Best back protection for skiing Reviewed

Skiing is exhilarating, no doubt, but slopes are tricky can often result in injury. Hence, investing in spine protectors can be a wise option. And while the solution might seem simple, the real problem lies in choosing the right gear. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best back protection for skiing.

Best Back Protectors for Skiers

Based on your experience and requirements, you can better judge a suitable back protector for yourself to best negate risk that may come your way.  

Some might be moderately cheap whereas others might shake your wallet. Thus, to make an informed decision, you can seek help from the following list which shares the best ski back protectors that will help safeguard the risk of injury during your skiing sessions. 

Forcefield Back Protector PRO L2K Evo

The fisrt item on our list of the best back protection for skiing is the Forcefield Pro L2K. This model has gained recognition over its ultimate combination of Kevlar and NitrexEvo technology. Tracing its roots back to more than ten years, forcefield pledges maximum durability. The Kevlar thread used in its construction ensures an even greater tensile strength than that of steel, providing high resistance from wear off. 

  • Kevlar and NitrexEvo construction
  • Slim, sleek lightweight
  • Horizontal and linear coverage

    The back protector assures shock absorbance with the NitrexEvo material that also flairs the Repeat Performance Technology (RPT) feature that creates resistance from multiple impacts and ensures no loss of protective performance. 

    Well, don’t run your woes yet! The L2K protector at the same time is super flexible and comfortable, no hindrance to mobility, and its ability to mold to your spine contours gives a close fit and adequate breathability.

    The workmanship of the protector is quite admirable, thanks to the multiple layers that are stitched in a manner to allow perforation for ventilation and partial movements for skiers and riders’ comfort.

    The design is ergonomic, lightweight, and adjustable with its shoulder straps and waist belt. What gives the product an edge over others, is the in-style attribute, with its modern looks and no redundancy. Great value for money and excellent performance in all areas, this protector is a back yes!

    Alpinestars Nucleon KR-1I Motorcycle Protector

    NUCLEON KR-1i Hybrid Back Protector is a multipurpose product recommended by athletes. It is CE certified to Level 2 (EN1621-2:2014) which promises high protection. Its construction comprises perforated hard shells and a rubbery foam.

    Along with excellent impact resistance, it is flexible enough to allow a cool airflow and breathability to a channel system, making it optimum for sport, skiing, and street riding. While you value protecting your spine you must not compromise on comfort.

    • Lightweight
    • Flexible
    • Maximum coverage
    • Materials- foam and hard plastic
    • Perfect fit and mold
    • Reasonable price
    • The tail bone is exposed
    • Runs short at the back

    This lightweight protector offers a great fit under the jacket as it is anatomically contoured.

    The hard plastic and rubbery foam make up a perfect duo which gives great coverage to the back, especially the neck base.

    It hinders no mobility and spreads the energy from a caused impact, conforming to its thick beefy foam and hard plastic top.

    An added appeal is that it’s completely unnoticeable under the jacket and feels almost blended into the back. 

    Dainese Mens Soft Flex Hybrid Man

    Soft Flex hybrid boasts its exceptional waistband, and robust flex technology which makes it unique and a choice preferred by skiers and snowboarders.

    Along with smart looks, it fits exceptionally well, thanks to the run-resistant mesh material and great padding. The jersey holes enable high breathability, mesh prevents sweat and the pads offer great protection. 

    • Adjustable waistband
    • Jersey Hole highly breathable
    • Run-resistant mesh
    • Flex Technology back protector
    • Rib pads
    • No arms and elbow protection

    The innovative rib pads are commendable besides the adjustable waistband which ensures the safety and snugly fit at the abdominal area and lumbar, the agility is unchanged and remains intact even at a fall. The high quality of the vest shows its workmanship as it provides the liberty of movement as its light and comfortable. 

