Best Kids Ski Gloves Reviewed

Every skier and snowboarder knows that the fingers are one of the first things that get cold on the ski hill. The only real way to keep those fingers warm is with a quality pair of golfs. That is why we have compiled this list of the best kids ski gloves so you can find the perfect pair for your child.

There many options available in the market, but to provide your kid the required amount of comfort and protection you need to buy the best. Here are some of our top picks that you can refer and purchase online. 

Best Kids Ski Gloves

Hestra Army Leather Skin Heli Junior :

The Hestra Junior Heli is highly commended for its superior quality. It is one of the few products that are widely known for excelling in all parameters of comfort and protection. You can find both gloves and mitten variants. 

  • Windproof
  • Water-resistant
  • Breathable
  • Eagle claw design for a perfect fit
  • High Price Point

These gloves are known to provide maximum warmth and are highly recommended for frigid conditions. Its effective warmth production is a result of Bemberg insulation liner that has been used in the construction of the gloves.

You can also remove the liner to use the gloves in hot weather. 
It is made from a waterproof fabric that is breathable, and windproof.

The unique composition does not let water seep inside the glove while effectively preventing sweat accumulation on warmer days. 

There is Goat Skin leather for efficient palm protection which is rigid and won’t rip or tear. It also comes with a snow lock that keeps the snow from getting in. To make sure that the gloves fit your kid’s hand comfortably, the company has added ¼ extra fabric at the fingertips.

To give your kid a good grip on the ski poles, the gloves are designed with the eagle claw design. The glove also comes with leashes that prevent them from falling or slipping from the hand. 

Key Features:

  • Durable goat leather palm 
  • Comfortable fit
  • 5 different color options

The North Face Youth Revelstoke:

North Face is a popular brand among skiers as their expansive product lineup includes gloves, ski jackets, skiing, and snowboarding pants, and more for young and old alike.

Their years of experience in the industry has contributed to the creation of some of the most phenomenal products such as the Youth Revelstoke Skiing gloves. 

  • E-tip for smartphone usage
  • Youth-specific 5 Dimensional Fit
  • Keeps the snow out
  • Not suitable for extreme cold temperatures

The Youth Revelstoke is one of the finest skiing gloves from the company as they are made from high-quality materials and come with amazing features.

Its most remarkable feature is the E-tip fingers that enable your kids to use their smartphones without taking them off. 

It has a Heatseeker insulation that works excellently to keep your kid’s hands warm while skiing.

To tackle problems like moisture buildup and sweat accumulation, the gloves come with Hyvent inserts that can keep your hands bone dry.

The palm of the gloves has been furnished with synthetic leather that is rugged and can withstand rough movements. It also provides an amazing grip on the skiing poles and prevents them from falling off. 

To keep your child’s hand in the natural position the gloves are designed with Radiametric Articulation technology. This technology promotes air circulation while producing more warmness.

There is also a wide range of color variants and gender-based designs that you can choose from. 

Key Features: 

  • Insulated 
  • Full hand coverage
  • Multiple color options for boys and girls

Gordini Youth Gore-Tex III Junior Mitts:

Gordini products are one of the top picks of seasoned skiers, and their gloves are most sought after. The company has created the Youth Gore-Tex for a younger audience. It also has some of the best features that are found in the top models. 

  • Highly durable
  • Fits the hands comfortably
  • Accentuated with grips on palms, fingers, and thumb.

    The name ‘Gore-Tex’ stands for fabric used in the construction of this product. Many companies use Gore-Tex owing to its unmatched durability and the ability to keep the hands warm for a longer period. Gore-Tex has the highest ratings for water and wind resistance. 

    Apart from the fabric, the glove uses Megaloft insulation to produce warmth and it can withstand highly cold temperatures.

    Its ‘Microdenier lining’ prevents any kind of moisture buildup and overheating. 

    The grips on the palms, fingers, and thumb make sure that nothing slips from your child’s hands most importantly ski poles.

    It possesses unquestionable durability that can withstand any challenge or conditions.

    These gloves are available for children as little as the age of 1 year to teenagers of the age of 13 years.

    The gloves are very flexible but can give a snug fit to the hands of your kid. You can also wash them with hands when outdoors.

