Best Clear Ski Goggle Lenses

Looking to find some clear ski goggle lenses for night skiing or overcast days? Then you’re in the right place as we’re breaking down all your options of the best clear ski goggle lenses.

Best Clear Ski Goggle Lenses 

Oakley Airbrake Prizm Replacement Lens

Oakley is a leading manufacturer of skiing eyewear and has numerous products that serve different purposes.

The company employs an innovative approach to create its various products. Oakley also manufactures replacement lenses for all of its products which includes the Airbrake Prizm Replacement Lens. 

  • Durable
  • Fits easily
  • Enhanced with PRIZM technology for contrast
  • Soft foam lining
  • Rounded edges
  • Protects from harmful rays and lights

    The PRIZM technology adds contrast to your vision and enables you to see clearly. It filters the light and reduces glares from bright lights like LEDs and halogens. 

    Oakley has used Plutonite for the construction of these lenses to make the lens more durable and offer razor-sharp focus.

    These lenses are designed to protect you from the harmful UVA, UVB, UVC, and harmful blue light. 

    It comes with a foam lining that keeps the lens from getting damaged while installing it in the frame.

    Owing to the size of the lens, you get a wider peripheral vision which can be helpful while skiing down the slope. 

    The rounded edges of the lens, make it safe to use and reduces the chances of chipping. It also has slits cut out for the straps that secure the lens to the frame.

    The lens comes with the company’s patented High Definition Optics (HDO) for superior clarity. 

    Smith I/O Mag S Snow Goggle Replacement Lens

    Smith Optics is among the pioneers of skiing sunglasses. The company is credited with the invention of performance-enhancing technologies that have made skiing safer and easier.

    There are endless products and add-ons that are created by the company. For the best Smith Optics clear lens, you can consider the I/O Mag S Snow lens. 

    • Made from Carbonic-x
    • Meets Class 1 optical standards
    • Feature Fog-X technology
    • 89% VLT
    • Fits only select frames

    The lenses are made from the special Carbonic-x material. It is molded to offer scratch and impact resistance that is helpful for skiers. It meets the class 1 optical standards, which means they are suitable for regular use. This also means their durability can withstand falls and drops.

    This replacement lense comes with advanced Fog-X technology. This uses the hydrophilic, micro-etched surface to absorb the moisture and spread it over the surface of the lens to prevent fogging.

    You don’t have to worry about the gradual depletion of the coating as it is physically carved into the lens.

    There is a durable coating on the lens that repels moisture, grease, and grime. It makes the water bead up and float out without streaking.

    The coating enables you to remove smudges and fingerprints with ease. It comes with an 89% VLT (Visual Light Transmission) which gives you more visibility. 

    Oakley Fall Line Snow Goggles Replacement Lens

    Oakley has some of the best lenses in the business which is why the Fall Line Snow Goggles Replacement Lens is the second Oakley product on our list. It has some incredible features that give the wearer some incredible advantages and make skiing fun. 

    • Filters light efficiently
    • Gives great color balance
    • Rimless design
    • Compatible with ridge lock systems
    • Made using Plutonite for 100% protection

      The lenses are engineered keeping the best combination of light filtering, color balance, and contrast in mind. This combination alone makes the lens a superb alternative to the other lenses. They are fully cylindrical and provide excellent clarity.

      Sight plays an important role in skiing and to give you a clear and unobstructed view of the slope, these lenses come with a full-rimless design. It also contributes to the wide peripheral vision which can help you ski conveniently. 

      It keeps the lens falling off from the frame by working seamlessly with the Ridge lock system of Oakley goggles.

      The lens seals itself in the frame and leaves no gap which can compromise with your vision. It can be removed easily owing to the quick lens change construction. 

      With this lens, you can protect your eyes and your pocket. It is constructed using Plutonite which is one of the most durable materials used by the company and ensures 100% protection.

      The lens prevents harmful rays like UVA/UVB/UVC and blue light up to 400Nm. 

      Zeal Optics Portal Goggle Accessory Lens

      If you are looking for an affordable alternative that can fit your glasses easily and provide you with the same benefit as the expensive branded ones, you can try the Zeal Optics Portal Goggle Accessory lens. 

      • Easy fit
      • Scratch-resistant
      • Protects the eyes from UV rays
      • Can be used in an interchangeable system
      • Spherical shape lens for wider peripheral vision

        These lenses offer optimum clarity owing to the 80% Visual Light Transmission. That allows more light to pass through the lens and lets you see things in more vivid color.

        The lenses offer protection from the harmful UV rays that can cause significant damage to your eyes. 

        It comes with the company’s Everclear anti-fog technology that prevents fog accumulation on the lens for clear sight.

        Scratches will become a worry of the past for you as the lens is enhanced with a Permashield hardcoat that makes your lens almost immune to sharp objects.

        The lens can be used with goggles that have an interchangeable system that makes it easier to install the lens in the frame. This lenses are a perfect fit and does not fall even after sudden movements.

        For an enhanced and wider peripheral vision, the lens has been given a spherical shape. The massive size of the lens eliminates distortion and reduces glare and fogging which can be beneficial for skiers.

        Giro Balance/Facet Snow Goggle Replacement Lens:

        Give yourself an upgrade from the subpar clear lens that can barely stand the test of time with the Giro Balance Snow goggle replacement lens. The lens is made from high-quality materials making it great for low light conditions. 

