15 Ways To Keep Ski Goggles From Fogging Up

Every skier and snowboarder knows the pain of foggy goggles. Loss of visibility can not only ruin the fun but also present some serious danger. In order to prevent this, we have come up with this guide of 15 ways to keep ski goggles from fogging up.

Don’t Place Your Goggles On Your Head Or Neck

At the end of the day the humidity that you see on your goggles is coming from your body heat. By placing your goggles on your head or neck you are placing them right on top of the moisture.

This will usually result in the heat and moisture coming off your body going directly into your goggles.

Stay In Motion

Nowadays the vast majority of ski and snowboard goggles feature vents in order to encourage airflow. These vents work to let in fresh air and eliminate moisture and fog buildup.

By staying in motion you will increase the airflow from these vents which will keep your goggles clear.

Give Your Goggles Open Air Time

As we stated earlier it is your body heat that is causing your ski goggles to fog up. In order to fix this give your goggles a break by letting them air out. This can be done in between runs or while you ride the chairlift.

This fresh air should clear up any fog buildup in your goggles.

Shake Off Any Extra Snow

On some occasion snow buildup on your helmet can trickle down into your goggles. This snow typically melts once it comes into contact with your body heat. This results in the moisture funneling right into your goggles.

This can be avoided by removing any excess snow whenever you have a chance.

Properly Dry Your Goggles When Done For The Day

Often times moisture can build in goggles even after they are done being used. Parts of the goggles like the foam tend to absorb water.

In order to dry these sections of the goggles out fully be sure to store them in an area that is dry and warm.

Always Keep Your Goggle Vents Clear

Earlier in the article we offered the tip of staying in motion in order to get the most of your goggle vents. Trouble is sometimes ice and snow build on these vetns and prevents them from working.

In order to fix this issue be sure to check your goggle vents while skiing to make sure they are clear.

Keep Yourself Cool

As we stated earlier it is your body heat that creates the fog within your goggles. This is why one of the top tips to reduce fog is to cool yourself down.

By overdressing you are going to be sending way more heat off of your body. This will add to the fog in your goggles.

Try shedding a layer and see if the change in your body temperature improves your vision.

Be Conscience Of What You Wipe Your Lenses With

It is often the first inclination of skiers to wipe down their goggles with their sleeve when they fog up. The issue is your sleeves are likely going to have some snow built up on them.

This will increase the amount of moisture underneath you goggles. We suggest to carry a water absorbent cloth in your jacket so that you can remove moisture from the goggles.

Buy Anti Fog Goggles

One option that will certainly help your issue is purchasing anti fog goggles. Some goggles are designed specifically for this purpose. These will likely be more effective than tips regarding keeping the goggles dry.

Don’t Ignore the Issue

If you find that your goggles are fogging up do not wait fo the problem to persist. Stop immediately and address the issue. If your goggles are fogging they are almost always going to get worse until you stop and reduce the heat and moisture behind the goggles.

Keep A Gap Between Your Goggles And Other Ski Equipment

It is important to keep a small gap between your goggles and face mask/helmet. This is because it can be helpful to leave a small crack to allow the heat to escape. By placing these pieces of equipment right against eachother you may find that

Carry An Extra Lense

Carrying an extra lens is a full proof way to keep your goggles from fogging. At any point during your day if you find your goggle is beginning to develop fog you can easily swap out the lenses to improve your vision.

This tip is of course much more handy for those that own goggles in which you can easily swap out the lenses.

Remove Your Goggles If You Are Hiking

If you are hiking during your ski day you’re going to want to make sure you remove your goggles while you do this.

As we stated earlier your body heat is generating the fog underneath your goggles and any sort of activity that’s going to increase your body heat and cause you to sweat is something you should avoid.

Simply remove your goggles and place them in an area in which they are not being exposed to your body heat while you hike up the hill.

Purchase Quality Goggles

Another way to avoid goggle fog is just simply purchase a quality pair of goggles. You will find that as the quality of your goggles improves the amount of fog that builds up will decrease.

This is largely due to the higher quality built construction you would see with brand-name goggles as well as more effective ventilation systems.

Carry A Second Pair Of Goggles

Our last tip to keep ski goggles from fogging is carrying a second pair of goggles. This tip is of course a little overkill.

But if you have ample room to store another set of goggles this is one way you can be sure did not receive goggle fog as you can simply switch your pairs of goggles whenever one begins to fall.

Conclusion How To Keep Ski Goggles From Fogging

We hope you enjoyed our guide on 15 ways to keep ski goggles from fogging. If you have any questions regarding these tips please reach out to our contact us page or in the comments below. If you did enjoy this guide please be sure to check out some of our others such as our guide to layering for skiing, or ski boots.

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