    The vest can be worn over other functional clothes like t-shirts. This product is great for the price. An added benefit is that it adheres to EN 1621.2 level 2 standard.  With this hybrid, you can feel confident enough to go for those fast paces or high jumps, or just wear it to your ski on vacations.  

    POC Spine VPD Air Vest with Back Protection For Skiing

    POC air vest boasts its unisex feature and unique three-layer protection offered at the back, the VPD protector is certified to EN 1621-2 Level 1 standard. Its key features encompass its great flexibility, lightweight, breathability, and ventilation.

    • Flexible
    • Breathable 3-layer back protector;
    • Lightweight and highly ventilated,
    • Height-adjustable and removable waistband
    • Available in a slim and regular fit
    • Extra top might clap
    • Pad can be loose
    • Not too cost-effective

    With this purchase, you can easily rule out bulky and heated armors and still have high-level protection for your ski adventures.

    Most of the skiers and snowboarders seek that ‘barely there’ feel, this wish can be fulfilled by the vest, its highly ventilated panels keep you cool and airy and the specifically designed low profile gives further support along with comfort. 

    Unlike other products mentioned in the list, this protector owns an upper hand in offering a wide variety of sizes and suitability to varied body shapes.

    The height-adjustable and the removable waistband is an ideal feature. Many skiers and athletes show trust in the vest’s true fit, (available in slim and regular fit). For padding, it’s long enough to give full coverage to your back and not expose small parts.

    POC Spine VPD Air Backpack Vest

    The next addition to our list is the POC Spine VPD Air Backpack Vest. For days when you want to carry light storage but also don’t want to compromise on your safety, pick the POC Spine VPD Air backpack vest. What’s not to like about this unique combination of backpack and a vest which qualifies the EN 1621-2 level 1 standards and is itself quite lightweight. 

    • Lightweight
    • Ample storage
    • Water and dirt resistant
    • No waist strap
    • Only one size
    • Lower back exposed
    • Not fit for long trails

    Due to its flexibility and no bulk, it enables carrying your other essentials with no hassle and extra pounds. VPD Air is highly ventilated and is not warm, sweaty, or restrictive in any way.

    Available in only one standard size, the bag weighs just 630 grams, inclusive of the spine protector and well-spaced compartments which allow even weight distribution of the gear. No concerns for storage, because it is ample. 

    The backpack offers a hydration system for up to 3 liters and features an attachment system for a full-face helmet besides various other pockets to store necessary breakdown kits including mobile phone, bike tool, CO2 cartridges, jacket, etc.

    This vest backpack can be your favorite for leisure skiing.The vest is made of water and dirt resistant material. The pack attributes a distinctive twin-strap closure pattern that secures the backpack without creating any restriction of waist movements.  

    PELLOR Cycling Skiing Chest Back Spine Protector Vest

    The pellor skiing vest is not just a spine protector but also a chest guard. The vest is like a wearable jacket with anti-fall gear as a major highlight, perfect for sports like skiing and riding. The PE plastic shell is quite sturdy and functions as an excellent protector.

    • Excellent Protector Material
    • Multipurpose
    • Multi-size
    • Not fit for extreme sports

    The vest gains its strength from a highly padded foaming fabric placed inside the shell which indeed is cushion-like and comfortable. This pad coupled with the shell motocross armor serves a durable resistance against unexpected crashes and reduces any damage. 

    Investing in this vest is highly profitable due to its chest and spine protection which makes it a cosmo affair for major sports like skiing, cycling, motorcycle, skateboarding, etc.

    There are four standard sizes available making it more universal: Small, medium, large, and extra-large.

    The unsubstantial weight of the vest is very accommodative, and can easily fit under any jersey or T-shirt.

    The straps have Velcro fasteners which add an edge to the perfect and snug fit. Unlike other products, you can choose a perfect size for yourself and not leave your lower back exposed in case you are tall.

    For adjustment, the straps use good quality of elastic for comfortable stretch and free movements.

