Best Kids Ski Helmet Review Guide

There is a lot ski gear that you can scrimp on or probably leave out of your ski gear shopping run. But one thing you can’t possibly compromise on proper head protection. This is especially true for your nine-year-old or ten-year-old when you are taking them out skiing. Which is while we’ve compiled this list of the best kids ski helmet.

It is important to keep in mind that kids are really active at a young age and they’ll be getting lots of injuries in their various activities. Head injuries can be particularly debilitating and can have lifelong effects on your kids’ cognitive development.

One way to avoid thisis by buying them top quality ski helmets that will offer them maximum head protection when they are out skiing on the slopes or snowboarding. 

Here is a look at some of the best kids’ ski helmets that you can buy for the junior skiers or snowboarders in your life.

Anon Youth Define Helmet

Amazon ASIN: B013UWOUN2

Price: $128 to $140

The Anon Youth Define Helmet is a parent-friendly ski helmet with goggle integration that is securely built into the helmet. The secure goggle compatibility reduces the risk of these falling off or getting lost on the slopes.

This goggle integration makes it easier for both kids and parents. They not only improve the fit of the helmet but you also won’t have to grapple with the hassle of scouring through the slopes searching for lost gear.

The Anon Define BOA Snow Helmet is kid-proof and is also built with an Endura-Shell construction; this is an injection-molded ABS exterior that gives the ski helmet long-lasting strength and durability and maximum protection for their tiny but delicate noggins.

The 180-degree BOA fit system enables you to have an easy and on-the-go adjustment by sampling turning a dial. This kids’ ski helmet is also well-vented which improves comfort even on an all-day ski.

It also features a Strapper-Keeper technology through which the goggle has been seamlessly fitted into the helmet to create the perfect fit around the face of kids.

Finally, the Anon Youth Define Helmet also comes with a microfleece tote bag that you can use for storage. The Anon Define has both CE EN1077B and ASTM F2040 certifications, assuring you of maximum safety and complete peace of mind.


  • Has the relevant safety certifications for both US and EU usage
  • It ships with a microfleece tote bag
  • Designed with classic fleece on the earpads and the liner
  • Magnet snap helmet buckle can be used even when wearing gloves in freezing weather

Bern Kids Winter Bandito Snow Helmet

Amazon ASIN: B07K6Z6HQS
Price: $70 to $90

Bern makes very good kid-friendly helmets and the Bandito is no exception. Bern headsets come in a wide variety of categories, sizes as well as multi-season uses.

The Bandito is just one of its many cool snow helmets for kids. This helmet is built for pre-teen kids whose noggins have already outgrown a kids’ helmet while still too small for an adult helmet. The Bandito is based on Bern’s original visor shape as well as styling.

While the Bandito is sufficiently burly to offer kids maximum protection, it is still relatively lightweight.

It is also designed with a winter liner that provides maximum protection during snow sports, keeping the head and ears warm.

In the warmer months, this snow liner can be removed to enable the helmet to be put to other uses. It is this versatility that makes the Bern Bandito one of the best ski helmets.

It is a ski helmet that is built for both winter and summer months. It holds various safety certifications including Children’s Product Certificate (CPSC), CE EN1078 and CE EN1077B.


  • The original Bern visor shape along with its styling gives the Bandito its super cool look
  • Provides the perfect fit and comfort
  • The EPS Thinshell technology gives it a burly and lightweight design
  • Thinshell is replaceable and can be used in both winter and warmer months

Sweet Protection Blaster II Jr Helmet

This is a superb quality all-mountain protective helmet for the tiny faced skier or snowboarder. Sweet Protection Blaster’s In-Mold construction uses a thin polycarbonate shell to an EPS foam (made of polystyrene) which gives it incredible strength but without being too heavy.

It also features ABS side-impact panels. The helmet has direct ventilation as well as a moisture-wicking liner that offers great warmth, comfort and safety. It is also very stylish. It has a CE EN1077 safety certification so the safety of your kid is assured.


  • It is built with a rubber-toughened construction that offers added impact resistance.
  • High-performance helmet with a very high safety rating
  • Offers a perfect fit thanks to its low-volume Occigrip turn-dial functionality that enables you to make finely tuned adjustments to get the best fit.
  • Moisture wicking 3D-shaped liner to keep kids comfortable
  • Shock-absorbing EPS liner for maximum protection

Pret Helmets Kid Lid Helmet

The Pret Kid Lid Helmet was fashioned from the feedback collected by some of the top-level athletes. Apart from its cool design and bright colors, it is also a safe helmet with an excellent fit. The parts are easily removable and washable.

