Best Butt Pads For Snowboarding

If you’re a beginner snowboarder it’s more than likely that you’ve taken a few spills and landed on your butt. Now, the first fall isn’t that bad but by the time you get to the fifth or sixth of the day they can start to add up. That’s why this review is on hand to break down the best but pads for snowboarding so you can stay pain-free while out on the hill.

Triple Eight Bumsaver Men’s Padded Shorts

  • Soft, breathable, form-fitting mesh design
  • Shock Absorbing EVA Foam
  • Removeable Pads For Easy Washing
  • Most Protection Of Any Model On Our List
  • Bulkier Than Most Options

Our number one selection on our list of the best butt pads for snowboarders is this great pair of shorts from Triple Eight. These shorts are a great option for any snowboarder looking for a little more protection went out on the ski hill.

The first feature we’re going to cover is the soft breathable and formfitting mesh design. Due to the bulky nature of snowboard butt pads it can be difficult to find a pair that fits you comfortably. With this model you’ll find that the material allows you to stay comfortable and cool throughout your day of snowboarding.

The next feature we’re going to cover is the shock absorbing EVA foam. This foam is what protects you and your body when you take a spill while snowboarding. This foam is incredibly lightweight while also being durable enough to take a solid impact.

This Eva foam will make any falls on the mountain a whole lot less painful.

Another benefit of the snowboard butt pads is that they are entirely removable making them easy to wash. Since the shorts will likely sit beneath most of your snowboard clothing it is quite likely that they will build up some sweat and odour after a long day of snowboarding.

If you purchase a model that does not allow you to remove the pads it will be very difficult to wash them without damaging the short some selves. This is why having easily removable pads is a great feature for this kind of product.

Of all the snowboard but pads we covered throughout our research we found that this model from triple eight to offer you the most protection.

The only real negative we came across where our research was at this model is slightly bulkier than others. In order to give you great protection, this model has installed more pads than you will see in any other pair of snowboarding shorts. This will make it a little more difficult to fit the shorts underneath your snow pants and other snow gear.

That being said if your main goal when purchasing a pair of snowboard butt pads is to remain safe and protected on the hill then there is no better option than this set from triple eight.

Bodyprox Protective Padded Shorts for Snowboard

  • EVA foam cushions
  • Advanced heat and collision Resistant
  • Durable and Flexible
  • Ergonomically designed to minimize discomfort
  • Best Selling Model Online
  • Not the same level of quality as the top option

Next on our list of the best butt pads for snowboarding is this set from body products. This is a another pair of padded shorts that offers you great protection on the ski hill.

The first feature we are going to cover on this model is the EVA foam cushions. You may have noticed this is the same material as the last product we covered. This high-quality material is something you can trust to keep you safe while out on the ski hill and will make those spills a lot easier on your body.

The advanced heat and collision resist another great feature of these snowboard by pets. You will stay cool and dry throughout the day due to these protective shorts being built with the material that allows for it.

As sweat builds up on your lower body these protective shorts will be able to wick that sweat away keeping you dry.

Durability and flexibility and benefits of the snowboard butt pads. You’ll find the dude that elastic material, these short will be quite flexible as you make your way down the hill. This is incredibly important as tight constricting ski gear is going to make you uncomfortable and unable to perform effectively.

The durability of these protective snowboard shorts will ensure that you will be able to use them for years to come.

Do not be worried about the comfort of these shorts you’ll be happy to know that this model has been specifically designed for a comfortable fit.

One the main pain points of wearing these protective pads is that they can be uncomfortable for the snowboarder. This is why body products built these shorts specifically with comfort in mind.

Protection Hip,3D Padded Shorts

  • High-grade multi-stage impact protection
  • Quality skin-friendly fabric
  • Full-Elastic Waist with Drawstring
  • Breathable And Lightweight

    Next on our list of the best butt pads for snowboarding is this set of hip protection 3-D padded shorts. There’s another fantastic option for those snowboarders looking for some protective gear without trying to break the bank.

    The high-grade multi state impact protection is the most important feature of this model. This pair of shorts also utilize that same EVA foam material in their padding.

    You can see in the image above the padding on the shorts is ergonomically designed to fit the bends and curves of the body. This will allow for the highest level of protection as it will ensure that the pads are resting on the proper spot of the body.

    When worn properly this pair of protective snowboard shorts should have padding to protect your hips buttocks thighs and tailbone.

    This great design should offer you more than enough protection to feel confident and safe on the ski hill.

    Another beneficial feature is that this model has a quality skin-friendly fabric build. Often times you will wear these shorts will are in replacement of underwear. It is likely that the material will be resting on your skin. This makes it important that this material is comfortable and does not have any negative reactions to your skin.

    The full elastic waist drawstring of these protective snowboard shorts or another handy feature. This ensures you can tie the shorts up tightly in order to make sure they will not move throughout the day.

