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Best Footwarmers Reviewed

Every skier and snowboarder knows the feeling of cold feet and toes when out on the mountain. This is one of the most common issues faced by skiers and snowboarders and it’s typically a one-way ticket off the ski hill. That’s why we’ve created this guide to the best footwarmers so you can find the perfect one to keep your toes nice and toasty!

Best Disposable Footwarmers

Our number one selection for the best disposable foot warmers are these great littleHeat max Toasti footwarmers. You’ve likely seen these disposable foot warmers before and it is for good reason. This product is extremely popular because it is easy to use and gets the job done.

  • Odorless, Disposable
  • Shake To Activate
  • Hands Or Feet
  • 3-4 Year Shelf Life
  • Adhesive Included For Stability
  • Single-Use Item

One great benefit of these foot warmers is that they are odourless and disposable. This makes them easy to use in any situation and easy to get rid of. After a long day of skiing you’ll find that these foot warmers have not created any sort of odour within your equipment and can be easily tossed in the trash on your way out of the chalet.

It is also worth mentioning that these disposable foot warmers are incredibly easy to use. In order to get the foot warmers going, you simply have to shake them to activate. This is incredibly handy because you can do this at any point during the day even when partway down the hill.

This takes up much less prep time, especially when compared to models that need to be charged or supplied with batteries.

Another added benefit is that these foot warmers are compatible with use on the hands or feet. Though this models typically used within a ski boot to keep your toes warm you can also place them in other parts of your ski gear.

Another common area is to place some in compartments within your gloves or mittens in order to keep your fingers warm as well.

Another benefit of these disposable handwarmers is that they have a 3 to 4-year shelflife. That means if you decide to purchase a large amount in bulk you will be able to hold onto them for three or four winter seasons without breaking them out of the box.

You will also notice that with these disposable foot warmers there is an adhesive placed on the top side. This allows you to stick these foot warmers to the top of your boot in order to keep them in the same place. This will increase the comfort and effectiveness of these foot warmers in your ski boot.

The only real negative we came across it our research was that these foot warmers have a one time use.

Compared to some of the reusable options some skiers and snowboarders may find that it’s easier to use a single foot warmer over and over again as opposed to a disposable model.

All in all, we found these disposable foot warmers from Heatmax to be a fantastic option for any skier or snowboarder looking to keep their toes warm while out on the hill.

Best Heated Footwarmer Socks

Next on our list of the best foot warmers are these SNOW DEER Heated Socks. Now, these may not have been what you had in mind when looking up foot warmers but these heated socks ultimately have the same purpose and are quite effective.

  • Battery Powered Heating
  • Three Heat Settings
  • Up To Seven Hour Battery Life
  • Comfortable In Ski Boot
  • Must be charged between uses

The battery-powered heating of these snow deer socks ensure that your feet stay warm throughout the entire day. The battery sits near the top of the sock around your calf and funnels heat throughout the entire sock especially focussing on the toes.

Included in these heated socks are three separate heat settings. This allows you to determine the temperature which you find most comfortable as well as reduce the temperature if you’re planning to keep the battery running for a long period of time.

The seven-hour battery life that is featured on the socks should give you more than enough time to keep your feet warm throughout your entire ski day. You will find that the seven-hour battery life is longer than all disposable models and just as long as the majority of the battery-powered options.

Another great added benefit of these heated seat socks is their comfort. Instead of having to fit a disposable foot warmer within your boot you can simply put on these socks which fit similar to the majority of the winter socks you would typically wear.

This added level of comfort will be wildly appreciated especially by those who wear a tight ski boot.

The only real con we came across throughout our research was that you’ll have to charge this model after each use. Once you get in the hang of things this will become second nature. Though, those first few times you’re gonna have to be vigilant to remember to charge up your heated sock batteries before heading out to the mountain the next day.

In conclusion, we found these heated socks from snow deer to be a fantastic alternative to those skiers and snowboarders looking for foot warmers that prefer to not overcrowd their ski boots.

Best Heated Insole Footwarmers

Next on our list of the best foot warmers are these Warmfits Battery Powered Rechargeable Heated Insoles. These heated insoles are another great option for those skiers and snowboarders who do not have too much room to spare within their booth.

  • Battery Heated Insoles
  • Up to 120 Degrees Tempurature
  • Fits Comfotably In Your Skit Boot
  • One Size FIts All
  • Must Be Charged Between Uses

These battery heated insoles will ensure that there is a significant amount of heat coming from within your boot throughout the day. This will guarantee that your feet will stay warm and you will not have to be worried about chilly toes.