It leverages the In-Mold multi-shell construction which makes it one of the safest kids’ ski helmets. Its safety certifications include the ATSM F2040 and the CE EN1077B.


  • In Mold polycarbonate shell material offers excellent head protection
  • EPS foam combines with In Mold protection for a tough multi-shell protection
  • Excellent fit adjustment
  • Pret Helmets is also audio compatible

Smith Optics Scout Jr Helmet


Price: $48 to $100

Smith has always a cut reputation for top quality helmets and that hallmark of quality cuts in its all-season Scout Jr kids’ helmet. It is an innovatively designed helmet with an Airflow climate control along with removable bombshell ear pads.

It also features a goggle lock to securely hold you goggles in place. The fit system is easily adjustable to give your kid the perfect fit. The adjustability and durability also mean that your kid can grow into this helmet.

It scores highly on the safety front with a number of safety certifications including CE EN1077: 2007 Class B, ASTM F2040 and, CPSC the CE EN1078.


  • Superior ventilation technology
  • Stylish design
  • Safety certified ski gear

Bollé V-Line Carbon Ski Helmet

Bollé always make really good helmets. It also has a crowded line of top-quality kids’ ski helmets so you can always find one that suits your needs.

The Bollé V-Line features a metallic and stylish carbon detailing that provides it with a very high-end look. The visor has a tint which will automatically adapt to the shifting light conditions with one lens adapted for those overcast and flat-light days.

The outer surface is made of hard plastic that provides young kids with reliable and tough protection. The ventilation is adjustable so you can easily tailor it to any prevailing temperature for maximum comfort.

It also has a magnetic buckle that can be used easily even when you are wearing gloves, making it easy to fasten in freezing temperatures.

The liner is also removable and washable so you can periodically take it off for cleaning. The V-Line has all the essential bells and whistles and clever design features that make it superbly suited for use by kids for all their snow-bound adventures.


  • This is a technical and ultra-modern ski helmet that is equipped with a visor
  • Highly advanced helmet with top quality ABS shell
  • Photochromic screen that has a mirror coating
  • The V-LINE Carbon has the top quality Bollé finish
  • Stylish high-performance design


  • It is expensive

Giro Jackson MIPS Snow Helmet

Price: $86 to $180

The Giro Jackson is a well-vented and lightweight ski helmet for kids. The light weight is due to a foam core design that is bonded to the helmet’s thin outer shell. The Giro Jackson is built with a MIPS technology that entails a sliding layer beneath the core which helps reduce the effect of potentially brain-damaging rotational impact forces in case of a dangerous fall. 

It has fixed vents whose design has been inspired by that of car and which helps keep the air flowing, including on the warmer and hotter days.

The vents are also situated just above the goggles to prevent the fogging effect on your lens and help kids maintain a clear view of their terrain. The fit adjustment works easily for both your head shape and goggles due to the dial located at the back and its height adjustment.


  • Tough polycarbonate outer shell due to In-Mold Construction plus its impact-absorbing foam liner provide maximum impact protection during falls or collisions.
  • These helmets are better ventilated
  • You can easily dial a custom fit thanks to the In Form 2 Fit System
  • It has a Passive Aggressive Venting System for optimal airflow as well as temperature regulation
  • Seamlessly compatible with the entire line of Giro Goggles
  • Removable earpads and goggle retainers

OutdoorMaster KELVIN Ski Helmet

Amazon ASIN: B074P2JB49

Price: $36 to $38

The OutdoorMaster KELVIN Ski Helmet is no doubt a top selling kids’ helmet in part due to its relative affordability but it is also a well-made ski helmet.

They are ultra-comfortable, adjustable and combine the best in style and safety features. It is easy to get a perfect fit for both for kids and pre-teens.

The helmet features lots of padding to give you maximum comfort. This design enables you to keep your head and ears warm all day long.

This helmet is also well-vented and will keep fresh air flowing to prevent your head from becoming a sweaty mess. The design is very colorful and your kid will no doubt fall in love with it.