    Key Features

    • Hand Wash
    • Fingers reinforced with Wrap caps
    • Made using flex fabric with a polytex trim
    • Mega loft Insulation

    Obermeyer Cornice Kids Gloves: 

    Obermeyer is a widely preferred brand and is widely preferred by skiers. It has a wide range of products for kids consisting of pants, jackets, bags, and gloves. The Cornice is a durable glove range from Obermeyer for both boys and girls. 

    • Ergonomic construction
    • Reinforced thumb for extra grip
    • Leather palm
    • Zipped heater pocket for extra warmth
    • The opening can be narrow
    • The size needs to chosen carefully

    The Cornice comes in different colors and sizes that your kid(s) can choose from. It has an active fit design that allows smooth movement and enhanced mobility.

    These factors play an important role when your kid is skiing, as they make the gloves more comfortable. 

    If you are worried about your child’s hands getting cold due to the dipping temperature, you can put a disposable heater in the zipped heater pockets that are included in this glove. 

    There is a fitted line on the wrists of the gloves that keep them gripped to your kid’s hand. Moreover, there are velcro bands that make the grip of the gloves stronger. 

    Sweating and moisture in the hands are not going to be a problem with these gloves, as they are made from highly breathable fabric that keeps the air from entering in and drives the moisture out. 

    The gloves feature a Microfleece liner that keeps the hands warm and comfortable all the time. Even with such quality, the gloves are priced very reasonably. 

    Key Features: 

    • 100% Polyester Fabric 
    • Chamois Fleece Lining 
    • Reinforced thumb
    • Leather palm

    Hestra Juniors RSL Comp Vertical Cut:

    There are many notable things about the RSL Hestra gloves that make it the best-rated glove in the market. Protection from the cold weather is a basic trait of the glove while its construction is the cherry on the top.

    • Enhanced Protection
    • Durable
    • Comfortable fit
    • Strong Construction

      The RSL is specifically designed for skiing racers, so if your kid is a big fan of speeding down the slope this is the glove you need to buy. 

      It aids in rapid speeding movements with the carefully placed padding. The padding can also protect your kid from serious injuries that he or she might incur during a fall. 

      To keep your kid’s hands cold from the freezing winds the gloves have Thermolite insulation that is highly effective against cold weather and can easily protect against frigid days. 

      To increase the warmth, the gloves come with Bemberg polyester lining that also makes the gloves comfortable. With these things used in the construction of the gloves, your kid will not have any problem wearing them all day.  

      The gloves are made using the Vertical Cut design that gives them a precise fit while giving your hand enough space to move ergonomically.

      It has a Vibration Absorbing Layer which is made from Cellulite Rubber that adds to the protection gloves. 

      Key Features: 

      • Goatskin leather palm 
      • Vertical cut technology
      • Additional knuckle and finger padding

      Spyder Overweb:

      Spyder Overweb is a combination of some of the best features one can look for in a glove for a kid. It can protect against the harsh weather without compromising on the comfort level. 

      • Prevents sweat and moisture buildup
      • Ergonomic design for easy movement
      • Comprehensive protection to the fingers
      • Soft chamude nose wipe on thumb
      • Not suitable for low temperature

      It is designed to provide maximum warmth to your kid’s hands while the synthetic insulation works to prevent freezing your fingers. If the temperature reduces to a single-digit level, you can put a small portable heater in the zipper pocket of the gloves. 

      The flexible fleece makes the gloves ergonomic and increases mobility. Your kid(s) will be able to perform the basic actions without any restraints.

      For enhanced breathability and water-resistance, the glove features the advanced Xt. L laminate insert. This material keeps your kid’s hands dry and comfortable by reducing sweat accumulation and moisture buildup.

      Spyder is made from high-quality materials that add to its overall durability. You don’t have to worry about the glove ripping and tearing apart soon. It can also save you a lot of money on buying a new pair every year.

      It comes with other features like the pre-curved articulated fit and chamude fabric on the thumb that you can use to wipe your nose. Besides, the gloves are priced very reasonably.

      Key Features: 

      • Moisture resistant 
      • Waterproof body
      • Flexible Fleece
      • Zipper pocket for putting disposable lighters. 

