Best Gifts for Skiers

Skiing is a fun but expensive undertaking so most of the premium quality ski gear will be eye-wateringly expensive. This cost is generally one of the barriers to entry to a successful skiing career. Professional skier will acquire their gear of time. There is always that purchase being postponed. On one hand, skiers will be scrimping on ski gear or acquiring only the ski essentials that they need. But there is a whole planet of ski gear and accessories that many skiers will be overlooking due to cost considerations or simply because they feel they don’t need it. This makes ski gear a perfect gift item for pros or the family.

The that skiing requires lots of gear has its silver lining-you will never run out of gift ideas for skiers. There are also gazillions of ski brands to choose from. Your favorite person is probably used to one particular ski brand so gifting might be a great way to introduce them to a new top-quality ski brand. In this article, we have compiled the numerous ski gift ideas that you can consider for your snow hound friend this holiday.

Hotronic Universal S4 FootWarmer Kit

Amazon ASIN: B00HS42S4C

Price: $189

There is no better way to keep your ski partner or friend warm and sweet than with the Hotronic Universal FootWarmer Kit. These are quite the game changer to your skiing indulgence and will enable you to enjoy longer skiing sessions in between the breaks. It is designed with rechargeable heating elements and will fit nicely on the hard and plastic ski boots. They will also work with the majority of the insoles including the hiking and snowboarding boots. The battery packs are small enough to attach to a power strap or ankle cuffs. It has four settings for the various temperature variations. If you’d like to spend the upcoming holidays skiing with your partner or family, this would be a handy gift as it enables one to ski for up to 8 hours in a day without freezing their toes. They can also be a medically-beneficial gift for someone who has poor circulation on their feet as they augment the warming process you get from blood circulation and helps keep your feet and toes warm. By keeping your feet warm, you can ski for an extended duration of time even if you have poor blood circulation in your feet.

Go Pro Hero 5

Amazon ASIN: B01M14ATO0

Price: $349

A ski holiday is a good opportunity to capture those beautiful and memorable snowbound moments which you can later relive with your family and friends. The perfect ski camera must be fit for purpose. It should give you stable and clear footage, no matter the conditions and have an excellent waterproof rating that will ensure it remains operational even when it falls on the snow. The Go Pro Hero 5 crams in a lot of modern tech within a very tiny form factor. It is an extraordinary camera with astonishing quality levels that makes it a perfect ski gift. You can use it record in different resolutions, frame rates and dimensions. It also features a wide lens and allows you to even save your footage in RAW formats. You get 12MP photos as well as 4K videos and built-in GPS functionality. All of these is encased in a small and ultra-sleek design. This is certainly a thoughtful gift item for your ski friend.

DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer

Amazon ASIN: B010A5J5FU

Price: $72

No better way to keep your skier friend’s feet dry and cozy than with a powerful ski boot dryer that will get the job done with maximum efficiency. There are many ski boot dryers to pick from but the DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer is best in class and makes for a thoughtful gift item. It will dry up to two pairs of ski boots in just 1 to 2 hours. You can also use it on shoes and gloves or even ski garments. With this, your ski friend can look forward to an uninterrupted ski weekend with dry and cozy hands and feet. For a smaller and portable boot dryer that you can literally pack in a pocket in your backpack and insert inside a ski boot, you can go with the DryGuy Travel Dry DX Boot Dryer.

HEROBIKER Mens Thermal Underwear

Price: $21

It is essential to keep warm on those cold, icy and windy days with temperatures dropping to subzero and these men’s thermal underwear are perfect for keeping one warm and maintaining a high morale. For a top and bottom set, they are relatively affordable. This thermal underwear is made from ultrasoft, stretchy and breathable fabric with premium silky soft lining for perfect warmth and comfort in the coldest weather. A warm outing of course means good moods and great morale!

Hot Hands Instant Hand Warmers

Amazon ASIN: B0007ZF4OA

Price: $21 to $44

No matter the frigidity of the weather outside, you can trust the air-activated Hot Hands Instant Hand Warmers to always keep your hands warm. Like the foot warmers, they can be particularly handy for someone with a medical condition that hinders their blood circulation and makes their hands prone to getting too cold and numb. They are safe and natural and the warming effect is long-lasting. They are also odorless and disposable with regular garbage.