  • It is size-adjustable and you simply have to turn the size adjustment dial to get the best fit
  • The inner fleece liner and the ear pads are removable and easy to wash
  • Top-notch ventilation to keep you aerated through several hours of skiing
  • It has a reinforced ABS outer shell along with a shock-absorbing EPS core for maximum protection
  • Get a spectrum of colorful options that will suit all tastes and preferences. You can choose from nine different colors.
  • Offers maximum safety and comfort


Amazon ASIN: B07J5N9GHR

Price:  $40 to $70

The LANOVAGEAR Ski Helmet is a well-made helmet with soft interior cushioning and which comes with a beautiful array of colors.

The back part features a size adjustment dial that you can use for easy adjustment to get the perfect fit, make it more comfortable and improve on its safety.

The edge of the foam inside the helmet has been sealed with a plastic material and is therefore not visible. It is not only comfortable but also stylish with a durable design. It packs all the bells and whistles that make it ultra-functional protective gear.

This is a safe helmet with an EN1077 safety certification thanks to its ABS and EPS construction. The outer shell has been crafted from strong ABS material for tough protection. You get a dual protection thanks to its EPS outer shell.

The LANOVAGEAR Ski Helmet is CE certified and is fully compliant with the EN1077 standards. The goggles loop fixes the snow goggles or skiing in place and secures them to prevent them from falling.


  • Features an adjustment dial to help you obtain the perfect fit.
  • The inner fleece liner and earpads are removable and easy to wash
  • The LANOVAGEAR Ski Helmet is fully compliant with the relevant safety certifications including the EN1077 safety standards.
  • Reinforced ABS shells along with its shock-absorbing EPS offer maximum protection
  • The chin strap is soft and sweat-absorbing
  • Goggle compatibility

GROTTICO Ski-Snow Helmet for Kids

Amazon ASIN: B07Z1X8N48

Price: $37

The GROTTICO Ski-Snow Helmet for Kids is a quality ski helmet with a beautiful matte finish which features some really unique patterns.

Beyond the aesthetics, it is also safety certified and built with a number of functional features that make it the perfect ski helmet for kids, pre-teens and young adults.

It satisfies all the US and EU standards safety certifications including the CE EN1077 and ASTM F2040. The GROTTICO Ski-Snow Helmet also features reinforced ABS shell along with a shock absorbing EPS.


  • It meets all the requisite US safety certifications including the ASTM F2040 and the F1446. 
  • Available for both small kids and young adults with an adjustment dial to give the perfect fit.
  • The inside part is kitted with a cozy liner that keeps your head warm and refreshed
  • Shock-absorbing core and reinforced ABS shell provides maximum protection
  • Helmet is well-vented with a cozy plush liner on the inside
  • Removable ear pads along with ear liner which are also easy to wash

Frequently Asked Questions – Best Kids Ski Helmets

Can My Kid Use Bike Helmets for Skiing?

A bicycle helmet or a skateboarding helmet might give your kid a snug fit but they are not designed for skiing or snowboarding in icy conditions.

The ski helmets and the snowboarding helmets, on the other hand, have been specifically designed for use in skiing and snowboarding and will therefore give you maximum protection in icy or wintry conditions.

For example, ski helmets have excellent insulation from the icy cold weather and are sufficiently vented to enable you to breathe without fogging your goggles.

Ski helmets are also designed with a goggle retainer for easy goggle compatibility. Finally, ski helmets will have better impact protection and coverage than bike and skateboarding helmets.

Will My Kid Get 100% Protection when Using a Ski Helmet?

Ski or snowboard helmets will make a difference in either preventing or reducing injuries but it is also important for skiers to be aware of their limits.

Helmets are most effective at providing head protection at speeds of less than 14mph. However, they are not 100% effective at very high speeds or in a head-on collision.

However, you can make the helmets more effective and safer by buying the right size that fits properly and which is suited for the kid’s age.

What standards should I look at when buying a ski helmet for kids?

In the US, the ski helmet must adhere to the F2040 standard. In Europe, they should meet the CEN 1077 ski helmet standard.

How Can I determine the right helmet size for my kid?

The best way to go about it is by measuring the size of their heads and then running it against the sizing chart provided by the manufacturer to get the precise helmet size.

Are Ski Helmets for Kids Adjustable for Head Size?

Helmets sizes lie within a certain range and they will be adjustable within that particular range. A helmet for kids can be adjusted for older kids but certainly not for adults.

The adjustable part will usually be the chin strap which can be tightened or loosened to give a snug fit so the helmet must be of the right size to fit the head.

Conclusion Best Kids Ski Helmets

We hope you enjoyed our guide to the best kids ski helmets. If you have any questions regarding this guide or any of the products featured on it please be sure to reach out in the comments below.

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