    Mammut Women Ducan Spine 28-35 Hiking Backpack

    Something specially created for women; this Ducan backpack is anatomically shaped with soft padded forward pull hip belt adjustment and shoulder straps which makes it super comfortable.

    • Especially for women
    • Numerous adjustments
    • Water repellent
    • Ample storage
    • Not enough hardcover

    An integrated metal frame and active spine technology assist in load transfer resulting in a lightweight women’s fit. 

    This pack caters to all women’s needs, effective distribution of weight reduces fatigue, ample air space for ventilation at the back for further comfort, and spacious storage due to zipper pockets that have easy accessibility and two trekking pole holders.

    Speaking of its look, thanks to shoulder straps, hip belt and tailored back dimensions, it looks feminine.   

    IDucan’s flexibility is unhindered even though it carries up to liters (28- 35 liters)  and its integrated detachable rain cover.

    There are several options for attachments in the backpack along with pockets and compartments.

    An addition to the absolute fit is an elasticized chest strap. The material is a blend of nylon and polyester that makes it water repellent which is an essential requirement at the slopes.

    HEROBIKER Motorcycle Full Body Armor Jacket spine chest protection gear 

    The Herobiker jacket is one of its kind, an all-rounder all containing armor. The high-density wear-resistant armor contains a back protector, shoulder cup, elbow cup, forearm, and chest protector with the added benefit of being attached to a durable mesh shirt.

    • Full Upper body Protection
    • Built in Ventilation
    • Bulkier and heavier than most models

    Its greatest appeal its attention to detail in the quality of material used. Its comprised of elastic lycra, sturdy mesh fabric, strongly effective plastic injection molding.

    It also features a zipper closure in the front, dense foam with flexible hook and straps, safety joint, removable spine, and tail protector, wide elastic waistband, and loop. 

    With so many ideal features it provides a comfortable and secure fit. If these details scare your cleaning thoughts, be satisfied as the pads are removable for easy cleaning.

    Besides its multiple large vents and foam plastic shell allows immense ventilation and no sweat.

    Alpinestars Sequence Skiing Back Protector Jacket

    The next addition to our list of back protection for skiing comes from the Alpinestars. This is a well-known brand among skiers. This protection jacket is developed in three waists to shoulder dimensions. All the shells are made from polymeric blend material for flexibility and offering lightness.

    • Lightweight
    • Full Upper Body Protection
    • Might run short for tall people

    Referred as a pull on closure, this jacket has high adjustability and immense breathability thanks to highly perforated and air-ventilated shells.

    There is an innovative integrated grid structure to dissipate the energy from an impact and absorb it. While the coverage is quite expanded, you might want to consider the missing arm protection.

    Many users claim it to be almost unnoticeable under clothing and extremely comfortable. Alpinestars can be trusted for its high quality and promised protection.

    The solid armor fits perfectly to the torso, with its three-dimensional protection and variety of sizes enabling appropriate choice.

    The jacket neither restricts any movements nor weighs you down. Moreover, it is featured with ergonomically designed plates that not only offer protection but add flair with its natural contouring tendency to the curves of the back.   

    POC Spine VPD System Comp Back with Back Protector, Skiing and Racing Armor

    Next on our list of the top back protection for skiing is POC Comp Back. This is another great option for skiers and snowboarders looking for quality back protection. This protection features the highest level of safety through its VPD system combining impact absorption and breathability.

    back protection for skiing
    • Solid armor, kevlar protection
    • Lower back coverage
    • Certified to EN1621-2, Level 2 standards
    • Not too cost-effective

    It’s build is reinforced with Kevlar material providing anti-penetration and abrasion resistance.

    The woven fabric and immaculate design offer ventilating channels and flexibility of movements for an ‘all-day comfort’ experience.

    An innovative seamless glue technology reduces the bulk. VPD Comp Back covers all the essential facets to fulfill your perfect safety desires while skiing at the altitudes. 

    What Are Some common Forms of skiing back injuries?