    As we stated earlier it is essential that you keep the butt pads resting in the right place your body. This is mandatory in order to protect you properly. This drawstring feature is just another benefit to make sure that these pairs stay in their proper location.

    It is also worth mentioning that these protective snowboard shorts are lightweight and breathable. As you already know snowboarding requires quite a lot of gear. And by the end of it you’re going to be under more than a few layers.

    It helps to have this base layer of snowboard shorts as breathable and lightweight. This ensures you feel comfortable and mobile throughout the day.

    All in all, we found these snowboard butt pads to be another fantastic option. A great selection for anyone looking for quality protection out on the hill while still not going over budget.

    3D Padded Hip Protective Shorts Kids Men Women Butt Pad Shorts

    • Fits Underneath snowpants Easily
    • Easily Adjustable
    • Breathable Lightweight
    • Fits Women, Children, And Men
    • Less Overall Protection for quads and hips

    Next on the list of the best butt pads for snowboarding is this great option available for women, children, and men.

    The most important feature of this model is that it fits differently than our other options. All of the others snowboard butt pads we’ve included on our list sit within a style of protective shorts. While this model is simply a tailbone/butt pad that you can slide on underneath your snow pants.

    Though, this is going to be much more comfortable and mobile than wearing the protective snowboard shorts. This is because there will be less padding on your quads and hips allowing you more movement while snowboarding.

    That being said the main purpose of this model is the protection of your tailbone and your butt. The other models offer more protection on your hips. If that is an important factor to you you may want to choose one of our previous models featured in our list.

    Another great benefit of this model is that is easily adjustable. Since the pads are securely located within a pair of shorts. You are much more easily be able to adjust and move these pads around underneath your snow pants.

    This model is significantly smaller and lighter than the protective snowboard shorts we’ve mentioned earlier in our list. So you’re going to find it is much more lightweight and breathable. These bug pads simply rest underneath your snow pants in or tied around your waist via a strap.

    This will allow a significantly more breathability as these pads will not be tightly attached to your body.

    The last benefit we’re gonna cover is that this model fits kids women and men. This is a great feature as the majority of the shorts we mentioned earlier are typically ordered for a specific size.

    The style of these snowboard butt pads allows you to wear them even if you are significantly different sizes.

    Overall we found the snowboard butt pads to be a fantastic option for anyone looking to purchase protection that is less constricting and easy to take on and off.

    Frequently Asked Questions Best Snowboard Butt Pads

    Do These Snowboard Protective shorts have room for a cup?

    So snowboarders and skiers tend to wonder if these protective snowboard shorts come with a spot to place a cup or jock. Unfortunately, the shorts are not built for that purpose.

    Typically when skiing or snowboarding it is very unlikely you’re going to fall in a manner in which you would need a jock to protect you. For that reason most of these shorts only have padding and pockets for padding in the legs and butt area.

    Can I wear these snowboard Butt Pads for other purposes?

    Yes in fact these sorts of paths can work for many different sports. Other common uses for these but pads is skateboarding and skiing.

    Since these shorts have padding that you can wear for your lower body. There are many other activities that typically involve physical contact with that same area. Because of that, these shorts can work as a great alternative.

    There is no specific build of this model that has to do with snowboarding. So using these shorts as padding for other activities to protect your hips thighs in but it’s a great option.

    Can I Wear these protective shorts for summer activities?

    Yes, you can, in fact, wear the snowboard shorts for other winter activities. But you must keep in mind how warm they will be. These shorts are built for colder weather climates. So if you were planning to wear them for a hot day you’re going to need to keep a few things in mind.

    First you must consider breathability. Many of these snowboard protective shorts offer breathability features that allow you more airflow into the short some selves. Looking for this feature will make the shorts much more accessible to summer use.

    Where Should I Buy Snowboard Butt Pads?

    If you’re looking to buy any snowboard butt pads you would likely be able to find one at a snowboard shop. Though if you’re looking to pick a specific model or you’re looking to find a good bargain your best bet is to shop online.

    Shopping online stores will give you a much larger number of brands and prices to choose from. This will more likely result in you receiving one of best butt pads for snowboarding. As well as the best bang for your buck.

    Do These Snowboard Butt Pads Really Work?

    The snowboard butt pads do certainly improve the process of falling while snowboarding. That we cannot say for sure if they work to prevent injury. We can certainly say that they made the action of falling much more comfortable.

    Often times those using these pads are doing so to avoid the pain from falling down. And in that case these butt pads are quite effective in doing that.

    Conclusion Best Butt Pads For Snowboarding

    We hope you enjoyed our guide the best butt pads for snowboarding. If you have any questions regarding this guide or any of the products featured on it please be sure to reach out in the comments below.

    If you did enjoy this list please be sure to check out some of your others such as our guide to the understanding walkie talkies for skiing or our guide to snowboard gloves.

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