Best Full Zip Ski Pants Reviewed – Winter Snow Gear

A lot depends on the kind of gear you wear while skiing. Afterall it keeps you safe from the cold weather and enables you to move freely. Over the years, ski wear has undergone many changes and innovations that made its mark among consumers. One such innovation is the Full Zip Ski Pants. 

Full-zip ski pants are popular for their unusual design. These pants have zippered chains on both sides which can be opened to get access to the base layer of your winter wear without having to take them off. 
As the zips open they also let the wearer get rid of heat and moisture accumulated inside.

This guide is going to breakdown all your top options when it comes to full zip ski pants.

Best Full Zip Ski Pants

Arctix Men’s Full Side-Zip Insulated Snow Pants

These ski pants from Acrtix are number one choice as the best full zip ski pants. They are designed with lightweight insulation and have microchambers that trap heat to keep you warm. 

best full zip ski pants
  • Boot zippers.
  • Reinforced ankle, scuff, and hem guards.
  • High-tech flexible materials.
  • Zippered hand warming pockets.
  • Boot gaiters with grippers.
  • The buttons can be flimsy

High-tech flexible materials

To get rid of the moisture from the pants the outer shell is laminated with advanced material. It keeps your body dry at all times. Moreover, all the critical seams of the pants are reinforced and sealed for enhanced wind and water-resistance.

This is crucial as a wet base layer of your clothing is likely going to ruin your day on the slopes.

Most of the pants that claim to provide warmth even in frigid temperatures tend to bulky and heavy. The Arctix Breakaway Full-Zip Pant is different.

It has been created using flexible and lightweight materials that provide warmth and stretch in any direction.

Reinforced ankle, scuff, and hem guards

The high tension fabric has been reinforced with 600D ballistic nylon on the ankles, scuff, and hem guards with exceptional attention to detail and offers great value for money.

The zip of each leg opens from the waist to the ankle, you can take it off pretty easily and quickly, even when you are wearing boots. This is exaclty what you are looking for if you are searching for full zip snowpants.

Snowpants Warmth

The warmth is generated by the 85 grams of lightweight ThermaTech insulation that is made using advanced technology and is quite flexible. The outer shell and the insulation creates a unique breathable material that wicks away body moisture to keep you dry. 

Overall this pair of full zip snowboard pants offer you everything you need. A quality build, flexibility, lightweight, and best of all full-length zippers.

Marmot Precip Full Zip Pant

Next on our list of the best full-zip snowboard pants is the Marmot Precip. These great snowboard pants come from a quality brand and offer several handy features.

fully zippered skiing pants

  • Breathable Fabric
  • Water Resistant
  • enclosed elastic waistband
  • Zippered Hand Pockets
  • They Do Not Have A Tailored Look

Breathable Fabric

These ski pants are made using a lightweight and easily packable fabric that will protect you from the elements and keep you dry. This fabric is made with a combination of nylon while the lining is made from polyester. It comes with NanoPro technology that makes the cloth breathable.

The fabric gets its water-resistant abilities from the state of the art Precip microporous technology. Which is made from polyurethane that creates an impregnable barrier. This technology gets rid of the vapor molecules but does not let the water seep inside.

This means you are going to stay dry even if you take a big spill into the power.

Enclosed Elastic Waistband

A great ski pant is defined by the incredible fit it offers. The Marmot Precip Full Zip pants come with an elastic band that provides an amazing fit.

This band keeps the pants comfortably secured to your waist. Since the pants wrap around your waist securely, you can perform any movement with ease. 

Zippered Hand Pockets

These ski pants also comes with a great number of storage options. There are hand pockets in the front that are secured with zippers. These zippers are made from high-quality materials that can keep your belongings safe.

If you have ever skied with unzipped pant pockets we probably don’t have to tell you how important this feature is.

The pants are designed for a regular fit, therefore, size won’t be a problem. Even though the pants are a little loose, they are not sloppy and are perfect for all kinds of snow activities. 