These insoles can be raised up to a temperature of 120°F. That should be more than enough for any skier or snowboarder or that is looking to spend a full day on the hill.

Similar to the snow deer socks a great benefit of these insoles is that they fit comfortably in your boot. As we stated earlier bulkier heating methods such as disposable foot warmers can take up a large portion of room where your toes typically rest.

This is not an issue with these insoles as they will simply replace the current insoles you have in your boots.

Another great benefit is that one size fits all for this model. These insoles can simply be cut down to the preferred size of your boot and then must simply be slated in.

Again, similar to the Snow Deer option the only real negative we saw from this product is that it has to be recharged after each use. This is somewhat of a hassle and adds one more step to getting ready but once it becomes a habit the charging of your insoles will become second nature.

All in all, these heated insoles are just another great option for skiers looking to keep their feet warm on the hill. Again this option is especially helpful for those skiers that prefer to have a tight ski boot and don’t feel like they can fit in disposable foot warmers.

Best Apres Ski Footwarmer

The final addition our list of the best footwarmers is an option for those that are looking to heat their feet up after a cold day outside. Our top selection for the best Apri ski foot warmer is the Ultra Soft Plush Electric Heated Warming Pad.

  • Great For After Winter Activities
  • Incredibly Comfortable
  • Four Heat Settings
  • Great For Those Dealing With Arthritis
  • Must Be Plugged In

The main benefit of this foot warmer is that it is great for recovering from winter activities. Everybody knows the feeling of coming inside after a long day and having minimal feeling in their toes and feet. This is where the soft plush warming pad comes in.

Once you’ve head inside simply put your feet inside the warming pad and wait for them to comfortably warm up as you rest and recover from the day.

Due to the plush and soft fabric that makes up this warming pad, you will find that it is incredibly comfortable. This is also a great way to give your feet a break from all the hard labour they’ve been put through throughout the day.

The warming pad features for different heat settings so you can choose the temperature at which the warming pad will sit.

If you’re looking to loosen up the muscles or thaw out your feet then a higher setting will come in handy but if you’re just looking for somewhere comfortable to place your feet will you watch a movie then a more casual setting may be the choice.

Another added benefit of this warming pad is that it is great for those suffering from arthritis. If you find that your arthritis is acting up and your feet are feeling sore and placing them in this warming period for a portion of time can often yield some great results.

The only real negative we came across that a research was that this warming pad must be plugged in at all times. This limits the number of errors you can use it within your house and means it is not easily transported.

All in all this warming pad is a great option for those skiers are winter enthusiast that are looking to warm up once they call it a day.

Frequently Asked Questions Best Footwarmers

Where To Buy A Footwarmer?

If you’re looking to buy any foot warmer you can likely head to your local outdoor store and find something there.

That being said if you’re looking to find the best foot warmers on the market your best bet is to shop online. By finding a large online retailer or store like Amazon you’ll have a much broader variety of foot warmers to choose from as well as more competitive prices.

Which Footwarmers Are best for a ski vacation?

We’re going on a ski vacation it may be in your best interest to purchase a rechargeable foot warmer such as heated insoles or heated socks.

The reason for this is because you’re likely not want to lug around a large pack of disposable foot warmers that you will need to last you for your entire trip.

That being said due to the battery life of electrical foot warmers you will have to remember to charge them after each day of skiing or snowboarding.

Which Footwarmers Are Best For Tight Ski Boots?

If your ski boots fit quite snug but your toes are getting cold your best bet for a foot warmer is either an electrically heated sock or insole.

Both of these have been included on our list of the best foot warmers and offer you an opportunity to keep your feet warm without taking up any more room in your ski boot or snowboard boots.

Are battery-powered footwarmers dangerous?

Though it may feel weird to have a battery powered sock or insole in your ski boot you can rest easy knowing that these products are not dangerous at all.

In fact, the voltage used to power the socks is so small and safe that you should not be worried whatsoever.

Are battery heated insoles and socks too bulky?

Though you may be worried about the bulkiness of heated socks or insoles you’ll be happy to find out that they are actually quite minimal in their design.

The battery typically sits underneath the insole or in the socks case halfway up the calf. The manufactures of these products understand that there is a constraint on space and we’re made sure to make these products very sleek and comfortable.

Conclusion Best Foot Warmers Reviewed

We hope you enjoyed our guide to the best foot warmers if you have any questions regarding any of the products we’ve included on our list or the article itself please be sure to reach out in the comments below.

If you did enjoy this guide of the best footwarmers please be sure to check out some of our other such as our guide to the best winter ski hats or the best thermal underwear.

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