    Extension: Specifically Flexion or hyper, like a whiplash injury, is sustained due to a sudden sharp thrust. This forces the neck forward or backward too impactfully and severely strains the vertebrae. 

    Compression: When a direct force compresses the spine downwards, it leads to bones being pushed against each other. This can have a dreadful impact on your entire body, not just the spine. 

    How does back protection for skiing work?

    Ski back protectors perform two functions, absorb and distribute the energy that occurs due to collisions and falls.

    That’s the reason why manufacturers have designed various types of back protectors to help ski safely. Some of the essential back protectors elements include: 

    Hard shell

    Hard shells are made from polypropylene or polycarbonate. This is essentially a hard form of plastic similar to a tortoise’s protective shell. This shell is made of hard panels that are not only flexible but breathable too.

    One of the main reasons why manufacturers love hardshell is because of its uniqueness. The panels made from Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), combine well with the soft foam.

    A layer of foam sandwiched between the shell and your back is required to create a cushion. This offers hindrance from rocks and protruding branches.

    Soft shell

    A soft shell is not as popular as a Hard shell. Why? Because even though it utilizes foam materials such as EVA, it isn’t as effective when faced with a penetrating force.

    They are effectively lighter than hard shells. Soft shell’s unique high-tech foam enables the protector to mold into the shape of the body. After being heated this becomes almost unnoticeable.

    Another winning attribute is the foam’s quality of compressing and getting hardened post-fall to absorb and dispel the energy from the thump.


    Buckling guards have spine protectors, shoulder straps, and waist belts. These essentially make sure that the shell sticks to your body even in case of a collision and stays aligned to the spine.

    Many skiers prefer this as they function as a backpack to carry which is quite lightweight.

    Protective Vest 

    A Protective Vest feels like a part of your general clothing. Its fabric is made of a stretchable material which is also anti-bacterial and provides a good airflow along with a nice snug fit.

    The protector is made of highly breathable mesh and it can be detached for cleaning and other purposes. 


    Recently, quite a few companies have come up with backpacks that have inbuilt spine protectors.

    These backpacks offer space compartments that can hold your other essentials thus allowing to skip wearing a separate shell.


    Similar to Backpack, modern-day skiing jackets are equally helpful in mitigating the damage. Jackets do not only offer aesthetic value. They also guard the rib cage area, elbows, and shoulders, thereby acting like a full-body armor. 

    4 things to consider when buying back protection for skiing

    There are four aspects you must consider before you spend any money on skiing back protectors. These include size, comfort, material, and quality. 


    You need to make sure that your back is covered from neck to tailbone. While there are unisex protectors available, note that you can’t compromise when it comes to size. Perfect size means a perfect fit, so seek for excellently secured protectors with elastic waistband, cushioned straps, and zippers. 


    The second most important aspect is comfort. You must consider two factors: airflow and breathability. It’s beneficial if a protector fits well and molds as per your body shape. However, there should be no compromise in regards to vents as they will provide proper ventilation. 


    The pricing of a back protector largely relies on the material. Based on the material, the capabilities of the product may differ. These include primary features such as water-resistance, antibacterial properties, and secondary features such as storage space to accommodate your essentials like mobile phone, water bottle, and other accessories.

    Overall Quality:

    While buying a back protector, one thing that can be looked for is checking whether the product adheres to the UK’s standard of EN 1621-2 Level 1.2.

    Few things to count on before investing in protectors are that they need to be washed and cleaned regularly and must be replaced within five years even if there has been no accident since they are bound to lose and wither after a certain period. 

    Conclusion Best Back Protection For Skiing

    we hope you enjoyed our guide to the best back protection for skiing. If you have any questions regarding any of the protective gear we included on our list or about the article as a whole please be sure to reach out in the comments below.

    If you did enjoy this guide please be sure to check out some of our others such as our guide to the best butt pads for snowboarding or the best snowboard wrist guards.

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