If you are looking for a quality pair of ski pants that are lightweight and waterpoof then this pair from Marmot is a great option.

Red Ledge Unisex Thunderlight Full-Zip Pant

Getting quality gear at an affordable price can be as hard as finding a pot of gold under the rainbow for skiers. However, in terms of Full-Zip pants, the Red Ledge Unisex Thunderlight pants are the ones you need to look for. 

  • Made from Nylon
  • Excellent protection from snow and water
  • Comfortable Fit And Full Side Zippers
  • Easy to wash
  • Durable construction
  • Nylon Fabric Can Be Noisy

Nylon Build

The pants are made from nylon which adds durability and strength. Though it should be mentioned this material does make a bit of noise while you are walking.


The fabric is coated with the company’s patented T-Core coating which makes them waterproof and breathable. To make it foolproof, the pants have a lightweight layer of taffeta that is furnished with a DWR water repellent finish. Red Ledge has designed the pants to make sure there is zero water seepage.

Comfortable Fit And Full Side Zippers

A fitting waist can have a massive influence on your skiing experience, as it can affect your movements. There are numerous ways to get a comfortable fit with the Red Ledge Unisex Thunderlight pants, it comes with an elasticized waistband, adjustable drawcord, and Velcro side tabs. With all of the above fitting options, getting a comfortable fit is a piece of cake.

The full-side zipper helps the wearer with various inconveniences. It rids the pants of moisture and removes any sweat accumulated in the pants. The zippers also give you the freedom to wear pants without removing your shoes. 

Durable Construction

There are storm flaps both on the outside and inside to protect your shoes from all the elements. 
It has articulated knees that enable the pants to endure the strain sustained by the fabric during movements.

This can help you while performing movements for climbing, skiing, snowboarding, and more. In addition, the pants have Velcro at the cuffs to keep the snow from entering the pants. 

Bjorn Daehlie Men’s Effect Full Zip Pant:

A stylish alternative to the baggy and out of shape pants, the Bjorn Daehlie Men’s Effect Full Zip Pant is truly an out of the box solution for winter wear. It is a pant for high performers, who need unrestricted movements when out in the snow. 

  • Durable Build
  • Comfortable Fit
  • Full Zipper Siding
  • High Price Point


Durable Build

To make the pants stronger, Bjorn has used different types of fabrics that combines polyester and elastane. Each material adds a different ability to the pants for instance nylon makes them strong, durable, and waterproof to some extent.

Comfortable Fit

Snow pants need to fit the wearer with ease with enough space to fit an extra layer of clothes under it. To solve this issue of the wearer, Daehlie Men’s Effect Full-Zip Pants come with a regular fit design to make it convenient for the skiers.

To give the wearer a comfortable fit around the waist, the company has incorporated various fitting features such as silicon backing that makes the waist stretchable and fit all kinds of bodies. There is an adjustable drawcord with the pant that tightens the pant for a precise fit.

There are many features in the Bjorn snow pants that make movement easy and reduces the strain in the knee area and keeps the pants from tearing apart. They also provide the wearer with the freedom to move around.

Full Zipper Siding

For moisture removal, the pant has Full Zip on the sides that open from the waist all the way to the ankle. The zippers are made from high-quality materials that do not wear off with continuous usage. 

All in all, we found these Bjorn Daehlie ski pants to be a great option for those willing to spend a few extra dollars. At this higher price point you are going to receive a comfortable pair of ski pants that are going to last for years to come.

Volkl Men’s Off Piste Full-Zip Pants

Volkl is a quite popular brand and has been around for a very long time. The company’s proficiency in creating superior-quality skiing products is well known in the industry. Amongst this list of great ski pants the Off Piste Full-Zip Pants are a pair you should definitely check out. 