Beardski Ski Mask

Amazon ASIN: B0049XFBGC

Price: $30

This is a playful ski mask guaranteed to trigger tons of laughter. But it does more than just that. Beyond the novelty is a hyper efficient ski mask that offers excellent warmth and wind resistance. The mask will work amazingly well even when you are riding at medium to high speeds. It is designed to be worn with ski goggles and some beanie. This is a cool, amusing mask and a great holiday gift that will make everyone happy and draw warm smiles everywhere.

Wildhorn Dover Premium Mens Ski Jacket

Amazon ASIN: B07WQ28T1Z

Price: $140

There are tons of cheap ski jackets out there but many of them don’t last long. Enter Wildhorn Dover Premium Men’s Ski Jacket. It’s beautifully and elegantly designed to offer you extreme weather protection. This snow jacket is not only breathable and water-resistant but it is also fully insulated. It will handle everything that the slopes can throw at it. It can be used in various activities including resort skiing and snowboarding. Design features a two-way stretch, a performance shell along with a water-resistant main zipper. It includes lots of clever design motifs for maximum protection in the most extreme weather conditions. It even comes with integrated hand warmers.

MOERDENG Women’s Waterproof Ski Jacket


Price: $65 to $80

Plush fleece lining makes this women’s snow jacket feel extra warm and comfortable. It is a premium build with good quality polyester material that is not only windproof but also waterproof. The hood is easily detachable from the ski jacket by zipping and unzipping. The shell consists of a thick and waterproof material that is also snow repellant. High-density fabric material and coating together with its fuzzy lining are effective against any extremes of the outdoor life.

GoPro Hero8 Black

Amazon ASIN: B084J79W6X

Price: $360

Want an even better camera to capture those happy family moments on your skiing holiday? The GoPro Hero8 is just the perfect gift item for you. It is top-of-the-line with excellent stabilization and amazing slo-mo. It is versatile and with streamlined design that makes it a compact, light and pocketable camera that one can easily carry around when skiing or snowboarding. Built-in folding fingers makes it a breeze to swap the mounts. It crams plenty of tweaks and updates for ease of use in various kinds of shooting scenarios. At $360, it is a bit pricey but it’s worth every dollar.

Smith Optics 4D MAG Snow Goggle

Amazon ASIN: B07QWPV6H8

Price: $271

Skiers will always scrimp on the cheap ski goggles variants that don’t stretch their ski gear budget too much. Which is why the top-of-the-line Smith 4D MAG Snow Goggles would be a highly appreciated gift item for an avid skier. They feature a much wider field of view and are equipped with a 5x antifog inner lens that is also integrated with AirEvac Integration Technology to further minimize fogging. The result is some jaw-dropping clarity on the ski slopes. The lenses are easily swappable and the MAG system includes a low light and bright light lens. The lenses are released by two levers and they will securely and magnetically attach to the ski goggles. These can be used even in high-performance ski activities without the risk of failure.

Giro Range MIPS Snow Helmet

Amazon ASIN: B07GC6SQ31

Price: $86 to $350

If your ski friend is scrimping on ski helmets, how about getting them this top range Giro Range MIPS ski helmet that is built with a GoPro helmet mount accessory? At least if you are going to purchase a GoPro gift, then this MIPS ski helmet will tie in well with your camera gift. The camera mount is right at the front part of the helmet. It is also seamlessly compatible with all the Giro ski goggles. Has all the bells and whistles that a professional skier would need in a helmet including an adjustable ventilation system and flexible fit system that can fit different sizes of heads.

Phoozy thermal case

Amazon ASIN: B079TJBJ9T

Price: $30

The phone battery drains too fast when it is too cold and the phone might even shut down. This is where the Phoozy thermal case comes in handy. This thermal case is compatible with various phone models, including both iOS and Android phones. It is built with a Chromium Thermal Barrier Shell as well as a SpaceTech Penetration Layer. There is even a Velcro that keeps the thermal case closed at its top. This helps keep your phone warm in the extremely cold temperatures thereby preserving the battery life. The thermal case will also ensure that the phone does not overheat.  The pouches are available in a number of versions and sizes to suit your phone size. The Phoozy thermal case is a perfect gift for someone who goes skiing with their phones.