        • High VLT for clearer vision
        • Enhanced with VIVID for detailed contrast and definition
        • Blocks UV and blue light
        • Wide peripheral vision
        • Poor fog elimination

        The lens comes with an 89% VLT that allows it to pass light in the right amounts. This can let you see amazingly well while keeping the glare of the light to a minimum. Your worries about being blinded by the lights will become a thing of the past. 

        To make it even better Giro has made the lens super strong by using polycarbonate as the main component in the construction. Apart from the solid material, the lens’ engineering has created an optimal performance.

        This lens will protect you from glare and weather to UVA, UVB, and UVC lights that can cause damage to your eyes. The durable coatings also keep the lens from fogging and scratches. 

        To give crystal clear vision the company has used the ‘VIVID’ technology for the construction of the lens, that has been developed in collaboration with ZEISS. The technology improves the visual experience by enhancing contrast and definition. 

        100% Unisex-Adult Speedlab

        Unless you’re a fanboy/fangirl or prefer sticking to a particular brand for skiing goggles, there is a fair chance that you might have an assorted collection of skiing goggles of different brands.

        You might wear them based on your mood, style, comfort, abilities, and many other things but buying different clear skiing goggles for all of them might not be a suitable solution. 

        • Durable and Scratch-resistant
        • Fits numerous brands
        • Easy installation
        • Provides wide depth of field
        • Less Popular Style

        An easy way out? Buy a lens that fits them all. 100% Unisex-Adult Speedlab is a great alternative for a multi-fit clear lens. The lens is designed cleverly to fit the frames of different goggles. You can wear it with any goggles without having to worry about performance and comfort.

        Apart from comfort, the lens comes with superior qualities that can improve your overall skiing experience. To begin with, the lens classifies as class 1 which means it has been created using high-quality materials and can withstand the shocks and impacts of skiing.

        The lens offers excellent clarity and owing to the huge design, it gives the wearer a wider peripheral vision. It has small holes on top that can be very helpful in keeping the moisture away and prevent fog buildup.

        There are small plugs on the sides of the lens. This is how you remove or install the lens from the frame. It has foam lining all around the lens that protects the lens from breaking during installation and also maintains a distance between the lens and your face. 

        Electric EGX Clear Lens Ski Goggles

        Wide and huge lenses are widely preferred by skiers for goggles. These lenses cover the entire face and provide a wide peripheral vision. The Electric EGX Clear Lens Ski Goggles match this requirement incredibly well and come with additional benefits that make them a great alternative. 

        • Comes with anti-fog coating
        • Scratch-resistant
        • UV protection
        • Sizeable design for maximum protection and wide vision peripheral

          The lens comes with an 81% Visible Light Transmission which lets you see clearly in dark environments. It also blocks the glares and flat lights to some extent and gives you a safer and comfortable skiing experience.

          It also comes with UVA/UVB coating that can protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the rays. The lens is coated with Anti-fog and Anti-Scratch coating. This ensures a longer life and can save you a lot of money. 

          The lens can also save you from fog-related problems as it comes with Anti-fog coating on the inside. 

          Things To Look For When Buying Clear Ski Goggle Lenses 

          Just because your lens does not have color, it doesn’t mean you’ve got the right one. You need to look for some additional features and benefits to get a good skiing experience. Here are the things you need to look for. 

          Glare Protection: 

          Most clear lenses don’t come with any form of coating or tint to offer protection against the harsh glare. Therefore, you need to look for glasses that have at least some form of protection against glare.

          The best way to ensure that your lens gives you the amount of glare protection, you can check for the Visual Light Transmission percentage and anti-glare coating. These things can filter the amount of light that reaches your eyes and let you see clearly. 

          Fog resistance: 

          Fog accumulation is a common problem that skiers fight against while sliding down the slope. It not only annoying but dangerous too, as having a compromised vision while skiing can result in bumps and accidents.

          Lens manufacturing companies do include fog-resistant coating while others have systems that get rid of the moisture and give you a fog-free experience. You can look for such fog-resistant coating in the lens that you are planning to purchase. 

          Good peripheral vision: 

          The more you see, the safer you are. You can face numerous problems on skiing slopes some of them can be problematic and some can be life-threatening.

          It is possible to avoid these problems, by seeing them from afar without any obstruction. This is only possible when you have good peripheral vision. 

          Lenses with good peripheral vision enable you to see in all the directions without having to move your body. The best way to get a good peripheral vision is to buy a lens that is large. So if yours cover most of your eyes or face then it should get the job done.


          Scratches are the doom of lens as they can hinder your ability to see.

          To save yourself from both accidents and the expense of buying a new lens, you need to consider other options. Lense that come with scratch-resistant coating are an option worth looking into. 

          UV protection: 

          Your lens might protect your eyes from foreign objects and the cold weather. But are they strong enough to keep you safe from UltraViolet rays? There are different types of rays that can cause damage to your eyes. The most harmful ones are UVA, UVB, UVC, and blue light.

          Short exposure to these rays can cause a painful sunburn to your eyes, such as photokeratitis.

          Whereas, long exposure to these rays can permanently damage your sight by causing problems like cataracts and other illnesses.

          To prevent such a thing from happening, you need to look for lenses that come with UV protection coating. You also need to check for UV protection percentage which should be no less than 100%. 

          Conclusion Best Clear Ski Goggle Lenses

          It is important to understand the difference between the various lenses and the function of different tints. Though clear ski goggles may not seem as useful as the other tinted options, you can wear them while skiing during the day to protect your eyes. 

          I hope the above information has helped you learn more about the best clear ski goggle lenses. If you have any queries or suggestions, you can write them in the comments below.

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