  • Lightweight Build
  • Two-Way Stretch Fabric
  • Quality YYK Zippers
  • Full Length Zippers
  • Quality waterproofing

    Lightweight Build

    These pants have gained recognition due to their high-quality and lightweight build. These two are among the most sought after qualities in ski pants. It also carries a lightweight design that makes them a perfect pick for people who like to keep it low-key. 

    The unique construction and incredible features work excellently in all kinds of terrains and weather conditions. 

    Two-Way Stretch Fabric

    There are many remarkable features in this ski pant such as the two-way stretch fabric which gives you the freedom to move in any direction. The fabric is lightweight and does not restrict you in any way.

    Quality YYK Zippers

    The zippers are made with high-quality YKK technology that makes the zipper waterproof and keeps the water out. 

    Full Length Zippers

    Coming to one of the most important features of the pants i.e. the zippers on the sides. The zippers in the pants start from the hips and go all the way to the ankles. You can use these zippers to get rid of the moisture in your pants.

    Quality waterproofing

    To protect you from the weather conditions and to keep dry at all times the pants have been created with 10,000mm Sensortex exterior fabric waterproofing. These pants also have an amazing breathability rating of 10,000 g/m2, this lets the pants get rid of the moisture quickly and prevent sweat accumulation.

    Arctica Adult All-mountain Side Zip Pant

    • Padded Knee Area
    • Waterproof Breathable Fabric
    • Zippered Pockets And Side Zippers
    • Higher Price Point

    Hit the slopes with a pair of premium Arctica Adult All-mountain Side Zip Pants that provide excellent protection from all kinds of weather conditions. These are one of the few pants in the premium-range market that come with extensive and unique features.

    Padded Knee Area

    The most important and notable feature is the padded knees that can protect you from injuries in case of a fall. These knee pads also bear the strain that pants endure during stretching movements which is why they can be used for a lot of different activities. 

    Waterproof Breathable Fabric

    It is constructed with the durable FLEX10 waterproof and breathable fabric that can stretch in two directions. The FLEX10 is made with a combination of 95% nylon and 5% lycra for comfort. This combination makes the pants last-longer and withstands the excessive strain.

    To keep the water and snow out of the pants it has fully taped seams. The pants have been designed to provide you with a comfortable fit with precise cuts that take the shape of your legs and thighs. 

    These pants are great at keeping you warm all the time as they come with HEAT40 synthetic insulation. Apart from warmth, these pants are very comfortable.

    The interiors are enhanced with a 20D Duralite nylon fabric. This fabric is soft, slips on easily, and is very light which makes it highly preferable. 

    Zippered Pockets And Side Zippers

    It has two pockets that come attached with zippers, these pockets can be used to keep your hands warm when out in the snow. There are two cargo pockets on the pants with waterproof zippers and full-length side zips for quick removal. 

    Obermeyer Men’s Axiom Full-Zip Ski Pant

    Obermeyer is among the prominent snow wear manufacturers. The company has numerous products in its lineup that can make snow sports convenient for you. One such product is the Axiom Full-Zip Ski Pants.

    • Bib Straps For Secure Fit
    • Durability And Breathability
    • Powder Cuffs And Zippered Pockets
    • YYK Zippers

      Bib Straps For Secure Fit

      These pants are very different from other options on this list as they have an unusual design. The pants come with suspender straps and are also known as ‘Bibs’. Axiom Full-Zip Ski Pants are loaded with several features that make them an ideal choice. 

      This stylish pant also give you the advantage of great appearance. You can remove the suspenders to give it normal ski pants look. The suspenders can be adjusted to match the height of the wearer. For a cooler look, you can let the suspenders hang on the side. 

      Durability And Breathability

      The construction of these pants gives them the required durability and endurance to last longer than most of its competitors. It comes with a 2-way zip on the side that can be opened to rid moisture and heat. 
      For warmth, it is insulated with 60 grams of Permaloft.

