmth.
  •  It is made with the highest standard of workmanship that assures you of maximum warmth. The fine needlework also adds to its durability!
  • This is a multifunctional neck gaiter. You can also use it as a face mask or a beanie hat.
  • Slender fit design gives you a very snug fit.
  • It is a warm gaiter that is also nicely made.
  • Comes in a vast spectrum of colors.
  • It is long enough that you can tuck the lower part of this neck gaiter into the jacket.


  • The fabric is lightweight

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Neck Gaiters Comfortable?

Most neck gaiters are made from soft, comfortable and breathable materials.

Will Neck Gaiter Itch When Worn Around the Neck?

Neck gaiters are made from some of the most commonly used fabrics such as wool, polyester or acrylic and are completely safe on the skin.

The fabrics used on neck gaiters are also very soft and comfortable, with an almost swishy feeling and will be completely comfortable on your skin.

Even people with the most sensitive skins rarely report skin irritations from wearing neck gaiters.

Are Neck Gaiters Machine Washable?

Depending on the materials used, some neck gaiters can be machine washable. If this is a priority for you, take time to research the material used in the gaiter.

Most neck gaiters that are machine-washable should be washed with cold water or warm water in gentle cycles.

Avoid using bleach or the fabric softeners. Most fabrics should also not be dry-cleaned. Ideally, the garments should be washed by hand and line-dried after washing.

How Do I Know if a Neck Gaiter Will Fit My Neck?

Most neck gaiters are made in a one-size-fits-all and are stretchable so they should fit most necks. Some neck gaiters are better suited for smaller people.

In any case, if you make a purchase which does not fit, retailers generally offer free shipping on returns.

Are Neck Gaiters Tight to the Face?

Neck gaiters are designed in such a way that they will be sufficiently tight to stay in place once you wear them but they will still allow you lots of breathing space.

Generally, most will offer you a snug and comfortable fit.

Can I Breathe Through a Neck Gaiter?

Neck gaiters are made from materials of varying thickness but they have a convenient breath-through design in the fabric that allows you to breathe easily without feeling discomfort, shortness of breath or a buildup of moisture and ice crusties.

Gaiters made from lightweight merino generally give you the best breathability but each manufacturer has a novel design solution such as air holes, breathing vents or breathing mesh in the neck gaiters that enables you to breathe through with relative ease.

Will this Work if I Have a Beard?

If you have short chin hair, you should be good to go with most neck gaiters for skiing.

However, if you have a long and lush beard, it would be advisable to go for a bigger sized, stretchable and longer gaiter that will accommodate your beard.

Will the gaiter develop ice crusties when I use it for skiing?

Neck gaiters will not freeze up and develop ice crusties when used for skiing. One end of the gaiter will typically be safely tucked to the top of the jacket you are wearing while the top end of gaiter will just be below your chin.

As a result, the ends of the neck gaiter will not be sufficiently exposed to the elements to collect the flakes and develop a buildup of ice to form crusties. Snow will also easily brush off the materials used in making the gaiters such as acrylic and merino wool.

Will the Gaiter Cover the Neck, Mouth, Nose and Ears?

Most should. However, it is important to be cognizant of the size when making a purchase. Some neck gaiters are smaller and may not cover the whole neck.  

Conclusion Best Neck Gaiters Reviewed

We hope you enjoyed our guide to the best neck gators. If you have any questions regarding this review any of the products on it please be sure to reach out in the comments below. If you did enjoy this review please be sure to check out some of our others such as our guide to the best ski masks or the best ski masks or the best thermal underwear.

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