      Gordini Maverick Kids Gloves:

      The Maverick is another product from the Gordini line up that is made from high-quality materials and can withstand the toughest conditions. The Gordini Maverick is the perfect alternative for kids that you can opt for during heavy snowing.

      • Offers great grip on the skiing pole
      • Keeps hands comfortable
      • Waterproof and moisture-resistant
      • Effective against tough weather conditions
      • Feels bulky on the hand

      The company has incorporated the popular Primaloft insulation which is extensively used in the different products that are available in the market.

      This makes the glove effective against tough weather conditions. 
      Maverick has been constructed using 3 Layer Thermal Fabric Trim that can be used in any weather.

      This blocks the moisture or wind from penetrating the gloves and gives your child a pleasant sloping experience.

      It comes with Hydrowick Mircodenier Lining which efficiently removes the moisture accumulated on the hands inside the gloves.

      The material serves the dual purpose of keeping the hands dry while providing warmth and comfort. 

      There is a Gauntlet Clinch Closure on the wrist area that prevents the snow from getting in the glove. It has a zippered pocket that can be used to keep a heating pack and provide extra warmth in freezing temperatures.

      Maverick has Goatskin leather on the fingers, thumb, and palm that makes the gloves stronger and can withstand tough abrasions.

      The leather also works as an effective grip that can keep the pole gripped to your hand. 

      Key Features:

      • 3 Layer Thermal Fabric Trim 
      • Hydrowick Microdenier Lining
      • Zippered pocket 
      • Goatskin leather on fingers, thumb, and palm

      Columbia Youth Core Gloves:

      Next on our list of the best ski gloves for kids are the Columbia Youth Core gloves. Nothing is better than keeping your kids safe while skiing in the cold winter weather, with the Columbia Youth Core Gloves your work gets a lot easier. Columbia is a prominent sports equipment company that is known for manufacturing phenomenal products like Youth Core Gloves for kids. 

      • Good Tow Rope Grip
      • The chamois lining feels soft against the skin
      • Comes with a waterproof insert and has a water-repellent finish
      • High breathability makes it suitable for all-day use.

        There several notable things about these gloves that make it one of the best in the market. The most unique thing is the construction of the gloves as it is made of 3 different types of fabrics i.e. Polyester, Polyurethane, and Nylon.

        These are some of the strongest fabrics that are known to man and they exhibit commendable strength and durability.

        To prevent the snow from getting inside the glove, the company has fitted the wrist with elastic. So even if your kid falls in the snow with hands down, he or she does not have to worry about removing the glove to remove the ice. 

        For all-round protection of your hand, the glove features the Omni-Heat Thermal Reflective technology that keeps your hand warm from the wrist to the fingertips.

        The high-quality insulation adds to the warmth and keeps the cold air from getting inside the glove. 

        You can use the zippered pocket on the glove to keep disposable heaters for additional warmth during super cold weather. 

        Key Features

        • Insulated 
        • Waterproof
        • Made from polyester, polyurethane, and nylon
        • Fitted wrists

        N’ice Caps Bulky Thinsulate:

        The N’Ice Caps Bulky Thinsulate comes loaded with lots of features that work towards keeping your kid’s hands safe and come at a very low price. Its hook and loop closure is the most remarkable feature as it keeps the gloves from falling off. 

        • Knit Cuffs and Adjustable Wrist Tabs
        • Fitted wrists
        • 3M Thinsulate protection
        • Countless color options
        • Thumbs may feel a little short

        These gloves come with 3M Thinsulate that protect the hands against cold winter temperature and keep the hand warm. The gloves are fully waterproof and keep the water from getting inside and making the hands colder. 

        It comes with 2.5 inches knitted cuffs that you can tuck under your kid’s jackets’ sleeves to prevent the snow from getting inside the gloves.

        Your kids will love playing in the snow with these gloves as they are warm and come with grips on the thumbs and fingers that help in outdoor activities. 

        The gloves come with curved fingers for enhanced comfort and facilitate ergonomic movement. It comes with a durable elastic in the wrist area that holds on to the hands while providing enough room for kids to find finger holes.