      The pants also have abilities like water-resistance and breathability of 10,000mm and 10,000 grams respectively. To make the bib waterproof, the company has added DuroGuard DWR coating. 

      Powder Cuffs And Zippered Pockets

      There are powder cuffs that come with elastic gripping that works as a barrier against the different weather elements. These pants come with a lot of zippers that are used for sealing pockets and the sides. The zippers are made from the renowned YKK material that is commonly used by companies. 

      Karbon Men’s Nitrogen Full Zip Snow Pants

      Another bib from the world of snow sport but this one comes with its own set of features that make it a suitable alternative. Karbon Nitrogen Full-Zip Snow Pants serves the dual purpose of keeping you safe from the weather and making you look good. 

      • Great Range Of Movement
      • Warm And Waterproof
      • Adjustable Waist Band And Zippered Pockets

        Great Range Of Movement

        These pants are made from Quadra stretch fabric that is quite flexible. It can withstand strenuous activities that are a part of different snow sports. To support such movements the pant has articulated knees that let you move freely. 

        The stretch fit articulated knees design that moves the fabric according to your actions and gives you the benefit of unrestricted movements. These pants also include suspenders and back bibs that can be removed while usage.

        Warm And Waterproof

        The pants have a 40WT Thermore ecodown compact insulation that provides excellent warmth and protects you safe from the cold weather.

        It is also known to fend off water efficiently due to its waterproof rating of 20k. All while the fully sealed seams drive moisture out. 

        Adjustable Waist Band And Zippered Pockets

        For a comfortable fit at the waist level, the company has added an Alouva Lined Adjustable Waistband. It allows you to get a perfect fit and keeps the pants secured to your waist while skiing or performing other snow activities.  

        The pants have zippered pockets that can be used to store essentials. These pockets also double up as hand warmers. It has a reinforced crotch construction that ensures you get enough space for movement with the layers on.

        The main closure comes with a zippered front with double snap buttons that hold the pants while the Velcro can be used to get a firm grip. 

        Things to consider when buying a full zip ski pant:

        Full-Zip Ski Pants are just like every other piece winter clothing. However, the number of advancements and variations incorporated in a full-zip ski pant can make the choice harder. Here are some essentials that you need to get the best out of a full-zip ski pant. 


        This is the most important thing about these pants and therefore it needs to be checked carefully. A zip needs to be strong so that it does not break or wear off easily leaving you vulnerable against the cold weather. 

        You also need to look for pants that come with waterproof and wind-resistant abilities which will help you stay safe in cold temperatures. There are various zip options that you can choose from but try finding pants that come with YKK zip as they are known for weather resistance. 


        Snow pants are made from different kinds of materials. Most manufacturers use nylon and polyester to make these pants. Nylon pants are known for durability and polyester ones offer flexibility and water-resistance.

        There are pants that combine both fabrics to give the wearer the best of both worlds. 
        Some brands also have their own signature fabric that offers enhanced abilities and benefits. Before you make a purchase make sure that the pants have good moisture-wicking and water-resisting abilities. 


        These days snow pants are not just limited to providing warmth, now they come with other features like durable and stretchable cloth, articulated knees, precise fit, multiple waist adjustments, pockets, hand warmers, and more.

        When looking for a full zip ski pant, you can look for the above features to get a great product. You need to understand, pants with more features come with a high price. 


        This plays a key role in shaping your experience in the snow. The pants you purchase should be able to bear all the adversities that you might face outside. These are some of the key abilities that you need to look for before buying a particular pant.

        Your pants have to be waterproof and windproof which are some of the basic elements of snow. Apart from these qualities like stretchability, strength, and the ability to withstand cuts and abrasions should be considered as key factors.


        Snow wear focuses on keeping you warm, and the products on the list mentioned above can do the job quite well. We hope that at least one of the items on our list were exactly what you were looking for in your next pair of ski pants.

        If you liked this guide we hope you check out some other such as our guide layering when skiing or how to fall safely.

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