Carhartt Men’s Cold Weather Boot Sock

Amazon ASIN: B003CMWX0S

Price: $10 to $20

The simplest of gifts often make a world of difference. These ski socks are made from premium fabric. They are machine-washable and with excellent moisture-wicking function. The design is cushioned and comfortable with a reinforced sole along with ribbed cuff. They aren’t too bulky but they still deliver maximum padded protection and comfort. With their odor-fighting properties, they’ll stay fresh for a longer duration of time.

Sun Will Heated Socks


Price: $80

You can also take your ski socks gifts a notch higher with the Sun Will Rechargeable Heated Socks that provide up to 12 hours of heat. The socks are mostly made of cotton and fitted with Infrared Fiber heating elements layer that produce the heat to keep feet warm and improve the blood circulation to the feet. The heating is fast and takes just 30 seconds. Once heated, they can keep your feet warm and comfortable for close to 7 hours on the lowest setting and 2 hours on the highest setting.

Ski Beanie


Price: $30

There is such a vast array of ski hats and beanies to pick from depending on your style and preferences. Carhartt makes some really nice-looking and elegant ski hats available in a number of designs and colors. You can check out the Carhartt Acrylic Watch Cap or other beanie styles from this top fashion brand. You can choose anything from the more colorful ‘loud’ designs to the elegant and understated styles. They make for a perfect ski gift.

Sklon Ski Strap and Pole Carrier

Amazon ASIN: B0764DTD17

Price: $18

The Sklon Ski Strap and Pole Carrier is one of the most popular ski straps around. A professional or amateur skier can use these to effortlessly carry their ski gear wherever they go. The design features a cushioned shoulder sling that allows you to comfortably haul off your ski gear, even if they are slightly heavier. This is a family essential that can be used by everyone including adults and pre-teens. With these, a skier doesn’t have to grapple with awkwardly lugging their skis and poles to their destination or from the slopes after a long and exhausting day.

DB DEGBIT Waterproof Winter Gloves

Amazon ASIN: B07ZKG1M2W

Price:  $13

These are premium ski gloves available at an affordable pricing. The four-layer thermal softshells are guaranteed to keep your hands warm even in the coldest of weather. They are relatively lightweight, soft and with excellent waterproof rating. The touch-sensitive fingertips on the gloves allow you to easily use your phones whether on texting, taking calls or snapshots. These gloves also give extra grip in the coldest of weather thanks to their non-skid and wearproof leather material used in the palms. You can use them to firmly grab and grip objects.

KARECEL Rechargeable Hand Warmers

Amazon ASIN: B07FLN69M1

Price: $25

There are several permutations of hand warmers for skiers. The KARECEL Rechargeable Hand Warmer are some of the most novel hand warmer innovations. This is a 5200mAh pocket electric hand warmer with various heat settings. It is a versatile device that you can also use as an emergency power bank or backup battery. It’s also anti-skid and with excellent grip even when you are using gloves. It makes for a great gift choice for men, women and even kids.

Scratch Off USA Map Skiing Print

Amazon ASIN: B07F8TRTF4

Price: $16

This Scratch Off ski map for USA is one of the best fun gifts for a pro skier. As you ski in the various skiing resorts, you can scratch them off to reveal color-coded labels. The print is of premium quality and features a gold scratch map coating. Avid skiers can use this map to log in the ski resorts across the US that they have visited, a perfect way to keep yourself motivated to try out new ski destinations.


What is the Best Gift for a Skiing Enthusiast?

If you are gifting a skiing pro, there would be no better gift than a premium quality ski gear that they have been planning to buy for quite some time. Most skiers will scrimp on their ski gear and this is the perfect time to get them one of those top-of-the-range ski items and accessories that they have been putting off buying for quite some time. These can include premium quality ski helmets, ski goggles, ski boots, jackets, hydration packs and balaclavas among others. You can also gift them ski accessories such as hand warmers, boot and glove dryers, GoPro cameras or portable chargers.

What are the Best Ski Gifts for a Family?

If you are gifting a family of skiing enthusiasts, you can purchase various kinds of ski gear and accessories that are likely to be of use to the whole clan. Anything from boot dryers to walkie-talkies, backpacks, strap and pole carriers, hand warmers, heated gloves or wall-mounted rack organizers would be great ski gifts for a family.

What are the Best Ski Gifts for Kids?

Little skiers could do with some cute ski goggles, helmets, ski wedges, ski boots, harnesses or gloves. You can also get them some quality underwear/base layer, beanies and waterproof mittens.

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