        For extended protection, the gloves come with reinforced thumbs that protects your kid’s thumbs from getting injured while skiing. The velcro straps in the wrist area help fasten the gloves and prevent them from falling off. 

        Key Features: 

        • Water and Snow-Proof make it perfect for winter activities
        • Grippy Palm and Fingers to Hang that provide grip on the Ski poles
        • Reinforced Thumb

        Lullaby Kids Thinsulate:

        Mix comfort and protection with style, and you will have the Lullaby Kids Thinsulate gloves. These pair of gloves have extensive features like waterproof fabric that can help your kid a lot while skiing. 

        • Reinforced palm and thumb patch for increased grip.
        • Suitable for snow activities
        • Provide waterproof protection in all kinds of weather
        • Constructed using breathable materials.
        • The fingers might be short for some kids

        It also comes with extended cuffs that can be tucked inside the jacket sleeves for extra protection. The palm and thumb of the gloves have reinforced leather that provides a superior grip that lets your kid get a firm grip on the ski poles. 

        To prevent snow from getting in the glove, or slipping from the hands of your kid, the company has added a hoop and lock system to the gloves.

        The gloves are fitted with elastic on the wrists as a secondary protection 
        It has superior quality 3M Thinsulate lining that keeps the hands super warm and prevents the cold winds from seeping in.

        These gloves are made using high-quality polyester to keep the hands from getting cold and wet. 

        This set of gloves come in different sizes that you can buy for your kid(s). They also come in various color options for both boys and girls.

        Apart from the colors, it also features printed designs like stars and skeletons that can make your kid look cooler when out on the slopes.

        Key Features:

        • Polyester made
        • 3M Thinsulate lining 
        • Waterproof
        • Fleece filing

        Things to consider when buying ski gloves:

        While there are a huge plethora of gloves that you can choose for you and based on the number of features included, the price of the gloves may get higher or lower.

        To make sure that you choose the right pair of skiing gloves for your kid you need to take the following things into consideration. 

        Making the right choice between gloves and mittens:

        The difference between gloves and mittens is the amount of dexterity and warmth they offer. Gloves have separate fingers that let you move them freely and get a good grip on the ski poles.

        They allow you to use your smartphone easily without removing them. 
        Mittens on the other hand are focused on providing warmth as they keep the fingers bunched together. 

        Warmth, breathability, and waterproofing:

        Cold hands can be a huge turn off for kids as they restrict the movements and can ruin skiing entirely.

        It is the insulation that keeps your hands warm inside a glove or a mitten. Therefore, you need to look for gloves that come with high-quality insulation. 

        There are two types of insulation that are incorporated in the gloves i.e. down and synthetic. Among the two, Down is known to offer more warmth but comes with a hefty price tag. This type of insulation doesn’t work well when wet. 

        Most companies use synthetic insulation in their products as they are known to provide warmth even when they are wet. This makes such products highly preferred among skiers. 

        Gloves or mittens, your kid will have to wear them all day. In some cases, the gloves absorb and produce high temperatures that can overheat your kid’s hands and make them uncomfortable. Hence, you need to look for products that can get rid of the sweat and moisture with efficient air circulation. 

        Lastly, you need to look for water-resistance as winter snow can also get your fingers wet. A glove’s waterproofing ability depends on the materials used in its construction and the outer shell.

        The most popular form of water-resistant materials is Gore-Tex, Hipora, and more. 

        Getting the size right:

        You would not want your kids to stop while skiing and adjust their gloves over and over again. It makes choosing the right gloves size important. To find the right size, you can visit the store and let your kids try them. When purchasing gloves online, you can look at the size chart provided by the seller on the website. 

        Conclusion Best Ski Gloves For Kids 

        Skiing is fun but, only when the necessary precautions are observed such as wearing the right type of gloves. Since kids don’t ski as fast or as rigorously as adults, their gloves should mainly focus on providing warmth and breathability. 
        I hope the above information on the best ski gloves for kids has helped you learn more about skiing gloves for kids, and will help you make an informed decision. If you have any queries or suggestions, you can write them in the comments below.

        And if you enjoyed this guide we hope you will check out some more of our content such as our guide to best anti-fog ski goggles, or the best clear ski goggle lenses.

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